May 21st, 2014 | 111 Entries

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111 Entries for “coil”

  1. She coiled the string tightly around her index finger. Though it was starting to throb and turn an alarming shade of pink, she needed to know that she was still there. After everything that had happened to make her feel invisible.

    By nedra URL on 05.22.2014

  2. On the rock, the coil of ammonites printed. Little creatures from ages gone, leaving their ghosts behind. We were here. We lived. Remember us.

    By queenofswords URL on 05.22.2014

  3. The snake coiled quickly as the dog approached it, it’s wet cold nose to the ground. The dog didn’t see it right away but once he caught the scent, he stopped in his tracks. For one tense moment, the snake looked at the dog and the dog looked right back. Then slowly, ever so slowly, the dog stepped back and trotted off. The snake waited until the dog was out of sight and slithered back into the tall grass.

    By Secret Kid on 05.22.2014

  4. She coils around him when asleep in bed. At least, she’s asleep. He stares up at the ceiling, counting all the parts of her that are constricting parts of him. One of her arms is thrown across his chest while the other is hooked around his elbow. One of her legs is stretches over his thighs and her foot hooks behind his knee. He wants to melt into her, to drift off to sleep in her embrace, but all he can think about is how he really needs to pee and can’t move without waking her.

    By Jessyca (@goawayjess) on 05.22.2014

  5. The feeling of loneliness coiled around her heart like that of a snake’s tail, and she let out a small gasp before covering her mouth, tears burning her eyes the second she closed them tight. Why did her dreams have to suffer at the expense of someone else? It was anything but fair.

    And then, rough fingers reached out and touched her exposed shoulder in the gentlest of ways. “Look at me. Please.” Simon’s voice was unusually tender, making Lillie wonder if she was talking to the same man as before—and then he carefully swung her around to face him. “I didn’t do what I did to hurt you, believe me…I did it because I knew if you signed that contract, I’d never see you again. I’m not ashamed to say I couldn’t have dealt with that.”

    Precious seconds passed. His hands hesitantly fell to her waist, pulling their bodies closer together. And then, she kissed him. Firmly yet passionately. They haven’t looked back since.

    By Blue Iris on 05.22.2014

  6. coil in a loop
    time repeating
    as the future, we look to the past
    yesterday is the shadow of tomorrow
    and the present is long gone
    got to laugh
    the snake eating its tail, ouroboros
    never quite catch up to ourselves
    always just a moment ahead.

    By matt on 05.22.2014

  7. She looked up longingly at Jaine, wishing she could reach out and coil those soft, amber locks around her fingers. Just feel the feel of her, smell the smell of her.

    By Charlotte Keynes on 05.22.2014

  8. coil and weep
    none of us deserves anything
    i can’t deny i’ve been crying away most of my feelings
    why the fuck am i always so sensitive?
    my hands are cracking from over working
    my insides are strong i’ve been breathing for
    almost twenty one years —
    i can’t grow tired yet

    By stargirl on 05.22.2014

  9. we did it yesterday
    i don’t know what to write man
    coil is such a weird word
    like why would you name something coil
    it’s like naming your kid Humpty or something
    weird man.

    By Jeff on 05.22.2014

  10. Its metal. It looks like a spring. Hey you guess it. Its a coil. YAY!

    By Ajay on 05.22.2014

  11. The snake went into it’s little coiled form. It didn’t move from there. It preferred to say in that position until all signs of danger were gone. He wasn’t a very sociable snake. He liked being alone. He was alone. Alone snake. What a sad life.

    By PranavNair on 05.22.2014

  12. A coil of metal was lying inside this mysterious box that i had found in my garage. what could this be? i’m not sure myself…

    By sorfina on 05.22.2014

  13. Seviper used coil!

    By Xuanyou on 05.22.2014

  14. The snake coiled around the man’s neck and almost choked him.

    By Sheryar on 05.22.2014

  15. curly…
    like wire…

    By Jeslin on 05.22.2014

  16. A coil of wire lays under my bed, lonely, abandoned. Rust covers the shiny metal that once gleamed on it’s surface.

    By JOhana on 05.22.2014

  17. A coil of wire.
    The snake coiled itself.
    Smoke coiled towards the open door.

    I don’t know, don’t ask me. ._.

    By Leanne on 05.22.2014

  18. There is a coil. I see a coil. A coil? Of what? A snake? Wire? I can’t really see in the gloomy dark night it is.

    By Ericia on 05.22.2014

  19. Coiling around the bed, was a snake.
    Coiling around the pole, was a snake.
    Coiling around the table, was a snake.
    Coiling around the pencil, was a snake.
    Coiling around the cupboard, was snake.
    Coiling around the bag, was a snake.
    Coiling around the shoe, was a snake.

    Coiling around my head, was a snake.

    By Cicely on 05.22.2014

  20. I like to use big coil to stretch my arm like I’m doing exercising. I like to use two coils and put under my foot. And bounce it !

    By Marcus on 05.22.2014

  21. like a snake, wrapping around me, skin against skin. i watch you from a distance, i let you move freely. i don’t demand. i can feel something, but i don’t want to be too close. it hasn’t served me well in the past

    By Isis URL on 05.22.2014

  22. My stomach, my brain, the chords in my heart, the strings of my voice, the are in a coil. The tighten, they tighten till it s suffocating. My voice no longer knows how to thrum. It forgets to dance, and no longer do they cry in surprise. They just sit, sit the day by, sit the night by, hoping for the one to until them. But now, they just wound around themselves in confusion, having lost their directions.

    By Sarah on 05.22.2014

  23. To shrivel up. Sort of like a spiral. Think of a really curly piece of hair, twirling around and around in little ringlets. Or think of a box spring mattress. Those springs are coiled, to give your mattress it’s buoyancy.

    By Ifunanya URL on 05.22.2014

  24. The kinks into my hair thats what i think about coil … coiling . coils . a bunch of them . ugh my hair . its special its me its what makes me the person people see me to be its what they see first and im proud because thats my heritage. thats the black in me and its beautiful . the history

    By Ivy on 05.22.2014

  25. The tight coil of copper hummed with electrical charge. Twenty stories high, it was the largest electromagnet ever designed, a vital part of a security system that nobody hoped to ever need to use. What it was supposed to keep out of Station Alpha, no one ever wanted to see.

    By Chris on 05.22.2014

  26. sandwiches and fingerprints
    imagination coiling around silly memories
    i want to erase everything and restart
    and not be so bad at all of this.

    By genahtastic on 05.22.2014

  27. What happens when the coiling stops? Do you slide off into an abyss of nothingness or do you go backwards up the coil and then down again or are you already so dizzy, so confused, so lost that it doesn’t even matter what happens at the end? The end probably doesn’t matter because you are already so lost and confused and dizzy, or maybe there isn’t even an end, maybe you you just go up and down and up and down or maybe only down into an abyss of nothingness. I can’t see anything, nor can I hear, nor can I taste or smell or touch. There is only fish.

    By Rosalyn on 05.22.2014

  28. the coil spring on the right passenger let go and the car became out of control as Rod tried his best to stop it, but at speeds in excess of 200 mph stopping the car without killing someone else would be very difficult.

    By Bethany Herrington on 05.22.2014

  29. A mortal coil. A dagger lies beside a clump of bane, of poison, of venom. How dare they draw their final breath before thee! You draw your own sword, embedded with the blood of your foes and all the soldiers that have fallen before your crown. With this, you shall end your own life. With this, you shall shuffle off this dreary burden of earth and stone, trapped in a body of blood and clay.

    By owl eyed on 05.22.2014

  30. A twist
    a knarled flesh
    back around on itself
    back where it began
    going nowhere
    except where it was
    around it goes and stops
    right above where is starts

    By Protean on 05.22.2014

  31. heat coils in eren’s stomach as he sucks in a breath and tries not to smile too hard. it feels good, having levi watch him so intently, so he follows through with his resolve and slides his hand between his legs to squeeze his straining erection. he moans, soft and quiet, and tries to contain a chuckle when he hears levi’s breath hitch.

    “corporal,” he murmurs, stroking himself up and down and making it very clear who he’s thinking of while he touches himself.

    By heartful on 05.22.2014