July 3rd, 2008 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “forget”

  1. I forget birthdays, birthdays of people i care about, i forget names yet i know there are people that i will never forget. i have memories that fade, yet feelings that help me to remember places i’ve seen people ive loved and will never hopefully ever forget. i forget the time, that flows away. i forget that its only 60 seconds and i have more to say.

    By JB on 07.04.2008

  2. I find it incredibly hard to forget you. There are so many things in this world i would love to forget… but then i think, no, i wouldn’t want that. Because, what memories would i have then? I love the memories i have with you. I just wish.. i could forget how i love you. and why i love you. I want to forget and remember you at the same time. I must sound like a crazy person.

    By andrea on 07.04.2008

  3. i don’t like to forget.
    some times i forget things i say.
    right now i have been reading old aim logs between me and my boy friend and that are to many things that i forgot that i even said.
    it is weird feeling as id you don’t know your self only because you forgot how you used to talk or sound. i don’t like forgetting things at all. it feels terrible.

    By britanny on 07.04.2008

  4. what? now what should I type… okay, i guess i have
    to wait the time limit to pass

    By artchie on 07.04.2008

  5. its hard to forget sometimes, the feeling that some things are just inescapable in life. It’s like you don’t have any control over certain things anyway so you may as well go along for the ride.

    Don’t hold it against people, but don’t forget… the experiences, the memories and the thoughts are all part of it.

    By Craig on 07.04.2008

  6. maybe because i woke up at 4:15 this morning…. i’ll forget what i’ve done.
    i did nothing bad.
    nothing obscene.
    except wake up that ungoddessly early.
    there’s nothing to be done about it though…
    maybe i’ll clean my room
    and try and forget.
    that i’ve only sleep 5 hours.

    By Red Rosaleigh on 07.04.2008

  7. I forget many things. Forgetfulness is something I experience all the time. In fact, forgetfulness is experienced by everybody, all the time. However, forgetfulness is just carelessness of our minds. Forgetfulness can be prevented, but our society makes us too lazy to prevent it. We have computers, pen and paper, and other devices we can rely on instead of our own minds. We lack the confidence to trust our minds. We have forgotten the power of our minds, thus, we forget.

    By Kazuki Yamada on 07.04.2008

  8. It’s something I do all too often, and it’s one of my biggest fears. Once you’ve had a head injury you become paranoid. Do I forget things more? Or is it just an excuse when I do forget something? What have I lost permananently because some idiot in a Lexus ran into me? A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

    By Alderaan on 07.04.2008

  9. It’s funny how forgetting things goes. The process can either be arduous and painstaking or instantaneous and ephemeral. In any case, we really do forget everything at some point. After all, what’s the point of remembering everything? Forgetting can cleanse the canvas for a new work of art.

    By Bill Goodman on 07.04.2008

  10. Blood dripping down the hall, smeared on the walls, and puddling on the carpet; What had she done? She couldn’t remember.

    By J on 07.04.2008

  11. Not that I can remember anything but for the sake of all that is holy that woman has burned an imagine into my brain. She was not too young and not quite my age but all the same more mature as well as educated. Once I had the nerve to step up to the plate, I knew how to come on without hesitation, I wasn’t afraid; I’ve forgotten that man somewhere.

    By DS on 07.04.2008

  12. it’s so easy to have the little details slide… it takes a month, maybe more, but once it starts, you can’t stop it. at first you remember everything: the feeling of her laying next to you… the scent of her skin… the way she looked in the morning… but it can’t stay that way forever; that’s just the way it goes.

    By adrian on 07.04.2008

  13. i will never forget the first time i saw your face staring back at me in the mirror. i wanted to see you again. i hoped you’d remember me, and i couldn’t think of any words to describe my happiness. but then i saw her. and she saw me. the fire in her eyes was horrendous. hate billowed around her. she would not let me have you.

    By samm on 07.04.2008

  14. I forget where it began, or maybe I don’t; perhaps I just tune it ouf of my mind, because I don’t wish to remember. But how could I want to remember? the pain, the agony and anguish of living in the real world. The world I live in now, full of dragons and mythical creatures, is a world of hope and dreams and magic… where anything can come true and often does.

    I woke to the sound of chipmunks dancing on my bed,

    By John Miller on 07.04.2008

  15. forget the times, good and bad. To forget is bliss. It is happiness, forgiveness, and less pain in your future. Forgetting is thereputic. Dont forget to forget.

    By Catherine on 07.04.2008

  16. The worst part about forgetting is that once you have done so you do not know that you have done so. Or have you? It’s so gosh-darned tricky to remember these things. I believe that I have, but what if I believe that I haven’t? Is that, technically, forgetting? Or is the act of forgetting something completely different? The english language sucks sometimes.

    By Seresecros on 07.04.2008

  17. I would like to think that I’ve forgotten more than I can still retain. Maybe because that would imply that while I have very little knowledge at my disposal, I have at one point in my life, learned quite a few things. And maybe those can come in handy when needed.

    By Pau on 07.04.2008

  18. forgetting is something that i do a lot. it’s only bad when you forget something important. it’s annoying when you forget something you were going to say and you can’t for the life of you remember what it was. forgetting is not the same as not remembering. forgetting is mislaying your thoughts or your actions. don’t forget. elephants don’t.

    By Rachanna on 07.04.2008

  19. I forgot that it was so scary, or maybe I denied it from the beginning. When I relived it, I looked at my friend with wide, wild eyes and told him, “I’m terrified!” Terrified, and so surprised that I was terrified. And now? I can live with it.

    By Pam on 07.04.2008

  20. I hate forgetting.
    Like memories, it’s sad. Pictures help you remember though. and presents. i always remember things when i see matrerial things in fact, i’m a very good rememberer anyway i have a memory like an elephant as it is. I remember what reading bnook I finished primary two on. however, i forget where i left my phone half a n hour ago. it’s true that memory gets worse with ae…and i’m only 19.

    By ashleigh on 07.04.2008

  21. Forget everything you’ve learned about love and life once you enter the threshold of adulthood. Learn how to open up your mind and whatever it is you’ve got left closed in your body—if you know what I mean. Forget your name. This is the only way you’ll know how to live.

    By liz on 07.04.2008

  22. I don’t want to forget you, even if a large part of me does. It would be better for everyone that way.

    By me on 07.04.2008