July 15th, 2014 | 87 Entries

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87 Entries for “delighted”

  1. As she sat back in her chair and sipped the tea, she couldn’t stop a delighted smile from curving her lips. He could go to Hell. This was her time.

    By Rachael on 07.16.2014

  2. i’m happy. excited. i’m relieved. smelling roses in the summer. happy birthday. Accomplishment, gifts, happy days. A cooling swim on a hot summer day. Happy and giddy

    By Jesse on 07.16.2014

  3. Chanyeol was delighted to see him. It had been years since he last saw Baekhyun and he had been worried that the face he remembered would eventually disappear from his memory. It was getting blurry and blurry but there Bakehyun stood, smiling at him as her exited the doors.

    By Madie on 07.16.2014

  4. I can’t remember…
    So long ago it was when
    I was DELIGHTED.

    You delight yourself,
    But more DELIGHTED is he
    That delights others!

    – !Haiku-Man!

    By !Haiku-Man! on 07.16.2014

  5. The last speck of laughter tumbled lightly from her lips and into the shallow pool of the morning announcements.

    By aria autumn on 07.16.2014

  6. Missed yesterday’s rare and wierd word so I’ll write with it today!

    It is all the same
    The smell, moonlight, chilling breeze
    Just like the last time

    Except for one thing,
    As usual, it was clean…
    The scene of the Crime

    But IT was placed there
    Deliberate… Conspicuous
    A bloodstained Candy

    Same M.O. every year and the damned candies the only clue,
    Useless clues at that. What did they mean? Why gum-drop then
    a piece of Milkyway? It has me FRAZZLED and frankly fucking pissed the hell off!

    Der Ende, Fin, Kore no hate desu. Zai Jian!

    By !Haiku-Man! on 07.16.2014

  7. Im so delighted in myself
    I love the brown of my skin the edged of my scars
    the deep brown of my eyes
    the kink in my curl
    i am fully delighted in who i am at all times
    delighted in the challenges i face even when they seem like the end of the world
    The happiness I feel when by myself
    the expression of my words to the paper
    Content with everything i am and even the things i am not
    content on my queerness
    Loving to my body for always caring me ad being strong
    spending nights writing love letters to parts of my body that are usually criticized
    delighted in me

    By dj on 07.16.2014