July 14th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “frazzled”

  1. Frazzled didn’t even begin to cover the level of stress Steph was dealing with. Glancing at the clock, she grabbed her pen and paper and picked up her glass to drink some water before running to her next meeting. Tilting the glass up and closing her eyes, she enjoyed the cool, refreshing liquid until she felt something chunky slide down her throat.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.14.2014

  2. Frazzled as a raspberry sugar straw in a sea of fizzy, boozy bubbles. Snap, crackle :: pop. pip. pop.

    “So what are you looking forward to this weekend?” She asks to be friendly. We’d stumbled upon each other tonight as “luck” would have it. I hear her sigh impatiently after I don’t respond for awhile.

    I had completely lost interest in our wholly uninspiring conversation. Preferring, instead, to stare at this icecream float that graced me with it’s odd culinary presence. One that I had willingly accepted with a novel sense of curiosity when it had been handed to me. Upon the first sip I could tell the inventor of this concoction was a mad one indeed.

    By Intuition URL on 07.14.2014

  3. “You looked frazzled, babe,” Annie’s boyfriend cooed as he attempted to drape his arm around his exasperated dame’s shoulder. “Need to head home?”

    “No!” snapped Annie. “I just want you to give me some goddamn space!” And with that, she knocked back a doubleshot of whiskey and maneuvered to the corner, where her friends Tammy and Grace were sitting surrounded by green bottles.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.14.2014

  4. She felt frazzled by the sudden change of events. That’s what her mother would call it anyway. Frazzled. She, herself, felt that a more appropriate description of her current emotional state would be “scared shitless.”

    By Foshizzlebeth URL on 07.14.2014

  5. She’s frazzled. That’s the only word to describe her. Everything about her at this moment — her deep breaths to catch her breath from all that running, she’s bent over fro that, too, hands on her knees. There has not been a better time that her hair — a big mess of frizz — fits her so well.

    By Nancy URL on 07.14.2014

  6. Madame K’s culpability knew no bounds. She was guilty – plain and simple. She had been in the room with Madame H, had stirred the lethal mixture and poured it without remorse, into her whisky. smiling as she administered it. Just the thought of it now gave her the vapours; feeling frazzled she took to her bed, unsmiling as she stared up at the ceiling, imagined herself behind bars for a life sentence – if they did not hang her! Even now she was not certain of why she had committed the crime – although it had taken several weeks to orchestrate the perfect circumstances so as to cover her tracks as much as possible – what had her reasoning been? At the time it had felt so… necessary. She searched for fragments of memory to help guide her. But the memories which had seemed so important at the time teased her by dancing on the fringes of her imagination. The reasoning seemed limited, ridiculous. And now, haunted by her own thoughts, she felt that in order to cleanse her soul she would have to turn herself in. There was no other choice.

    By story URL on 07.14.2014

  7. Tired, she pulled him closer, she burried her face in his frazzled pink hair, taking a deep whiff.

    By paintedpetrichor on 07.14.2014

  8. She saw him at the bus stop, and afterwards never wanted anyone else. She was fifteen. He was twenty four. Her seduction took exactly two months and twelve days. It left them both swooning; frazzled.

    By bb333 URL on 07.14.2014

  9. The lady in the tight blue vest and crumpled black pencil skirt rushed into the cool office building, panting loudly. Her hair, thrown into a messy bun, was frizzy and tangled. She leaned against her colleague’s desk and paused to catch her breath. He looked at her strangely, noting the black bags under her eyes and smudged eyeliner. Her lips were much too red, and it was apparent they were done in a hurry.

    By Priya on 07.14.2014

  10. The morning sun creeped through the window, slowly sweeping across the floor towards his bed. Frazzled after a night of heavy drinking, he was in no mood for what would happen next. At the instant the sunlight stabbed his eyes, the doorbell rang, followed soon by thunderous, frantic knocking. His mobile phone and land line both added their shrill tones to the excitement of the occasion. Ohara leapt from the bed, all at once terribly confused, slightly queasy, but ready for battle

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.14.2014

  11. “you look frazzled.”
    “yeah, well, i feel frazzled. extremely frazzled.”
    “you’re not the one auditioning for the whole leading player’s part.”
    “no, i’m audition for pippin. and i’m a girl. they aren’t going to make a pippa, no matter how much you beg them.”
    “and what? you think peter will be pippin and some other girl will be catherine?”

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.14.2014

  12. We used to be together
    like fertile soil and plant
    And now things aren’t the same
    as if the minerals deserted the land
    You have her and I had him
    But when we’re together again
    The tranquil paradise sets once more
    Despite the frazzled road we’re in now
    You will always be the fresh air that blows me
    The sun that shines on me

    By christcel URL on 07.14.2014

  13. I had just got done working out when I enter my house to find my boyfriend just getting out the shower… He see i am frazzled but gives me that look anyway. Ugh! I can’t resist. I strip off my gym clothes and throw myself onto him. I already need a shower so why does it matter anyways ?

    By SierraDoow URL on 07.14.2014

  14. The kids are screaming their heads off in the next room. The cat has just disemboweled a pillow. The sitter called in sick and that she couldn’t come today. The husband is about to come home with his friends for dinner in two hours. I am in the pantry, crying my eyes out. Tired. Frazzled. Weary. I dry my eyes, take a deep breath and open the door.

    By Lei on 07.14.2014

  15. I was frazzled by his tenacious personality, his persistence.
    A stranger on my bus. Friendly enough. A bit too forceful.
    Handsome though. Still a stranger. And I, a married woman.

    By Krysf URL on 07.14.2014

  16. On the day his child was to be born, Aldrich was more frazzled than Bernadette had ever seen him. He had spent all day laboring under a sweltering sun, but that didn’t stop him from smiling and scurrying around the house in nervous yet excited anticipation.

    By Jenna URL on 07.14.2014

  17. she was frazzled. she had never seen jack like this before. she wasn’t sure how to react to his sudden shift in mood. the fact that he became so angry so fast scared her. she wasn’t sure if she should try to comfort him or leave for her own safety.

    By kayla on 07.14.2014

  18. Frazzled.
    The day has been long
    and the night is too.
    So many disappointments
    dance through your brain.
    Sleep it off for tomorrow
    is another day.

    By lp on 07.14.2014

  19. As the rain fell down, she rested her frazzled mind against his chest. Laying in bed, the thoughts of the day came drifting out of her mouth and into the air like hot steam in winter. As the thoughts floated away, her body felt lighter and her body less tense. He was stroking her back and that was all she needed.

    By lp4415 URL on 07.14.2014

  20. I wanted to kiss you
    and then I wanted to hit you
    across the mouth
    in the chest
    punch your nose
    break your heart

    I hoped you would hug me
    but instead you didn’t
    And I drove myself crazy thinking that you would
    I drove myself crazy and crazier
    and I’m still there.

    By Caitlin Vasta on 07.14.2014

  21. There must’ve been a dozen frazzled parents in Toys R Us that day. I mean, wouldn’t you be exhausted if your kid was begging for any and everything he/she saw as you passed by the isles? Yeah, thought so. Christmas shopping is no fun.

    By AJ Kenobi on 07.14.2014

  22. frazzled i came aboçut when i was late to work,
    the embarrasment of my pride at work,
    tweaked by meager trust, trust in faith of true promises,
    true compensation,
    how dare he,
    betray me,
    i vest myself in these people,
    they frazzle my trust,
    just because one money breaks a branch,
    it doesnt mean all monekys are irrational like so,
    i flee,
    i go to thee,
    the almight trustee, who lends me hope,
    one day, one day,
    strive, strive

    By Milad URL on 07.14.2014

  23. completely at my wit’s end
    here I am
    standing, sitting with my head
    up my rectum finding out
    the dark isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
    got to end this
    dizzy, confused and hair tearing
    condition that comes from
    human positions and opinion

    By Protean URL on 07.14.2014

  24. Im constantly in a state of distress
    when i should just be enjoying living
    yet I always feel that i am just existing and not living
    Anxiety rises through my body daily
    worrying about everything, things that are sometime too far away to be worried about
    frazzled about what it means to be me in this very moment
    trying to comfortably find parts of myself that I have lost… am still looking for
    Frazzled at times, trying to acknowledge everything that I am and am not
    breathing in the extensions of myself, my family. trying to make sure they are okay.
    dealing with all these feelings daily
    trying to just learn to let go and live

    By dj on 07.14.2014

  25. the electric air puzzling the eye. a care placing smoke into the nose, tickling all the hairs of the nose. Sweat. Lots of sweat. with numbers falling through humid air into the forehead striking all the batters out. All the houses off by an inch.

    By Phillip on 07.14.2014

  26. She raced into the room, looking wildly about her. The keys. Where were the keys? She glanced back toward the doorway, hoping that it would be empty, and it was.

    She ran to the dresser and rooted through the clothes piled there. God, why was she always such a slob? Where could she have left the keys? She glanced back at the doorway, and it was still empty, but she could see a shadow on the wall in the hallway, and she ran to the bedside table in a panic.

    By Kimberly URL on 07.14.2014

  27. She gasped as the sweat dripped down her nose, the adrenaline disappearing with every heave of breath. She had to sleep. She couldn’t sleep. Kap looked around for the rest of her squad but couldn’t see any.

    By Wild on 07.14.2014

  28. Ian was frazzled as he remembered it was Jonas’ birthday in a week. He hadn’t done a single thing to prepare. He had hoped it’d be different this time. Maybe he could make something for him, to let Jonas know he was thinking of him for once, but of course, he fucked up like normal. What was new? Jonas would forgive him with that happy smile of his, like always. It was a smile Ian didn’t deserve.

    By ashley on 07.14.2014

  29. Flustered and clustered mind, words running and disconnected. I can’t bring myself to connect everything I feel and at the same time I can stop feeling. I wish I knew how to control when I’m feeling on the edge. Frazzled

    By Isa URL on 07.14.2014

  30. Frazzled to the point of near catatonia, Mariana could do nothing but sit and watch events unfold before her, hoping beyond hope that she’d wake up to find it all a dream.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.14.2014

  31. walking through new york city, stepping into puddles as the rain comes down, dampening my hair and dripping down my back. a classic moment being hit with a huge spray of water as a taxi sped by

    By Isis URL on 07.14.2014

  32. “Ready to go?” He asked with a grin. Alice knew taht grin. It was devious and cuntructing a plan, one she would hate. This didnt seem to bother him. Alice glared and sighed.. “What the fuck, why not?”

    By Criston on 07.14.2014

  33. the two of them laid side by side in his twin bed. the light splintered through the cracks in his window, illuminating what it could of his face, of hers, of the smiles they shared between them when mouths met. she thinks, this is what electricity feels like. she thinks, this is what nerves feel like when they’ve grown. she thinks, oh god, fucking breathe.

    By tchaikovsky URL on 07.14.2014

  34. She was frazzled because of the rain outside. It had been sunny all week, all month, all year. All her life, it had been sunny. Where was this rain coming from? Why was it raining now? What was she going to do in the rain? Really were umbrella’s even still sold in the shops? If they were whoever was selling them was going to make a lot of money today. She should sell umbrellas.

    By Erin on 07.15.2014

  35. Doing this exercise can leave one feeling rather frazzled. I just realized that I sit here for a few seconds waiting for the word to appear and I’m filled with apprehension. And when that word finally appears, sometimes I am so frazzled from worrying about whether I’ll be able to write anything. And then when it appears, I’m frazzled thinking about the other entries that are so much better than mine.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 07.15.2014

  36. it’s not that i wasn’t happy about the opportunity to expireience the pleasures of another woman. i was just trying to get out of my own frazzled state. sure, you think about this,but when you find your self in the situation for the first time, it kind of makes you a little uneasy for a moment

    By sean marshall URL on 07.15.2014

  37. My frazzled nerves needed a cup of tea. Frazzled soul needs a tea brewed strong. Strong enough to last a lifetime. Frazzle dazzle days indeed.

    By Burger Clap URL on 07.15.2014

  38. The day frazzled me like everything that day did. It was because of the number of things I had to accomplish and the length of time to do everything. It isn’t enough. And I’m tired. I want to stop. I want to just rest and take a time off. If I could, If I could, I would.

    By rendcel on 07.15.2014

  39. “Dear god why?” The other grinned at him with a satisfied smile. “Well you see, you had no idea about it and this pleases me immensely. I glared and shook my head.

    By Assassin URL on 07.15.2014

  40. Frazzle this, frazzle that. How will we get anything done. A blue sky, a blue ocean, and all of it meaningless, not even there without someone to appreciate it.

    By Gail Marsella on 07.15.2014