July 3rd, 2008 | 102 Entries

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102 Entries for “forget”

  1. Anchors hang from this floating carcass, each dug deep into the ocean floor. Buried beneath layers, they are stored for later use. Time heals all wounds?

    By Arthur Cain on 01.01.1970

  2. How could you possibly forget what day it was? I wrote it on the fridge, on the wall, on your forehead, how could you POSSIBLY forget? I left you notes and messages and little cranes made out of paper so you wouldn’t forget but you DID. I knew it. I fucking knew it.

    Next week you take the garbage out on time or you die.

    By Ing on 01.01.1970

  3. What? Who? Why doesn’t anything make sense? I thought I told you, I know I did, but why are we all here? This is a mess? How could you have let this happen? What are we doing? Wait. What happened anyway? Were we talking? What’s this about? Why can’t you remember?

    By Mig on 01.01.1970

  4. “The real reason why we all exist.”

    I forget.

    By jayvee f. on 01.01.1970

  5. I don’t remember whats going on. uhmmm. when you can’t recall, and things dont make much sense anymore. it happens when you drink. it also happens in real life. submit.

    By laura clontz on 01.01.1970

  6. i like to forge t the things i think are the things i need to forget. but later i realized that all that i truly need to forget is how embarassed i feel, how bad those thoughts and memories had made me react, and move on to remember. to remember is to truly forget, and to forget is to not know who you are. and where you came from.

    By abbey gail on 01.01.1970

  7. I never will. It’s been scarred into my flesh. Forgetfullness is an admission of defeat. Forgiveness may be divine, but forgetting is weakness. It means you never learned. It may as well be an invitation for others to wrong you as you’ve been wronged before. A revolving door for thieves.

    By scarred on 01.01.1970

  8. memory’s an elusive thing. we try hard not to forget because to forget is to lose our identity. forgetting is fear. forgetting is the absence of everything we’ve ever accrued in our lives. our husbands, our wives, our high school achievements, our first scar, our first kiss, our last birthday. to forget is to lose track of what it meant to have lived your life. it’s why alzhiemer’s scares more people than cancer. because cancer just takes a person away. alzheimer’s takes a life away. a personality.

    By serleth on 01.01.1970

  9. I always forget stuff. I’m bad at that sort of thing. I’m great on tests at remembering things, but my cell phone? Dammit. Glasses? Where the fuck are they? I don’t get how my brain works like this.

    By Alex Burns on 01.01.1970

  10. I forgot what I was supposed to be doing.. writing about forget I guess? I once forget my mind.. lost it perhaps.. I kind of like this idea of writing about forget for sixty seconds. It makes me .. forget .. what I was supposed to be doing prior to writing about forget. Hmm. It probably involved work of some description. So I’m getting paid for a minute to write about one word – forget.

    By Lillian on 01.01.1970

  11. i forget how it feels to not
    think about him. i am now.
    i wonder if there has been one
    day since the end that i havent
    thought about him. everyday i think
    “HEH, NOT TODAY” but of course just
    thinking that counts as thinking
    of him. i will never know. but
    i do like thinking of the other.

    By ?? on 01.01.1970

  12. It had been entirely too long since the accident. Everyone had changed and nothing was the way it should be. He turned to the mirror and starred at the image reflected back at him and turned back over with tears in his face. Why had something like this happened to him and when would the constant reminder go away. It wasn’t fair. Life was supposed to be something easy. Slipping into a deep depressive sleep the boy tried to remember better times.

    By Sean O'Hara on 01.01.1970

  13. forget where it comes from

    By buddha on 01.01.1970

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    By truleefrea on 01.01.1970

  15. Why do we as humans choose to forget our past experiences. there is something about the past that we need to remember, be it failures or successes. Then again, the ability to forget things in our pasts and move into a more productive future is an ability that should not be taken lightly. Then there are the minor things we forget because we are morally bankrupt creatures.

    By John Giachetta on 01.01.1970

  16. once there was a girl who forgot her birthday. she grew old and wrinkled but never did she fall in spirit. young is what i am and young is all I’ll be. great happiness can come from forgetting.

    By Summer on 01.01.1970

  17. I forgot what it was like to look into the eyes of the man I loved. His deep, dark eyes penetrated my soul and all I could think was how much I’d missed him. After that, HOT COFFEE!
    The same color as his eyes, he drank the coffee slowly, still staring at me. He is so smokin’ hot. Too like the coffee.
    Oh, no. I’m looking at my coffee. Look at him.

    By Genevieve on 01.01.1970

  18. unthoughtful

    By Salvindra Narayan on 01.01.1970

  19. Don’t forget. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget to wash your hands. Don’t forget your keys. Don’t forget to eat. Don’t forget to feed the cat. Don’t forget me.

    By Leana on 01.01.1970

  20. Forget about what you have done. There’s nothing more to think about. It’s gone, it’s behind you now. Forget everything and anything about it. Leave the tears of pain upon your face to dry. Some things you will remember. But this you forget.

    By xXwolvenspireXx on 01.01.1970

  21. I had a dream this morning that I’d rather forget. I think it was because of the large curry dish my girlfriend and I ate at 10p last night. I guess I’ll add that to my list of things not to eat before bed. Right up there with pickles. Oh… and sourkraut.

    By Lucas Martell on 01.01.1970

  22. a feeling that you have to use in order to not think of any negative factor that may cause what u dont want to remember

    By aya on 01.01.1970

  23. To forgive and forget is what people always say you should do to recover from getting hurt. You can always forgive, but you will never forget. The word has a meaning that is an action of the mind, a mental action that cannot be done. The word means the same as Impossible.

    By Senchii on 01.01.1970

  24. forgeting something shouldnt be done. the things that you cant get out of your mind the first few days, are meant to be thought about, and meant to be there. forgive, but not forget, because dont ever forget the pain something has ever caused you before. people never forget, even if they dont mention it after a while, it’s still in the back of their minds, and you know that it’ll always be there.

    By anonymous j on 01.01.1970

  25. forget…I wish I could forget the last year and all the pain it has brought me. But to do that would mean that I would also be forgetting the last seven and half years and all the joy and

    By Lalou on 01.01.1970

  26. green is the color of forgetfulness.
    i’ve forgotten what i was going to add to that.

    By stellalunatik on 01.01.1970

  27. I awoke grogilly, peering round the room not knowing where I was.. or who I was for that matter. Looking around the dingy room I found myself in, I noted the mouldering curtains, single filthy bed I was lying on and the boarded up solitary window.

    By Claire Cornell on 01.01.1970

  28. Forget is something that a lot of people would lije to do but its something that scares me more than anything else. One day I won’t be able to remember the happiness that little things can create and then I’ll be a grown up. Worse, I’ll be an old grown up. With Alzheimers.

    By Lorna Nicol on 01.01.1970

  29. How would I forget this word? So meaningful. For get(ing) something? To get something?
    I fear my play on words isn’t making sense for a native English. I am French, so my writing is just some babbling.

    By PhiLho on 01.01.1970

  30. forget?
    I forget how i feel about the word, forget.

    Forget tends to be quite an emotional word actually. People wish to forget of things they do not like to think about.

    Although I like to think of it as forgive and forget :) its a great way to go. Don’t forget her anniversary though ^^

    By Stranger on 01.01.1970

  31.’s what I seem to be doing a lot of these days. Old age, the fact that I’ve given up caffeine, the fact that these days I find myself caring less and less about what I’m doing. It’s too easy to “forget”. I’m lucky I’ve been able to get away with it so far. Hopefully I change my views.

    By eye4photo on 01.01.1970

  32. i can’t forget how much i love you, how much you meant to be… how much you still mean to me. Forgetting you, would mean for me to stop loving you and that will never happen. You were the best thing ever for my life and my memories. I don’t know how to experience my future without you. I love you daddy.

    By sweetie on 01.01.1970

  33. I could not really think of the last time I had seen her. I had forgotten. Just forgotten. But her curly hair, her smile, her legs kept running into my mind, and this did not stop until I found myself at her door. Waiting for her smile

    By Salvatore on 01.01.1970

  34. forgetting you is like forgetting to breath…if I do-I am dead

    By M2M on 01.01.1970

  35. I wish I could forget the turmoils and troubles of everyday life, but if I did so, I’d lose the most important bits of my lifestyle as well. Without them, even the most wonderful things in the world would lose their shine as well.

    By coriolis on 07.03.2008

  36. Forget. I forget your name as often as I remember it. You don’t come around like you used to, back when things were good and love was new.

    Now, seeing you takes a minute. What is your name? I fear to forget it over and over again. Never shall I see the face and recall the name instantly.

    Who are you again?

    I can’t remember you for the life of me.

    By AJ Brown on 07.03.2008

  37. tough, these days, not to let words slip your mind, when so many get thrown at you in a split second. Driving throught the streets, I realise that many of the impressions, just pass by me. Never even reaching my full attention.

    By Peter De Rop on 07.03.2008

  38. it is never a pleasant time to let you go. the sound of your voice. the intensity of your depth. the time is near. I cannot let you go. The past that reacts to my every thought. I can not tell this from the present. Lost in you. lost in us.

    By Val on 07.03.2008

  39. Forget wheat you see. Forget what you know. This is reality; this is where dreams begin, as you sleep in your bed, your pillow upon what you think is reality, and your dreams nothing more than figments of your imagination.


    Your world is the dream, and what you dream is reality. Forget your world, rely on my words. I am more than a dream figure; I am YOU in the DREMAING.

    Let me takcontrol

    By John Miller on 07.03.2008

  40. dont remember me for one second.
    i’m just a dash on your computer screen,
    i’m just a flicker on your television.
    I’ll be the horse i the field whilst your sat on the train.
    Dont remember me, numb your memory and your sensory.
    grasp at something else for once
    and just forget.

    By ele on 07.03.2008