January 7th, 2014 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “freezer”

  1. There was something coming up. There was that feeling again, the feeling of long lost control and the void in expression. It almost felt like a tsunami covered in an elusive invisibility cloak from Harry Potter, coming to engulf everyone and their belongings. In this case, it was mine. It was about to take away a part of me once again, as it had always done. There is no way of fighting, for i am too busy fighting to not spill my own beans between my thighs. It is a horrible, horrible secret, and the freezer is nothing but a substantiate object of interest.

    By J on 01.07.2014

  2. the world feels like a freeer right now, outside being artic and inside being the freezerburn

    By hillary on 01.07.2014

  3. Oh, man. Somebody decided to stick me in the freezer and now it’s getting cold. I can barely breathe and move my hands. I have to get out of here, one way or the other. But how?

    By Adrian George Nicolae on 01.07.2014

  4. Walked down … turned around… i saw you, standing there… i went out and it was so cold.. it was freezing… i couldn’t even feel your warmth.. it was like if everything had gone down the drain, the memories, the love… all gone.

    By sam on 01.07.2014

  5. freezer fuzz, sticky ice cubes, heavy ice cubes dangling from finger tips. Ice alien. No strings, no glue. Just ice cube snow fuzz and fingerprint texture. Dangling.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.07.2014

  6. A freezer is cold and freezes your hands. The cold numbs your thoughts as you reach in a pull something out.

    By Senya20 on 01.07.2014

  7. Throughout the night Sam’s head was constantly filled with the thoughts.
    Something is wrong with me, he thought.
    He stumbled out of the room. With his head in his hands he wrenched the freezer open and pulled out his trusty orange boomstick.

    By Dave on 01.07.2014

  8. the chief heard someone scream when he opened the freezer displaying its horrid and awful secrets. dismembered limbs, vital organs in bags, and a head and face, eyes rolled half back and mouth gaping open, teeth removed from the nearly black crimson gums. as the moment settled upon him he realized it was he who had screamed, having never seen anything so godless and savage wrought by his own kind.

    By eyeballkid on 01.07.2014

  9. I pulled the otter-pops out, their luminescent colors bringing a smile to my lips. The freezer door was shut again to preserve the cold air. Hands pulled apart each otter-pop individually, distributing the desired color to each eager set of minuscule hands, grubby fingers wiggling in excitement and anticipation.

    By umbazachika on 01.07.2014

  10. He was tiny. Blue. I blinked.
    “What are you doing in my freezer?”
    “What are you doing opening my house? So rude.”
    “Uh, what.”
    He had a teeny bowler hat balanced perfectly on his head. I brought my face closer to his level.
    “Ever thought of brushing your teeth?” He fanned his face.

    By Beth A on 01.07.2014

  11. artic, snow, icebox. where do you go for someone to listen to you think when it’s 2 am and you are lying in bed taucing and turing. someone

    By katelyn on 01.07.2014

  12. I threw the body in the freezer after slitting his throat. He was still bleeding, barely alive maybe.

    By Ahmad on 01.07.2014

  13. The freezer was cold and barren, just like her soul. Something was missing, but nothing could be found to correctly fill it up.

    By Charlie on 01.07.2014

  14. It would seem that I have been spending a lot of time in the freezer. Between being sick, tooth aches and it literally freezing outside. I was never fond of the cold until I moved back to Lancaster. Now I see that there is a comfort that comes with the cold.

    By Jolooking on 01.07.2014

  15. drag the body. I know it’s heavy, a lump, lifeless but still too weighty.
    drag it into the freezer and keep it there, so it can turn into a hard lump.
    it’ll stay there for ages.
    and keep lumping, and keep harding.
    until one day, the exit wounds freeze over
    and leave smooth, clear skin behind.

    By Ines on 01.07.2014

  16. The freezer stood in the garage, between the cabinets. She opened it and rifled through its contents, searching for the ice cream that her mother hid in there. Her Mom didn’t think she knew about this sugar stash, but one day she saw her mother put it in there. And she was so glad she did!

    By Collette on 01.07.2014

  17. As she closed the freezer, tears started to roll down her cheeks; she didn’t know how she was going to feed her children that night. Her husband had always been able to bring home enough money to keep them all satisfied, but with him gone…

    By Casey on 01.07.2014

  18. I rub my hands together as I step into the freezer, already anticipating the chill. Stocking the freezer is probably on of my least favorite jobs at work, especially in winter. In the summer, it can be relaxing: the cool air welcome as you slip into the monotony of hand over hand, feeding product onto the shelves. In the winter, the chill seeps into your bones.

    By Dale on 01.07.2014

  19. There was three pounds of what was labeled as “rabbit meat” in the freezer. Obviously somebody in the house liked rabbit stew. David wondered, though, why there were so many cat collars lying around…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.07.2014

  20. It’s chilly inside. The air circulates only enough so that it is cold throughout, setting frostbite into all exposed limbs. Tiny flecks of frozen liquid settle on the ground and make a blanket under which all life shrivels.

    By KT on 01.07.2014

  21. I think of our ice box. It freezes things and refrigerates it. I guess we call it an ice box only here in Hawai’i. i think of deer meat because my Nana always kept complaining about how much deer meat was in her freezer for my nonexistent grad party.

    By K.A. Fulton on 01.07.2014

  22. told in a moment
    freezer frozen in time
    a teardrop explodes
    icicles drifting away
    as the smile fades
    the mind delays
    the hearts of men
    the failings of women
    the snort sniff smile
    that was clearly never there
    like a moment in time.

    By matty m on 01.08.2014

  23. How my christian life shouldn’t feel, like a freezer! God wants us to be hot, not warm or cold!

    By Anaylie on 01.08.2014

  24. In my freezer are four loaves of Calandra’s bread and one package of Calandra’s rolls. I will eat a sandwich a day. How many sandwiches will I have?

    By kantcstr8 on 01.08.2014

  25. An appliance used to contain food items that require long term storage. it can also be used to temporarily store a body until disposal is possible. Of course, the frost might not be good for food but the body isn’t going to care. Sometimes people will tend to over store food, thinking that food, once frozen, does not have an expiry date. That isn’t true and it’s best to purge your freezer of old food items and the occasionaly body, regularly.

    By DonC on 01.08.2014

  26. ok it should be there! Where else could it be?! I opened the freezer and instead of my so loved delicious mouthwatering sausages that i bought yesterday there was Cody’s underwear! Man I’ve got to teach him some manners!

    By Maria on 01.08.2014

  27. First night back home, I bought my favourite bottle of tea and brought it home with me. Back in my flat however, I opened the fridge door and realised it was fully stocked with absolutely no space left for the bottle. So up in the freezer it went; stayed the whole night (due to my neglect) and next day was completely frozen solid. Had to place it out the entire day, waiting for the tea to thaw out. Stupid.

    By Yas on 01.08.2014

  28. it’s like a freezer out there, he said. So what? replied the penguin.

    By boroptimist on 01.08.2014

  29. There on the woodland path in the snow lay a little wild boar in France called a sanglier. I picked him up, he was frozen. I tucked him in my coat and mentally called him Freezer, knowing that in the fullness of time that is where he would end up. i took him home and fed him milk and bread and he rapidly grew. We bonded so well till the day I cut his throat and butchered him and the freezer went into the freezer.

    By Val johnstone URL on 01.08.2014

  30. Why would I want another freezer I thought, then the idea hit me. Since we were living close to the sea, we could catch more fish and preserve them rather than having to visit the market so often.

    By victor URL on 01.08.2014

  31. It’s that time of year again and I have to defrost the bloomin’ freezer. I hate doing this job because I have to empty all the drawers and then I feel obliged to sort the contents, which means another job of identifying the stuff. Then I have to think back to how long these items have actually been in the freezer and that just fills me with dread, so I put it off, and put it off. Thing is, yesterday the door was left ajar (not by me, I hasten to add), and when I opened it this morning the drawer fronts had frozen-melted water all over and it looked awful. So now it is really doing my head in. The thought is pestering me all the time. In fact it seems like the actual job of defrosting the damn thing will be better than suffering this horrible nagging that is going on inside my head. So, here goes…

    By Louise on 01.08.2014

  32. I suppose that is what America is about right now. A big, damn cold freezer with millions of people in it and some of them freezing to dead while others celebrate their unexpected holiday in a warm home.

    By Fredda URL on 01.08.2014

  33. Freezer.
    Freeze her.
    The freezer isn’t running.
    The freezer is frozen.

    By Batul on 01.08.2014

  34. Allanah was always an obscure child and no wonder. Eggs and sperm from questionable Catholic stock were deposited hastily into a test tube and she was conceived in the mish mash. Not a match for her stronger, more viable embryonic siblings, poor Allanah was placed unceremoniously into a freezer for more than a year where she sat full of unrealised promise.

    By pip333 on 01.08.2014

  35. I open the freezer. It’s empty. Where did all the food go? Just two days ago the freezer was full. So I check the fridge. It’s empty too. I look around me. The entire kitchen is empty. No pots or pans or dishes or food anywhere. Where am I? Am I in the right house? I’m hungry.

    By Candace S. URL on 01.08.2014

  36. Outside. My garage. Thr roads. To many hearts. Ice cream. I need to thaw dinner.

    By Kleshia on 01.08.2014

  37. cold burning ice
    your words mean nothing
    take me away
    thoughts breed nothing but fire when
    you speak
    don’t talk
    ive found someone new
    younger but more mature
    take a breath
    take a break
    let the frost build up while you smile and wait
    i’m not the one
    just afraid to be alone
    take me now
    i’m too drunk to regret

    By mouse on 01.08.2014

  38. The apartments interior was like a freezer, the air conditioning cranked to the max and the knob, forcibly twisted off, lay discarded on the hardwood below. Breath puffing out in front of us like icy clouds as we took our first steps inside, it was all we could do not to turn around and retreat the way we’d just come.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.08.2014

  39. It was cold and dark inside the apartment, and the freezer was still open wide, not having been shut when she left last night. It was bleeding ice into the nubbly carpet, turning the burnt orange a dark, ugly brown.

    By Iss on 01.08.2014

  40. An ice cold glacier has taken over the freezer. A slow creeping megalith. All thanks to a frozen pea. One tiny little frozen legume. It blocked a teeny tiny hole and now the ice is oozing out the doors, down the front and across the floor. I expect to see penguins any minutes and a polar bear or two.

    By Victoria URL on 01.08.2014