May 20th, 2014 | 95 Entries

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95 Entries for “framework”

  1. I heard a bell toll, for whom nor what I do not know. Yet this grassy stroll led me toward a darkened treeline. I’ve been here once. The lavender field, the tower, the trials, the hour, the sunset, the rhymes, the chimes. I heard this word in a lullaby. I sung it with 6/8th time in a dream time sigh.

    By Intuition on 05.20.2014

  2. Rotten: the smell of swamp and that old lady that lived down Baskerville lane. Worm eaten and full of termites. What the old crooked artist, who lost his eye in the battle with the wicked wolf ( the traitor had been so still as if begging to be sketched), did with the framework was nothing short of a masterpiece. The contrast was so wonderful it had caused many to weep and many others to vow silence for years.

    So take hope: for as ugly the framework you may be, there’s an artist who can make you beautiful.

    By Jose on 05.20.2014

  3. Framework. What you do when you’re 16. You framework, don’t you? Graduate at 22. Marry at 27. Children by 32. You frame your life. Without the essential tools. Without the life experience. Some shit can’t be framed. Like life.

    By S on 05.20.2014

  4. The framework is the most important part of a building. If it’s not constructed properly, obviously, the entire building will just collapse. It’s similar in friendships, and relationships of any kind. One cannot rush into it, one needs to build a framework, may it be something like trust or honesty. Because if you don’t have that support as you progress and build your relationship together, one day, it might just break apart without warning, and it will leave you wondering where you went wrong, when all you had to do was go to the very start and search for it.

    By Lin on 05.21.2014

  5. if you let hope in
    it leeches the warmth from your body
    melts your bones into puddles of blank
    becomes the framework that holds you up
    until you are unable
    without it
    the higher you are
    the higher you f a l l

    By mirror on 05.21.2014

  6. Dan worked at this company called “frame work” he loved his hop untill one day this ebany haired boy walked thru the door making his world turn upside down

    By Samantha on 05.21.2014

  7. the structure of the architecture of the human potential and the human mind…the endless faculties possible to achieve by the systematic substance of the things that I believe…..

    By adam weilacher on 05.21.2014

  8. I’m not sure what framework even is, though. I suppose if I was to take a wild guess, it’d have to do with structure.

    And what even is structure? Structure is the foundation that holds everything up and sturdy.

    By Gabriella on 05.21.2014

  9. His lips were so perfect; framework for his smile.

    By Brittany Bear Kennedy on 05.21.2014

  10. The decomposing framework of the woman was one to be ashamed of. Lifeless pieces of skin clung to weak, brittle bones. Her emaciated face sunk in, showing black, hollowed eyes.

    By MissW on 05.21.2014

  11. The framework on my rich house is so rich that it makes me feel rich and I love the rich wind going through my hair cause I’m so gosh darn rich MAAANNNN

    By Randy URL on 05.21.2014

  12. when I think of frame work is when you are building a house. You build frame work when building a house because you have to build the outside of it for it to make the inside. so you need to make the frame

    By kierra on 05.21.2014

  13. The frame work on the old house had twist and turns in the wood. It symbolized flowers and vines. It had golden color on the vines and the flowers were a shiny brown. This framework must be over 100 years old.

    By Selena on 05.21.2014

  14. Outlines and structure. Create and block. Beginning of the end. This is all framework. Where one idea starts could change your entire life or not.

    By Taj on 05.21.2014

  15. The framework of this class is writing, ready and language. The framework of the barn is old and moldy

    By Candy Andy URL on 05.21.2014

  16. The framework was a piece of art that was hanging out in the hall. The artist captured the framework with a picture of a sea with the wind blowing the waves and worries away. No not any one could make a framework so fine except for this guy who as you see has gone to the sea. When you walk past this framework it speaks the truth let the wind blow by and take your most worries away. For this framework not only shows but speaks the mind that the wind is a help not something to fight, for let it take you worries away this framework is a piece of art.

    By zzz on 05.21.2014

  17. frame work is the work of a frame. Like the picture frame around your wall photos is framework.

    By mason on 05.21.2014

  18. frame work is the work of a frame. Or when you build a car that is framework.

    By mason on 05.21.2014

  19. High within the framework of the scaffolding, the cat crouched, hissing at the worker trying to dislodge it.

    By mrsmig on 05.21.2014

  20. A plan is only successful if built on a good framework.

    By Alexandra on 05.21.2014

  21. Andy stared at the scattered pieces of plywood strewn around the grass. A pile of nails in a sandwich bag sat on top of a battered workman’s toolkit. He took his hat off and wiped his brow. “You ain’t got no blueprint, or nuthin’?” His friend chuckled. Nope.

    By Soft URL on 05.21.2014

  22. ok. now we have that settled. when do we begin? in a month? christ, we’ve been putting this together, this framework for months now, and we are going to wait another month to do something?

    By Lee on 05.21.2014

  23. In the framework of someone else’s mind, I am lost. I am lost and I am forever wandering, waiting to explore the depths of somebody else’s culture and beliefs and thoughts and emotions. I want to wade into the waters of their hypothalamus no matter how deep or shallow because I know that either way, I’ll learn.

    By Dana URL on 05.21.2014

  24. Stupid! She thought. And than she retraced what had happened. It might not have worked out, but … . Daring – she reconcidered and rephrased it. Because she had tried.

    By soil on 05.21.2014

  25. This is crazy. How does any one expect anything to work without the proper framework? Who do I work for? A bunch of idiots! This is bullshit. I start my own thing, I can’t do this any more. I quit!

    By Monakee on 05.21.2014

  26. In the framework of my brain, I’ve spent my whole life. Bobbing and weaving through posts and broken windows, desperately trying to piece the debris of my unspoken thoughts together and desperately trying to understand myself.

    By d a n a on 05.21.2014

  27. The state of things between them was going an unusual familiarity for him. It was this intricate and paradoxical framework that joins together opposing forces that can never BE without each other.

    By Peskiper on 05.21.2014

  28. for the structure of the place to be strong would be a hyperbole so large that even a person coming to the place for the first time would laugh heartily. it was a wild thought, that this building was held up nicely. it really depended on the people that made it up most of the time. it was hard to accept the fact that it would have to come down soon, but that was life.

    By verbomaniac11 on 05.21.2014

  29. My main language it’s not English, and i’m not sure what a framework is.
    i’ll wirte about bottles insted.
    oh too bad, the times up…………dong…….

    By Danilo on 05.21.2014

  30. framework lame truck driver with the hat with the bill that’s all fake-folded like how I did it as a kid to be more like my friend who did his natural-folded, who had his hat brim all arched like it came that way.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.21.2014

  31. the photos of us, all dusty and gray, sit in their boxes, waiting to be unpacked. Will this be our home? They ask. Is this where we will stay? The kids in their frames inquire about what it will require in order to have a home that is permanent, forever, lasting.

    By Heidi P. on 05.21.2014

  32. Spectral guidelines determined by a network of synapses and impulses, driven by electric currents in and out of pleasure centers in my brain. I suppose this isn’t the most practical framework with which to anchor my fleeting experience in this world, but I’ll take what I can get.

    By asavas on 05.21.2014

  33. Framework to me is the outside structure of something. Or it is called that when you are working on a frame.

    By Lance Nicholds on 05.21.2014

  34. Framework. I cannot think of anything to do with framework. So, I’ll just write framework. Framework, framework, framework, framework.

    By Matthew Wiebe on 05.21.2014

  35. I think about this being a frame of some sort. like a picture that you look like to help you.

    By Phillip Perkins on 05.21.2014

  36. I helped my dad with the framework for my house, boat, lawn mower, fourwheeler, truck, car, and shed.

    By Klay on 05.21.2014

  37. I actually have no idea what this is but aparently it has to have a frame to be built so they must have to build a frame for it to work so framework must be when someone builds the frame.

    By Marshall on 05.21.2014

  38. I drew the framework for our float your boat, boat. We will be cuting our 2×4’s into 1×4’s

    By Guyler on 05.21.2014

  39. Framework, its like work thats on a frame. id like to work on your frame;)

    By Austin on 05.21.2014

  40. So like yea framework is like the structure of things like, houses, schools, and other buildings. I think that people are like a frame i don’t know how, but they just are and some people are dumb. so ya.

    By Jaiden on 05.21.2014