September 29th, 2018 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “circus”

  1. I remember the first time I went to the circus–maybe the only time. We took the train into the City.
    I was wearing a gray suit of some sort and carrying a purse. I was very excited. When we sat at the three rings, I didn’t know where to look first. In my life of three-ringed circuses, I’m still never sure
    where to look.

    By Robin Stein on 09.29.2018

  2. The birthday party wasn’t so much a get-together as it was…well, a circus. Not that there were any cool elements of said circus there, like lions and trapeze artists and giant rings of fire. But there were certainly a whole lot of clowns. Not clowns in make-up with wigs and big shoes (well, save for Billy Delainey regarding his big boots), but in demeanor entirely. And I wasn’t laughing.

    “You can’t eat the cake yet!” I shouted at sixty-five-year-old Ryan O’Malley, who had decided to try to take a bite directly from the spongey base before I had even lit the candles.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.29.2018

  3. a circus is a really colorful and imaginative place for kids and adults to spend quality time. A circus consists of clowns, acrobats, elephants, popcorn, cotton candy, dancers, and animals.

    By jasmine on 09.29.2018

  4. a circus is a great place for me to go and get my mind off things. When I was little I got to ride an elephant at a circus for my birthday. It smelled awful but me and my brothers had a great time anyway. I really hope I get the chance again to go to the circus with my whole family some day. I will always remember the sights and smells of the circus.

    By jasmine on 09.29.2018

  5. It was a display of unusually loud make-up, all white and sometimes red with the passionate contortions shown false by the gleaming self-satisfaction in the eyes, in the spaces in between — they frame their dances around their desires, drawing in and close those who know the moves

    By Olivia Netsrik on 09.29.2018

  6. The circus was in town. I wanted to go so badly, but we were broke. That day I had to go to the grocery store to buy eggs. As I was walking out, there on the floor, was a crisp $20.00! …found money. It was 20 years ago so I had plenty of money for the circus, popcorn, and a coke.

    By Francisca Weber on 09.29.2018

  7. The circus was in town. How I wish I could go, but we were broke. That day I had to go to the store to buy eggs. As I was walking to pay I found a $20.00 bill on the grocery floor. …found money! There was no way of knowing who it belonged to. I pocketed the money, and since it was 20 years ago, I had enough money for a circus ticket, popcorn, and a coke.

    By Francisca Weber on 09.29.2018

  8. Not every circus has animals. Simply replace the caged beasts with family melodrama and you get the most dynamic and cringe-worthy show in the world.

    By Mookit on 09.29.2018

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  10. The circus is happy and much of the people.

    By Maria Luiza Soares Pereira URL on 09.29.2018

  11. A god damned circus. That’s all this family amounts to any more. Each gathering has been more chaotic than the last for the past four years. And each time I keep telling myself next time has to be better. This year, it was no longer fun. It turned into one of those circuses you had been looking forward to, but there was a stampede before curtain call. Casualties and all.

    By Macey Schieffer on 09.29.2018

  12. it was a little circus on the southern edge of Greece. Was it French, Italian, were those gypsies we saw around and about? And we went in. On a lark, on the spur of the moment, because we wanted to sit down. And we saw up close what we’d only ever seen from far away. Clowns where we could see the stains on their clothing, see some meanness beneath the make-up. Sweat of the trapeze artists, and jugglers, and acrobats. A tough woman walking a bear around, talking to it, making it do tricks. We felt it was trapped. We felt our own freedom. Everything small scale. Everything, for us, larger than life.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.30.2018

  13. elephants are gone. The girl on the horse fell off. the tigers are rangey and the lions are mangey. But oh how the world loves its beast in a cage. How we love to take the wild raw power and put it behind bars. Then put the bars on a stage and watch the show.

    By Alison McMahan URL on 09.30.2018

  14. The circus has started to awake. It was a new day, and the director was reflecting on last night’s show over a not so “damn good” cup of coffee. It’s a commonplace fact that the sector has been declining for a very long time, but he felt the anachronism of the whole thing painfully in his bones. This legacy has gotten harder every single night.

    By cup on 09.30.2018

  15. She was a circus clown; red nosed, pale cheeks and eyes fixedly wide from having seen too much, set into her small, chubby face. She’s dressed up, put in garnish yellows and blurry flower patterns, picked up from the imitation vintage boutique at the fringes of the city’s downtown.

    By ethel on 09.30.2018

  16. The smells. So evocative. Dust, sawdust, animals, cordite, greasepaint. It’s pervasive on the lot, strong all these mixed scents.

    By Sharon Michalove on 09.30.2018

  17. Animals. Clowns. Aerialists. Clutter. Tents.smells. Noise. Organized Chaos

    By Sharon Michalove on 09.30.2018

  18. her life had become a circus but she was no ringmaster—-she was a jester in her own show. the clown that reacted to the pulse of what brought it joy–the people—her “people” manifest ed in the form of alcohol. and she would do tricks for it and as a result of ti. th cycle was vicious.

    By Safon on 09.30.2018

  19. Her life was a circus

    Red nosed clowns at work; top-hatted yoga teacher guiding her in the mornings on her mat

    She felt like she was scrambling from one trapeze to the other (corporate warrior…peaceful warrior)- with no net

    By chantemcb on 09.30.2018

  20. The elephants looked embarrassed by their costumes, how humiliating. Why not send them back in the wild…to be taken by poachers? What a life they have. So sad. When humans are gone, I hope they prevail.

    By Wendy Harrison on 09.30.2018

  21. The noises were maddening- the music that floated by
    was a tantalizing melody, making me cry.
    For the sickening scent of an ending too sweet
    for sinners and pillagers such as you and me.
    You rode the elephant you captured in Spain. I got so caught up I forgot my own name.
    Take this circus, take this pain, make it into something more than a game.

    By Kozbi URL on 09.30.2018

  22. So I played the circus images. Again and again I searched the bunnies and the piedestals and the hearing devices. When they asked me to solve their riddles, I did. Oh the joy of being one of a group of players in a hidden object online game …

    By Silke Seßler on 09.30.2018

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  25. I remember the smell. It was hay and poop. I remember walking down the steps to find out seats. i was so small, My white overalls my green shirt. I had a little gorilla hanging on a string. I was scared of all the people and he smiled down and said lets go.I smiled back. We were so close to the front and I was so happy. She was happy too.

    By Jenny on 09.30.2018

  26. The circus started, louder than usual, with all the children celebrating by spilling their popcorn while trying to dance. But when the main act finally appeared, after all the lions, tigers, seals and elephants, Cassy the Clam brought the place down.

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 09.30.2018

  27. don’t rain on my parade!
    or my circus
    for the matter

    Our big red tents are
    and grungy
    and we much prefer
    the open air

    not to mention
    we really are
    to get away from
    all that stereotypical shit

    By Siddhartha on 09.30.2018

  28. P.T. Barnum is the man who started circuses. A famous movie called “The Greatest Showman” is based on his life. It’s a very good movie.

    By Genie in a Bottle on 09.30.2018

  29. ´So this the field of dreams and coffee is ready´, said the writer.

    ´It is your imagination, a circus to write about for a circus to make sense´, replied the performer

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.01.2018

  30. Today’s politics is like a circus of clowns.

    By Itsa' da Schnazz on 10.01.2018

  31. As she passes the streets and rounds the corners she can only think to herself, what a circus this has become.

    By Molly on 10.01.2018