April 21st, 2011 | 473 Entries

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473 Entries for “foreign”

  1. Some days I wish I could just leave this USA of ours, and go to some foreign land and begin a new life and see what blooms in those new chapters of my life.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.22.2011

  2. I am not a native citizen of this generation. I feel out of place among the cell phones and iPads and insane crazy technology. I am 16, yet I am a stranger to my own generation. I am foreign to my own friends…

    By kara.grace URL on 04.22.2011

  3. I was in a foreign neighbourhood. The fences looked nothing like the ones I always saw at home. These ones were tall, much taller than I. Back at home, the fences were all waist high so we were able to greet our neighbours from the other side.

    By Sarah on 04.22.2011

  4. other countries different faces different not weird just different from another place another country another city across the border across the ocean different but not weird new foreign

    By anna URL on 04.22.2011

  5. (this is the same word)

    anyway, let me go on about my rose-colored forest.

    This center, given it’s foreboding surroundings, is completely undiscovered. And magical things are often very undiscovered, so this center is especially magical.
    It is inhabited by goblins. Goblins with gnarled, bony hands and long, thin, mean looking faces. Their eyes slant – bright green – on their faces, and their mouths are turned into an angry grimace. They wear clothing of rich velvet and gold, with silver buttons, and they eat squirrels that they catch with their bear hands.

    By Anna Winslow URL on 04.22.2011

  6. Foreign looks kind of like eight and it makes me think of number I don’t know why. My mom came from poland. She’s foreign then I think. My mom makes good food. I’m kinda of hungry. Dangit I meant to put kind of not kinda of. This is taking forever. I wonder how long 60 seconds takes.

    By nikki on 04.22.2011

  7. A far away place. Don’t know much about it. Amazin food. Cool Places

    By Amanda on 04.22.2011

  8. its like the people that arent us. not just non americans, but anything outside of your own phsyce or whatever. im foreign to you, and your foreign to me. i spelled too many words wrong, but they’re foreign to me, so whatever. accept foregnity. it rocks. <3.

    By Gabs on 04.22.2011

  9. I am foreign. It feels strange, being foreign to a world that you’ve known for so long.

    By B. on 04.22.2011

  10. I feel foreign in my own country now. In my own street and my own house. I can’t turn back the clock but how I wish I could. All of those looks and smiles and words were wasted but I thought I was doing the right thing. Mostly I just sit in my living room now watching this strange new world through the grey net curtains and wish that I hadn’t said what I did.

    By Sazzle on 04.22.2011

  11. I like the French because they brought all sorts of wonderful things to our country like bread, kissing, and the Statue of Liberty. I like my friend Remi because he is French. Well that’s not the only reason, but it helps.

    By Kevin Garcia on 04.22.2011

  12. accents, sexy, exotic, crazy, skiers, party, fancy, strange, weird, different, sophisticated, better, wild, demeaning, high class, poor, weird food, different countries/planets, good music, good cars, pussies, superior, nutty, aliens, extranjeros, different languages

    By george on 04.22.2011

  13. There are foreign exchange students at our school. One is sophie, one is cret one I don`t kn ow her name they are all more popular than me because they are forien.

    By niki on 04.22.2011

  14. Foreign politics…an oxymoron. DO they call it politics in foreign countries or do they have another name? I don’t know…maybe it’s somethign I need to research. Also, why are the french so rude? When I see the word foreign I think of the steriotypical french man in a striped shirt and little black hat who is cussing me out in french because I got in his way, “Excuse moi, you fookin’ beeesh!” WHy don’t they like Americans??

    By Emily Aschle on 04.22.2011

  15. I don’t know those people – I don’t understand them. They are different. Not like me. I’m afraid of them. They don’t do things the right way. I don’t feel comfortable around them and I wish they would all just go away. Sure, they make nice desserts, and they bring them here in their nice little North Americanized shops, but that’s all I want. I’m normal. They aren’t.

    By Eric on 04.22.2011

  16. Foreign guys are so much better than the guys you can get in your own home country. They’re refined, cultured, and have completely different experiences than you do so you can talk about literally anything. European boys are the best because they were raised to become independent thinkers and not depend on their mothers. I mean American boys can’t stand up for themselves nor think for themselves.

    By Linzibee URL on 04.22.2011

  17. Am I foreign? Or am I a native? I was born in the US; I carry a US passport, grew up here for nine years. When I’m in Taiwan, then, I am foreign. Kind of. But then I come back again… and I am foreign. So where do I truly lie?

    By Falenie URL on 04.22.2011

  18. where excitment is met as you learn something new.newfound love.refreshing. the smell of garlic roasting on the stove, cooking something new, not forgotten but savored and revisited.

    By daniella on 04.22.2011

  19. He was from a far off land and therefore was foreign to this new land. He did not understand the traditions and odd ways of the people here. They confused him. Being a foreigner was not easy. When he got home, he decided, he would ask papa of the ways of the people. Perhaps then he could make some friends at his new school instead of sittig alone.

    By Sky URL on 04.22.2011

  20. My best friend, She’s flying to a foreign country, I’m happy that she’s gonna see a place I’ve always wanted to be. She’s flying there, for ten days her I won’t see, she’s flying at 10:00 p.m., then when she’s gone I won;t talk to her until the next time her I see. the day went by well, thinking how amazing for it’s going to be, until the moment I got a chance to sit back from work, and I realized, how alone I already feel. I almost cried, for I had told her before I’d fallen for her, and i knew thats not how she wanted it to be. My love’s flying to a foreign country, I don’t know when her I will see, In a moment of despair I told her I’ll miss her a lot, that I love her, and I wished I hadn’t, for her lack reaction to that was foreign to me.

    By unkitjc URL on 04.22.2011

  21. Good or bad? Foreign substances can inflame or excite. Inspire hatred born of fear or attraction born of mystery. I’ll take foreign over domestic any day.

    By closets URL on 04.22.2011

  22. foreign is kind of scary at times. but when i’m able to be courageous enough to try something foreign; new; different; it’s exciting, and i usually have great fun. foreign is exotic, and more interesting. foreign is meeting new people and having new perspectives.

    By Karissa on 04.22.2011

  23. It seems foreign, the taffeta waves, the rouse point blues, the shining glintz, the tea cup roses… Yesterdays were so crammed with grindstone nosing, deafening door buzzers, crazy neighbor ladies, and piss in the hall that these surrounding glories are off-putting. Fark the royal this and that! We’ll get married in the dungeon, eat fricassee rat au jus, get drunk on fermented mold spores, run demented through the castle halls until our warts fall off! What sayest thou, my middling ton love?

    By Miss Alister URL on 04.22.2011

  24. and this is what it means to be totally new, totally uncomfortable, and know nothing else but the stuff you had filled yourself with before getting there. you hope you were right about what you knew before.

    By Foram on 04.22.2011

  25. Mali couldn’t look back. It wouldn’t do her any good. She knew she was alone but she just couldn’t shake the feeling of someone watching her. Mali knew it was probably just nerves, after all she wasn’t home, she didn’t even have home anymore. Everything was new to her, nothing was normal. It was to foreign for her to comprehend or even function properly.

    By cerri URL on 04.22.2011

  26. Feign the foreign force and features.

    By Marianne URL on 04.22.2011

  27. like a foreign film. vising a foreign country. Both things not generally done my me but certainly would love to do. It’s a little scary though. Foreign means to me to be different, or odd, or unknown.

    By Lorraine Schiano on 04.22.2011

  28. Mexican guest workers come to mind. the increasing pace of the economy. since the industrial revolution capitalism when will something else come mercantilism an example in a way it was a development pipe dreams free association is cool.

    By C. on 04.22.2011

  29. People from outside of this country and/or their own country are foreign. Also, it can have a generally meaning of something which does not belong. Some people, do not belong in this world, therefor they are foreign. That is just the way things are and always will be.

    By Kitten on 04.22.2011

  30. I feel like I’m a visitor in a foreign land. I often find it hard to relate with others since we have such different backgrounds. But as I live and learn, I will not let that deter me from being a better person.

    By Jacques URL on 04.22.2011

  31. I went to Germany and for the first time I was the foreign one. All my life I had been around “foreigners”, people from all over, with al kinds of perspectives and all kinds of intersts and pasts, but in germany I was the weird one, the new one, the one who was different like that. I didn’t know how to handle it; I accused others of being weird, and secluded myself away from all the strangeness. Finallt I realized it wasn’t them who were weird, it was me.

    By Sparrow Magdalene on 04.22.2011

  32. There are a lot of places in this world. Some people don’t even realize the significance of a foreign place. The world is so small yet filled with so many big ideas and things. Even the smallest people can have a significant impact on the world. Hopefully in the future people will come to realize that and not just me…

    By Nio Tavares on 04.22.2011

  33. She seems so foreign. But I can only image what I look like to her. I smile, even though I know are species have different body language. We’ll have to learn each other’s non-verbal language. That’s what we are together for. Our leaders know one thing: if we can not communicate, we can not cooperate.

    By Kathrine Roid URL on 04.22.2011