July 3rd, 2008 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “forget”

  1. As Margo surveyed the ground from the hayloft, she couldn’t remember anything other than the torture so many days ago at the hand of the dead-armed-man. And now as she wondered to herself how she would get free from this place, she became more and more curious why it seemed that this hell forsaken plot of ground had seemed to forget that there were both day and night, instead of just the darkness.

    By Erik Smetana on 07.03.2008

  2. I’ll never forget the day I saw my first pair! They were so friggin’ schweet! I have since seen many schweet pairs, but none are so firmly etched in my mind!

    By Markishmark on 07.03.2008

  3. to forget him would be the most difficult of feats; it seemed like forever that he had been in my life, his love an addiction that i thought i’d never be able to quit; i still think about him often and his random phone calls do not allow me to forget

    By Jen M on 07.03.2008

  4. I wrote the date down,
    I even tied the string around my finger.
    I made my way through the day,
    The memory of the time still lingered.
    Then finally, it came.
    And I had forgotten.
    And now beneath the soil I remember.
    I died today.

    By Malou Jaggli on 07.03.2008

  5. forget. i want to forget why i feel like i do. tim who? i want to forget we had sex last night without a condom. i want to forget i could be pregnant. i want to forget i don’t really love him. i want to forget the way he looked at me last night. i want to remember who i am.

    By ~anna on 07.03.2008

  6. “It is not that I forget. Far from that. I remember everything. Or at least I think so. There are gaps. Everybody has them. But I really do remember everything that should be remembered. So how can I forget? You forget something that is not important. But otherwise, why remember? So I don’t.”

    By E Buckbee on 07.03.2008

  7. “I didn’t forget!” I yell. “I’d never forget what you did to me…”

    After all these years that face still taunts me, playing with my mind. I wish I could forget that vicious night in the park but I know it will never happen.

    Why did this have to happen to me?

    By Alek on 07.03.2008

  8. sometimes i forget what to do. i forget where i put things, and where i keep my keys, my ipod, my everything. plus it doesn’t help that i’m super messy so i don’t even know where it should be, to know where i forgot it. i don’t tend to forget things about people and stuff…i don’t know. i forget everything. i forget to wake up, i forget to go to appointments

    By Meggie on 07.03.2008

  9. I wish I could forget. Or have my memory removed. Like in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. Removed those painful, debilitating memories. The ones of you and I. The ones where I was alone without you. They say it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. I’m not so sure.

    By JB on 07.03.2008

  10. I want to forget of all the things that need to be forgotten but what will happen if there will be nothing left in my mind after I forget everything. forget all the bad things will result forgetting all that was good as well because I cannot separate the two. there is so much I wish I could erase but there is no way to erase it even if I manage to forget.

    By polina on 07.03.2008

  11. I cant forget that my dad killed himself without leaving a word, a note, a thought to his kids.

    By artist having fun on 07.03.2008

  12. I just want to forget and move on. I’ve already done the forgetting. Someone wont let me do the other part.

    By Sundance Kid on 07.03.2008

  13. I don’t know why I even bother trying to remember my childhood. I can barely remember what I did last week. An hour ago is getting fuzzy. It’s all just slipping away.

    And I hate that voices disappear. And I hate that I can’t remember their faces.

    By J.E. Remy on 07.03.2008

  14. forget, forgetting the past, your keys, alhiemers, dimensia. generally forgetfullness is bad.
    i forgot myself, lost my souuuuuul
    refound, and regained!

    By amanda jean ott on 07.03.2008

  15. Have you even been forgotten? by a loved one or a stranger? Have you ever wanted to forget how you felt? Has your heart been broken and crushed? I have, and since then i’ve been trying to forget my feelings.

    By Tara on 07.03.2008

  16. “Don’t forget your toothbrush!” Cole’s mother called.

    Cole almost winced at how NORMAL that sounded. As if she wasn’t downstairs with a knife. Way to be kidnapped, by your own mother at knifepoint. Your CRAZY mother at that. Jesus.

    He grabbed his toothbrush and headed downstairs. “Ready,” he said.

    She grinned. “Let’s go.”

    By Ai on 07.03.2008

  17. to forgot… we long for it in many cases… but more then anything we long to forget that we want to forget… that this is what we need, that it’s the only escape…

    By Ty on 07.03.2008

  18. so easy to do sometime. but you shouldn’t. everything that happens is forever a part of you – if you forget it, you lose a part of yourself. A part that you will not be able to get back. So… remember everything. Forgive. Just don’t forget.

    By chelsea on 07.03.2008

  19. I wish I could forget you.

    But how am I supposed to
    when your lips touch mine

    in the ease of what we know
    we shouldn’t be doing?

    By Yv- on 07.03.2008

  20. How can you forget?
    there are lots of things I wish I could forget, but we all know once you meet someone… once you do something… once you are exposed… you can never forget it.
    It remains. buried within your brain.
    waiting to be unleashed in a random conversation
    that could get you fired…. expelled… killed.
    so welcome to this new universe.
    where it pays to “forget”.

    By Red Rosaleigh on 07.03.2008

  21. I forget when I first decided, but it was right. I should have listened to my intuition. Now all I want to do is forget you. Forget you exist. Forget. Forget. FORGET.

    By MsM on 07.03.2008

  22. Forgetting. That’s my biggest fear right now. That I’ll leave, and they’ll forget. Actually that’s a lie. My biggest fear is that I’LL forget. Forget to keep in touch, forget to call back, to respond to their emails. Whatever. I don’t want to go to college.

    By Emily on 07.03.2008

  23. She never wants to forget what it was like to sit there, listening to his heart beating, feeling the soft of the cotton against her cheek, smelling his shampoo. Tracing the outline of his chin with her fingertips. Memorizing each freckle.

    By A.M. on 07.03.2008

  24. forgetting to forget the forgetful, for what are we without the occasional loss of memory? forget yourself in the blustering of social and political glory. you are you and you will find you, forget and find, the cycle.

    By amanda jean ott on 07.03.2008

  25. sometimes I wish I could forget things.
    at the moment I remember everything. that makes me reliable.I hate being the reliable one. it’s just another word for boring isn’t it?

    By hp5al on 07.03.2008

  26. Something happened to me once which involved something which seemed to be a little like the thing which I once saw on the internet but only a little and it didn’t hurt and nobody really saw it and afterwards I didn’t tell anyone so now I’ve forget the details.

    By Elgan on 07.03.2008

  27. How could I forget you? You were the first person who understood me better than I understood myself, and frightened me with your knowledge. You were a part of my best and worst memories, you’re the one who knows me best, still, and try as I might I haven’t been able to forget you for more than a few hours at a time since the day we decided we’d be better off trying to forget.

    By Rae on 07.03.2008

  28. I can’t. I’ve tried. I can’t forget. I wish I could forget. I would love to forget. I need to forget. i want to forget your face. i want to forget your eyes. I want to forget that i’m married. i want to forget everything that’s happened between us. i want to forget the pain meeting you has caused. and with that, the joy it’s brought me too. i want to forget September 7, 2007.

    By A. on 07.03.2008

  29. Every day I think I’m forgeeting more. The time of my dentist appointment. What I did on Friday night, when it’s only Monday. My parents’ aniversary or some sweet memory from childhood that I kept with me like a favorite toy and now has been lost. Where do the memories go? I often wonder if I’m getting alzheimers. I think my grandmother had that.

    By Linda on 07.03.2008

  30. Don’t forget to water your plants.
    Don’t forget your dearest friends.
    Don’t forget your future plans.
    I wont forget my dearest friend who was layed to rest behind the bend.

    By shalimar on 07.03.2008

  31. I wish I could. The pain that wracked my heart rending soul from flesh…contorting my world into a crumpled, empty page from a pathetic book. It is a book we all read based on fairy tales and cultural lies. I would forget if I could.

    By JO on 07.03.2008

  32. finally forgetting this silly infatuation which has lasted for 3 years, which i should i have spent meeting new people. i’m forgetting and moving on, a cliche thing to say, but for reals. it’s interfered with too many relationships and it has caused to many problems, i’m done :)
    i think of how my life could have been so much better had i forgotten sooner, how things could have worked out, but no regrets, i’m happy with the way things have turned out and i better know myself, and what i want.
    i’m over it.

    By ajo on 07.03.2008

  33. don’t forget
    what you were supposed to do!
    why do you ask me that question?
    I don’t know the answer
    or what it is
    when did the time run out?
    I can’t remember the way that you think
    maybe we could love?

    No way!

    By Jenealia on 07.03.2008

  34. How could I forget? I knew when it was. Two days before my daughter’s. Three days before my fathers. I know you don’t care for birthdays, this one probably least of all. But it happened and I didn’t acknowledge it. I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly. I knew it was coming and then I dropped the ball when it mattered. I offer my belated wishes: Happy Twenty-Tenth birthday. You don’t look a day over nineteen.

    By Brenna on 07.03.2008

  35. Crap. I forget where I left that key. Lately, I forget to do some basic things like eat…or get dressed in the morning. I worry that it’s a brain disease or overuse of psychedelics. But, honestly, I think it’s because I just can’t be bothered to pay attention.

    By missPamela on 07.03.2008

  36. Forget. Forgot. Forgotten.
    Some things are easy to forget but hard to remember.
    She was forgotten.
    She was left behind.
    She was never remembered.
    Forget. Forgot. Forgotten.

    By Marcedes on 07.03.2008

  37. i never will, what you’ve engraved onto my heart…into my soul. you’ve made your mark…i touch it fondly everyday…thankful that you chose me to leave it with…hoping you won’t forget me…too.

    By chansgirl on 07.03.2008

  38. pain and rain used to lay with me. where agony rested on my breast. anxiety and fear and trepidation accompanied my sun. but love…like seed allows me to forget the hurt and rise with the stem of a flower long toiling.

    By cjstar on 07.03.2008

  39. Why does it seem
    I’m the only one
    who hasn’t forgotten
    I remember
    everything you whispered
    everything you said
    that caused my heart to rip
    in two
    Why is it everyone else
    always forgets
    I’ll never forget
    I swear I’ll never forget
    the day you killed me
    the day my world
    crumbled beneath my feet
    the day you told me
    you loved me.

    By Molly on 07.03.2008

  40. im really forgetfull hollie’s worse than me though. id like to forget some things. things i regret.

    By sophie on 07.03.2008