July 23rd, 2012 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “fuses”

  1. Love fuses a husband and wife together. In marriage, they become one – one flesh, one heart, one mind. One couple following Christ.

    By Kathryn on 07.24.2012

  2. WHEN IDiOIT people make fuses because they don’t get what they want! like baby’s don’t get milk so they fuse

    By Summer URL on 07.24.2012

  3. fuses are beautiful, they are the light of life and hold all together, forget rivers, who needs river, fuse it baby, we need fuses, fuses are like no other booom. yes boom. bang. rang. tang. tango. fang. teeth. dracula. blood. bloody. bloody idiots. yahhhh.

    By jasmine on 07.24.2012

  4. He opened the panel and there was the initial ZAP! Something wasn’t right. I’d seen him, dad, do this so many times. Earlier, 15 years before, had even seen him climb a pole in a lightning storm to kill the arc that was endangering the trees and houses in our neighborhood.

    By Bryan URL on 07.24.2012

  5. Fuses are great, I love fuses, they are awesome, Without fuses, the world isn’t the same, without fuses, I’ll be dead. FUSES FOREVER

    By Francisca on 07.24.2012

  6. Fuses again? I love fuses…World needs fuses, they’re awesome, hmmmm, they light up my world, dskjoiasudosi

    By Francisca on 07.24.2012

  7. People really blow my fuses. I don’t choose to get into this discussion, but it’s the best way to let those fuses burn out and die.
    I can’t wait until the semester starts because I be focused on much better things. Work, editorial position, and more crazy core classes.

    By MollyJ on 07.24.2012

  8. The time when I was two and I fell out of bed and broke my collarbone. You can’t put a cast on it and the bones fused together a little funny, so know I have arthritis and the pain when it rains nearly kills me. I can’t hold my nephews either.

    By Michealis on 07.24.2012

  9. oh this is what my mum blows everytime she walks into my room, and sees what a mess its in. No seriously. Ok and they’re also the things in like appliances that stop them from becoming live and electricuting us to death!

    By Sarah on 07.24.2012

  10. There are so many fuses to check. I can not imagine why I decided to check them but it seemed a good idea at the time. What was that I heard that made me it was the fuses? Quietly I grabbed the flashlight and headed to the fusebox.

    By Amanda Edwards URL on 07.24.2012

  11. Something was wrong with the fuses in the house. After the lights went out Carly had to drag all the candles she could find out and place them around the house. “Someone could get the wrong idea seeing all this” she thought.

    By Caitlin on 07.24.2012

  12. fuses: our wires connecting so securely that when we finally do let go, it fizzles out with a spark and ignites the whole room. when we do let go, it is the hardest thing to untangle our wires and our thought circuits from each other. it’s not for the best, it’s not pretty or bright or smart, and it’s the worst thing we could have done. what have we done?
    when we ignite, it lets out a groan of despair, this old house whose electricity is already failing and we were already falling apart. the point of making a sound in such futility is to let yourself know that you’re alive, that you’re still there and you’re hurting. our fuses will never again touch, but glare at a distance, and sometimes with wistfulness do we wish to spark again;
    but we shouldn’t, we won’t, we can’t,
    and we wish.

    our fuses get lonely over time, get rusted up from this stale old place. we get creaky and crunchy and positively cranky. and in the end you wish you had taken the risk, but it’s too late, it’s done, and we’re gone. that’s the way it goes, every bittersweet ending there ever was, remembering the time when we were wired together so tightly it was not two persons but one.

    By Bel on 07.24.2012

  13. it sounds like a name you would give to a horse for there show name..fuses meaning antsy

    By brey hanson URL on 07.24.2012

  14. “The fiber fused to my head!”
    It’s taken me years to understand that phrase in the movie Matilda. I always thought he meant the healthy kind of fiber, not the fibers of the hat. It’s an interesting phrase to be screaming as well in a fancy restaurant with so many high-class people around the hick-ish family of the Wormwoods.

    By Amarie URL on 07.24.2012

  15. Cohesive venish loaf
    I got distracted….Sorry.
    I have to go.

    By ajani32inaja on 07.24.2012

  16. He puts me together. Isn’t that pathetic? Searching all this time for someone to do something I should very well do on my own. What a waste of life I am. I don’t even know if he’ll be here for long. Or if I’ll ever be with him again. But still, those moments on that day worked. I was not gaping with holes.

    By Meg on 07.24.2012

  17. Fuses, alike to the stars in the dark. Scaring into unwanted visitors who hate the light and yearn for the darkness so that you can be gone. But staying is yours. You may not leave, must captivate to complete your purpose.

    By minicat411 on 07.24.2012

  18. i ‘ve got no idea what fuses is, what it sounds good… probably. The combination of letters is nice and.. emm.. Maybe something related with space and astronauts? hahaahahah Really, i don’t know.

    By Lu on 07.24.2012

  19. It’s like my body was a box of fuses and his words were the match. We never stood a chance.

    By lilldeh URL on 07.24.2012

  20. Fusing fussing refusing to do things
    Its gushing and bursting as you are sitting rehearsing
    In your head the things youve done
    The things youll do
    The things youve said
    They are Persuing you
    I feel the pressure the fuse is lit

    Thats it

    By Melissa louissaint URL on 07.24.2012

  21. The power went out every damn time there was a storm. A roll of thunder could be heard from fifteen miles away, and the fuses would blow. Kelley grabbed the flashlight and stomped down the cellar stairs for the third time in as many weeks, regretting that she had moved back to the old farmhouse to begin with.

    By Annie on 07.24.2012

  22. Electric fuses are things that Ive never understood. What are they for? Are they essential for lighting? are they dangerous to manipulate?

    By Carrim on 07.24.2012

  23. Something to do with electronical stuff. That’s all I know about it…Umm. Fire.

    By Liz on 07.24.2012

  24. this is the same word i got last night. I just talked about how fuses could be a pain to replace. Ususally fuses are found in anything with electrical components.

    By selin on 07.24.2012

  25. The room was dark, impossible to find the Fuses. Joan looked outside to know if the problem covered the whole area. The street was completely dark.

    By Cyril on 07.24.2012

  26. All the fuses in my heart exploded when i set eyes on him, i felt faint, i felt butterfly in my stomach and dizzy. Was my heart beating faster or had it stopped? Is it doing both?
    I love him.

    By mee123 on 07.24.2012

  27. the body and the mind fuses together to create one being. One flawed, imperfect being and if the soul is in fact a part of the mind or even of the body we may never know. We are creatures who think we know everything and yet we cannot even figure out ourselves.

    By taylor on 07.24.2012

  28. I changed the fuses for the last time. I had finally done it, I was free. I won the lottery. My job was useless, to me at least. I could travel, Do what I had always wanted to do. I was free at last. Finally.

    By Laura on 07.24.2012

  29. I think that you take love and it fuses with gratitude and that makes happiness. You take goodness and it fuses with spirituality and that makes life.

    By Kelly URL on 07.24.2012

  30. The fuses of the room were all linked up, each separate wire dangling dangerously close to the water beneath. Jumping fish in the water use the wires as jumping games, which increases the amount of water on the wires. time was ticking away until the power was switched on. They had to get out now.

    By Marie on 07.24.2012

  31. My favorite TV channel is fuse. Yes I like its shows, yes I enjoy their programs. But the one thing that keeps me hooked is the fact that it is a music channel that actually plays MUSIC. What happened to channels like this…MTV? VH1? Fuse helps me believe there’s still a bit of hope for cable television.

    By Meghan URL on 07.24.2012

  32. The fuses were always going out. We would be talking, or laughing or making dinner for friends, and in an instant we would be cast into darkness. It was faulty, the wiring, the house itself. It felt as though we lived on two sides of the world when it went out; one was bright and alive, and the other was desolate. We made our broken house fit our broken lives.

    By Kristina URL on 07.24.2012

  33. She blew a fuse. Big time. Whining children bickering to the ceiling and back. Days of sleepless nights and tortured dreams. And when the dog puked all over the newly clean rug, she lost it. But now her kids can swear like sailors at the drop of a hat.

    By Liz on 07.24.2012

  34. fuse boxes can be very dangerous. Actually no they cant not if u are careful. But sometimes being careful is hard. i t is good to take risks. it is good not to be careful about everything. Life would be boring without risks of fun. Be random

    By Meg Davinroi on 07.24.2012

  35. gasoline and air in the sky. Mist in the air surrounding you. Heavy and thick. Can blow up and create fires and disasters. Scary stuff.

    By Hilary on 07.24.2012

  36. Fuses can be dangerous so it is best to stay away form them. But if u like danger in your life. GO for it. Life would be boring without a little danger. So go for it and take the risks to deal with the fuses

    By Meg on 07.24.2012

  37. Fuses. Fusing the connection between Hawk and I. I’m breaking that connection, I’m damaging that fuse.

    By Sarah on 07.24.2012

  38. The artist sits hunched over his work. Hands skillfully blend colors. An imagine of the sunset slowly appears on the once blank canvas. Reds yellows pinks and golds all working in harmony to light up a fading blue sky.

    By Emma on 07.24.2012

  39. Are attached to bombs and dynamite which is TNT. The person who founded the Nobel Prize awards was the same person who invented TNT.

    By Chris Loh on 07.24.2012

  40. I have many fuses. Some burn slowly, others go off in a hurry. I am large a barge in the river waiting for the Fourth of July. Much light, a lot of booming, and all because of fuses. Where did they come from? Want a match?

    By Edward Buckbee URL on 07.24.2012