June 9th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “fools”

  1. fools in love is the song that i think of when i hear this word. it reminds me of when i had absolutely no idea what that meant at all but i thought it was a song that struck a chord with me for whatever reason. it still does but now i have a better idea of what it means

    By JJ on 06.09.2013

  2. i h8 jalen so much and the rest of the ppl i no .so can i get away.they no nothing about life whatsoever.reality needs to hit them.thyre all caught up in materialization.prejustice against others.WHY?

    By Alli URL on 06.09.2013

  3. All of them were fools. Simple-minded, weak. Peasants. She was better than they were, she always had been. Yet they had forced her to kneel. She, who had done nothing but what she was told. She who had been tripped, she who had done nothing wrong. She bowed her head before them, but hated. She let her anger take hold, let the hatred grow.

    By Rhi on 06.09.2013

  4. Fools are everywhere as a child. All of the adults and their lack of seeing, blindness, foolishly taking what they can and doing what they will. There’s nothing like the perspective of a child. There’s nothing more knowledgeable.

    By Danaé on 06.09.2013

  5. Little snippets of songs have cast a long shadow and coloured my world in regards to you.:

    ” Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”
    “Only fools rsh in.”
    ” I can’t help myself I am fool in love with you”

    I have felt like this I have tried to ignore these feelings ro no avial.. My love for you graps a hold of me like steel fingers around my throat trying to suff out the life!

    By Tracey on 06.09.2013

  6. When I think about fools, I don’t think about the same fools that others do. April and idiots aside, I think of the fools in Renaissance times, and how they were meant to snap people back into reality, not sugar coat it. The fools were, in fact, the wise ones, meaning to imply that the wise ones were the fools.

    Whether or not they sang songs or wore bells is irrelevant: The fools I know are the fools I relate to. We tell the truth, and we giggle while doing so.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.09.2013

  7. Those fools, I think. They can’t see how beautiful she is. She’s utterly beautiful. Not a flaw. I love her more than anything in the world. They call her ugly, they yell and chant ugly things to her.

    By Kailey on 06.09.2013

  8. fools. we were fools to think that we could make this work, you know? i mean, it’s been a few months and i still have these flashbacks. i wake up thinking that your hand is resting on my waist or that i’m going to roll over and see you smirking back at me. goddamn it, we were such beautiful little fools. i can only hope never to be so foolish again, but i suppose that’s what love entails, doesn’t it?

    By margo on 06.09.2013

  9. They are such fools. They think That he loves her. But he doesn’t,he like like another boy. How can they not see it? He doesn’t love girls,he loves girls.

    By Alexis Dailey on 06.09.2013

  10. They are such fools. Look at them. Teasing her for something she cant control. She cant choose who she likes. She change who she is.

    By Alexis on 06.09.2013

  11. Fools- the first thought that comes to mind is the Shakespearian Fool, possibly because I spent the last four weeks reading and writing about King Lear until I was vomiting semi colons and quote marks. Next I think of how my dad always tells me off for saying ‘fool’, as if it is some sort of swear word… We came to the agreement that it’s completely acceptable if I say it like Mr T.

    By rosie on 06.09.2013

  12. lord, what fools these mortals be
    with their insistence to die until they live,
    their time intertwined like thorny vines

    By smnthbll on 06.09.2013

  13. There are fools among us. they surround us daily. sometimes they are we. Sometimes we do not live up to our full potential as intelligent human beings and fall for the foolishness that evades our lives. Fools among us, fools inside us, fools in love, fools in hate, fools in the streets, fools in the grave.

    By Kayla on 06.09.2013

  14. Most of the people in my school. Two-faced. Uncaring. Self-centered. Just, no… Why am I surrounded by them? I can’t deal with them for much longer…

    By LauRen on 06.09.2013

  15. fools dont mean to be follish. its just what they know. were all fools somtimes. which is why the people around us (the realists) bring us back to earth. without fools, the world greatest things would never come about, because fools… dare to dream. The fools of society also take part in unfortunate events. some fools are plain mad, causing tragities. some.. just confused. But no matter how foolish one may be, we must accept them for who they are.

    By Julia on 06.09.2013

  16. we are fools,
    To think that we could possibly last-
    We’re so different.
    you like this,
    I like that
    you want to
    and I don’t
    No one wants to see us together,
    and yet?
    we are.
    And it’s one of the utmost greatest things that has ever happened to me.
    you care for me.
    You have so much love.
    And you give so much love.
    Why do I feel so empty?
    ah, a work in progress…
    You’re trying to fix my heart.
    I hate everything that I just wrote.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 06.09.2013

  17. What were they thinking? Didn’t they see it coming? Now it’s too late. What will tomorrow bring? Is there another chance? As long as your living there’s hope.

    By Eric on 06.09.2013

  18. maybe we’re all fools.

    stupid, ignorant fools.

    but if we’re all fools,

    are any of us fools?

    and maybe, the very fact that we are fools,

    is what makes us just so beautiful.

    it makes us just so horrible, awful, stupid,

    yet somehow still so entirely beautiful.

    By maggie. on 06.09.2013

  19. Fools, you cannot get it right! You see the world through your lens outdated and continue to live in denial of new advancements and scientific progress and better schedules that would benefit everyone.

    Make that change, please. (I’d almost beg.)

    (I despise whoever thought it was a good idea to allow you people in power.)

    By YEsomebody on 06.09.2013

  20. Her smile is shark-like, carnivorous. She fools them with her charming laughter and bouncy blonde curls, her little pink dresses and affinity for anything pretty. She’s just waiting to lure them in close enough so she can take a bite.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.09.2013

  21. Society makes fools of us all – in the sense of a court jester dancing around, as his mad king laughs and cheers and japes. We who parade around with our masks brightly painted, a big smile plastered to our visage – painfully contorting our expressions to appease a crowd with similar contortions, our very souls disappearing behind walls of meaninglessness pleasantries – nous sont les fous de la monde. We are the fools of the world.

    By Catherine URL on 06.09.2013

  22. She laughed. “And what do you propose we would do if we lived together?”
    He gazed into her bright, glistening eyes – reflecting the wide toothy grin extending from both ears as if strung tightly from her earlobes. He gazed at her in wonder, mostly, but also a deep sense of warmth in her presence. His right hand reached up as if propelled from its own power to caress her cheek, reaching up to brush her bangs away from her eyes. “We’d do anything we wanted,” he said, and couldn’t help but to smile.

    By Catherine URL on 06.09.2013

  23. Fools, all of them. They sometimes went off to drink, coming back with stinking headaches. Adum was not a fool, and so when he went to drink, he drank sparingly…. unless he was feeling like a fool, in which case he drank everyone else under the table and then downed even more alcohol, just to make sure he’d have a headache so bad he’d swear never to drink ever again.

    It could become addictive, drinking. Ægata had not contacted him in years.

    By Maria URL on 06.09.2013

  24. Fools. There are so many in the world. Some are different than others. Some are harmless. The go about their daily lives, their heads forever stuck in the clouds. Some are more dangerous. They will find you. They will sweet talk you into trusting them. Then they will crush you, ruin you, break your heart.

    By Mary on 06.09.2013

  25. Fools lined up and cheered the leader who enslaved them all, as his convoy drove through the streets. In his open convertible as he waved to the fools who cheered. Then Carl’s leader gave him the nod and he aimed down the scope of his rifle. He slowed his breathing and steadied his aim. his finger found the trigger and he slowly applied pressure. The gun shot rang out, the rifle slammed into his shoulder, and he looked up to see where the bullet landed.

    By Alexx on 06.09.2013

  26. Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I’m the sort of fool that over-analyzes, over-thinks. I let my qualms and worries overtake me, consume me until I can’t make a move.

    By Ashi URL on 06.09.2013

  27. we are all fools
    at least we know it together
    sitting on the floor
    braiding each others hair
    with out insufficiencies
    and laughing
    at all the things we dont know
    and all the things we never

    we are all fools
    sitting cross legged
    as our toes reach down to the floor
    down to the
    dip in the cool

    By sevenwords on 06.09.2013

  28. They danced around him, mocking him by stretching their faces in weird expressions and making obscene noises. He looked down at the dirt beneath his knees. He wouldn’t let them see the hurt in his face that they were the cause of. He clenched his fists and jerked his head up. The look in his eyes stopped one of the men in their tracks. “I will have your heads!”

    By Kate URL on 06.09.2013

  29. they were all fools. people that believed in a higher god, knowing no such thing is possible. idiots and beggars looking for an excuse.

    what fools.

    you fools.

    im a fool

    By princekitty on 06.09.2013

  30. My whole life is a ship of fools.

    By A False Terl on 06.09.2013

  31. They were all content to play with their cellphones all the while we poisoned the land and the oceans.

    By A False Terl on 06.09.2013

  32. She asked her father about the microphone, and he responded angrily that the world was full of fools who would try to come between them, and that she should trust no one but him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.09.2013

  33. “Only fools rush in” the radio mumbled the old Sinatra song as the two friends looked off into the distance. This could have been their theme song. Feeling like fools they knew life would never be the same after last night.

    By Therese Fitzpatrick on 06.09.2013

  34. They are everywhere. People who think they are really smart and smarter than the rest of us, think they can get away with behaving the way they want to with arrogance, and being rude and disrespectful to others feelings, are actually the greatest fools of all ! They think they are laughing at some people, little do they realize the whole world will be laughing at them ! They think that humoring people is their birthright! They are fools! They have given themselves that right foolishly ! They deserve the title of fool!

    By Neerja on 06.09.2013

  35. Idiots uneducated unwise individuals decision-making

    By Boots on 06.09.2013

  36. Fools!
    All who enter must be a fool.
    OBVIOUSLY you’re stupid.
    Why am I even here? Maybe I’m stupid too.
    Why am I writing this? okay im almost out of time whats going on?

    By Jude on 06.09.2013

  37. They’re all fools. All of them. But that’s okay. What’s this world without fools? Nothing. We’re all fools. At some point in our lives. This is how we evolve. This is how we progress and advance. It’s the way of life.

    By Lynnie on 06.09.2013

  38. They’re all fools. All of them. The ones that put you down, the ones that convince you that there’s nothing good about you. The people who slow you down from doing the things you love. They’re ignorant fools, and it’s not your fault. Your flaws are stunning, and everything about you defines beautiful.

    By Kayla on 06.09.2013

  39. Fools are those who do not think?
    Or are the fools who do not realize
    What they are doing
    Or what they are thinking?

    Some say there are wise fools
    But they are still fools.
    Fools are who we are
    Because we always though we are wise enough.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.09.2013

  40. He was in love. She was in love. They worshipped the ground each other walked on. And they were fools for it. Because they couldn’t ever make it work. They would eventually look at each other and see that all those little things they hated and kept hidden had become all they saw, and they would resent each other for their own discontent.

    By Abby Kadabby on 06.09.2013