June 10th, 2023 | 7 Entries

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7 Entries for “freefall”

  1. I’ve been on a freefall
    Under the gravity of life
    Coming down at an unknown speed
    I mean, a crazy outrageous speed

    Acceleration isn’t mine to craft
    But of times and phases
    Control isn’t mine to hold
    But of life and life

    by Richardson dughan on 06.10.2023
  2. There’s a certain clarity, an unexpected tranquility, in relinquishing control. As if the very act of falling deciphers the enigmatic code of our existence, reducing it to the primal, weightless journey from point A to B.

    by mellowtonin on 06.10.2023
  3. Like a torn leaf caught in the wind, she was seeking the ground, seeking root.
    seeking the

    by Em on 06.10.2023
  4. He jumped. Air rushed. His mind, clear. In falling, freedom. The earth rose to meet him. He wasn’t afraid. This was living. This was truth.

    by human_esque on 06.10.2023
  5. In this seemingly interminable descent, my soul became a feather in the wind, detached from the constraints of earth. Time, that relentless jailer, released its shackles as I plummeted through a canvas of endless shades of blue.

    by Jaz on 06.10.2023
  6. Down I went, a human meteor minus the sparkle. I couldn’t help but think of Newton, who was, by all accounts, a real downer. As gravity and I became better acquainted, I figured I should’ve sent him a thank-you note.

    by arlo on 06.10.2023
  7. Oh my God that’s a heavy one. Not to mention prophetic. “Just let go” they say. Let go of WHAT? There is always more. Always. I don’t know why I do this anymore.

    by Lena on 06.10.2023