July 14th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “frazzled”

  1. Binny’s flat always smelled of bacon. The stench hit you like a freight train as soon as you opened the front door. He lived on the stuff. Pig and bread. The diet of kings he said. He cooked such vast quantities that some of it inevitably made its way out of the kitchen into places not fit for bacon. It wasn’t unusual to find a stray piece of frazzled pork behind a cushion or floating sadly in the lav. It was weird how Binny managed to look so healthy.

    By bb333 on 07.15.2014

  2. She was so frazzled that she dropped the gun, thankfully it didn’t go off for she forgot to put the bullets in it.

    By Jerri on 07.15.2014

  3. I have been in such a weird state today. I have so much to and such a short time to get everything accomplished. I have been so frazzled by the end of my day.

    By Geary Clarke on 07.15.2014

  4. I’m wet, i’m wild and out of my mind.
    I’m razzled and frazzled and in the head, a little addled.
    Don’t push me, don’t tempt me cause i’m on the edge
    Of losing completely reign over my head :)

    By Alok Motikane on 07.15.2014

  5. Being frazzled right now. I have to work in a half hour, then i get to come home for two hours to change and eat and nap, then I have to go pick up my father and then I have to go work again for 6 hours. being frazzled that being 17 sucks a lot more then I thought it would.

    By m on 07.15.2014

  6. I was frazzled at what I saw. It was my room, my table, my bed. To my horror it had been usurped by them, the others. I would be happy to host them in my room. But they would much rather call it their own.

    By Vaidehi on 07.15.2014

  7. I haven’t had my coffee and I’m running fifteen minutes late for the train I usually get on thirty minutes early. The red skirt I intended to wear doesn’t fit anymore so I’m wearing the black pants I wore yesterday. I’m rehearsing excuses for being late to work but the blunt truth is probably the best bet.

    By Amy on 07.15.2014

  8. For many years my brain has been frazzled. Today, there is too much information EVERYWHERE. It gets in the way! It blocks up my creative passages… my brain can’t cope!

    Please help me to UNFRAZZLE!! How do I do this? Surely somebody out there knows…

    By Ian Hooper URL on 07.15.2014

  9. My brain is totally frazzled most of the time. I suffer from a stress/anxiety disorder and feel like I have millions of thoughts in my head all at the same time. Thank heaven for red wine!

    By witchypoo.nic on 07.15.2014

  10. Her wild hair fuzzed around her tired face like a thick brown cloud. She was incredibly frazzled, you could see in in the way her eyes darted around nervously and the way she fidgeted with her hands, unable to keep them still as the clock above her ticked loudly.

    By isabelle on 07.15.2014

  11. “I feel frazzled.”
    “Is that a legitimate reason not to be helping right now?”
    “You got out of bed about 2 hours ago.”
    “It’s been a long day, you know. Breakfast, and watching the garden n’ all.”

    By Tiree on 07.15.2014

  12. I had the hardest time getting the typing box to load, until I realized that I’d neglected to disable the extension that disables comment sections on websites. The very implementations I used to retain my composure led to me losing it. This could speak volumes.

    By jujubees on 07.15.2014

  13. You never believe you will be anything special until you are. then the world becomes a different place entirely. you see them and realize you now have something to live for, something to fight for. that how it started. all when i saw her, her golden hair a mess, frazzled.

    By abby on 07.15.2014

  14. He was frazzled when he came out of the prison, everything was so bright that he couldn’t recognize anything anymore. Fifteen years later, concrete looked like silver and linoleum looked like gold. It wasn’t that it was precious, it was just new, foreign, totally unrecognizable and unwelcome. He had told himself he was ready to move forward but backward made much more sense.

    By Playwright Sam on 07.15.2014

  15. Her hair was red and blue and it looked like flames as she rushed back and forth. /Frazzled/, he thought, /that’s the word./ She dug her fingers into the corner of a box and heaved it open, spilling books and wool and socks across the floor.

    By Cat on 07.15.2014

  16. That’s what I feel pretty much every day of my life. I feel frazzled and crazy and out of control. I wish life were simple and that I didn’t have to be so disorganized all the time. I like to be organized, but no, my mind is not. Not one bit.

    By Sarah Clement on 07.15.2014

  17. How often can I write about one word? I thought to myself. Dismissing the thought, I turned back to my frazzled mind, trying to disentangle the mess that had become my consciousness.

    By Sarah Clement on 07.15.2014

  18. Is exactly how my hair is right now – it’s been warm and humid here today and I’ve been painting skirting boards, oh the joy! My hair’s never the best but I’m not sure adding gloss to it helped – I have the most amazing quiff and I am uncertain whether my frazzled hair will ever recover.

    By DeeDee URL on 07.15.2014

  19. Well, I’m a little frazzled as I have come up with this idea and I’m to anxious to give it a go. It’s almost as if my excitement with the idea is going to be the end of the idea itself. But i cannot let this happen at all. You see why I mean? Maybe you do.

    By Jim Ranger on 07.15.2014

  20. I was frazzled, seemingly in an unadultered sort of daze. I couldn’t believe what I was saying, wracking my brain in sync with the failing lights, flickering loud enough to hear.

    By Kaylee URL on 07.15.2014

  21. The way I feel when my technology fails me. My palms get sweaty, and my students are distracted.

    By Sherry Farhatt on 07.15.2014

  22. I was frazzled when I saw a bear a few feet from.

    By matt on 07.15.2014

  23. I have one year left. That’s it. Nothing after that will be the same, and I am not prepared at all. What if I never get to see my friends again? What if they all go on, and I’m still here, stuck in the trap that has been around our ankles for eighteen years? I can’t bear the thought of staying here, watching everyone who is important to me move on to greater things, experiencing the world and finding themselves, while I sit in this house and pretend to be okay with the mediocre life that I live.

    By Meghan McConnell on 07.15.2014

  24. rWhen you feel out of control and there is a lot going on. I feel frazzled when I am running late somewhere or when I can’t find something.

    By Kristin on 07.15.2014

  25. crazy stupid

    By Kristin on 07.15.2014

  26. Her hair was flying all around her in a cloud of brown frizz. Hermione wildly waved her wand, glancing out of the corner of her eye at her competitor, who looked as smooth and collected as always, tapping his cauldron lightly with his wand, the faintest hint of a smirk on his smooth pale lips. He knew she was watching, he knew he was winning.

    By maddiemaia on 07.15.2014

  27. thank you for your time, getting electrocuted is fun from street lights. Remember to cut off the dimmer wires, they’re gray and purple and we won’t be needing them.

    By Colton on 07.15.2014

  28. Frazzled. I was frazzled. Dazzled. And dazzled, I was dazzled. But most of all, i was just, in simple terms, surprised. I was surprised that it even happened at all.

    By alana on 07.15.2014

  29. it is time to unravel what has been frazzled and battled throughout times with this said i lay dreams within my pillowed head and leave nightmares under the bed where darkness lays

    By Onlymy2cents on 07.15.2014

  30. the last days of his life, cas was torn apart, frazzled, completely shredded, his body weakened, tired, and he was done, grace burning him out, eating inside him, from one moment to another a piercing pain stroked him in his chest, he had to stop every once in a while to soothe himself

    By eh URL on 07.15.2014

  31. I perceive myself as a frazzled
    limb without end or begin; I
    start under the moonlight in the
    cold and fresh summer breeze;
    but I’m here, struggling my mind
    with uncounscios melancholia:
    I steel feel for you.

    By gargouillis on 07.15.2014

  32. cover me in
    vericose veins
    your arms scare me out

    By Rory on 07.15.2014

  33. That’s me. Coming home from a long day at work, made longer by the mismanagement with which i deal daily. Walking n the house dead tired to find it dirty and foul smelling, another job always laying ahead with never an end in sight.

    By Big Jim URL on 07.15.2014