May 1st, 2011 | 537 Entries

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537 Entries for “fluorescent”

  1. the lights in all of the classrooms are fluorescent…leaving a cancerous glow among all of the children. Their skin looks sickly and their eyes like those of fishes, glassy and vacant.

    By Katie on 05.02.2011

  2. The lights dimmed. A faint glow lit its way across my skin. I squinted as I gazed up at its source; the fluorescent bulbs glared down at me, coming at my retinas like a hundred angry little hail stones.

    By Jared on 05.02.2011

  3. fluorescent is a word i find difficult to spell, there are always words i see often but find hard to spell. bulbs are being replaced by fluorescent lamps.

    By avinash on 05.02.2011

  4. the are many adolescents, especially when I was in grade 11who thought fluorescent clonthing was the bomg diggity. This is onlybecause they couldbe seen at night. They called it lumo. I f you ask me,its rather obscure wanting toglow in the dark, why not just brighten the room. oh well thats teenagers for you. they never really think things through logically but rather just go with the trends. I wore a white dress to onelumo party on 23 january 2010. i called it the cupcake dress. cos i looked like a cupcake when I wore it.

    By Hilary on 05.02.2011

  5. The beautiful flowers of the shimmering summer shone like the light of the dawn, the fluorescent colors of them lights the senses and stimulates your nose. Be happy you live today, for these flowers live for you.

    By Cecelia on 05.02.2011

  6. I hate fluorescent lights. They make everything look green, I remember having band concerts and in pictures we all look sickly. Just the way I wish to remember my youth. :-p They are exhausting, and so unlike natural light. I find them exhausting, but fluorescent colors are a completely different story!

    By Emily on 05.02.2011

  7. Fluorescent light-bulbs aren’t enough. Using them isn’t going to save our planet, but it is a step in the right direction.

    By Dacota URL on 05.02.2011

  8. light shining in dark, glowing, insects, clothes to wear in the dark for safety.

    By Karianne on 05.02.2011

  9. light (lightbulb) clear

    By yiolluiljkl URL on 05.02.2011

  10. Fluorescent bulbs hummed dully in the background. The library was quiet enough at 3am to enable you to hear them over the sound of your own studying. Or maybe he was losing his mind?

    By Vair URL on 05.02.2011

  11. My light
    a chasing
    in fog
    a longing
    to see
    a yearning to know
    I know you shimmer
    I can see You in the yellow birds eye
    You are here
    I am waiting
    Hear me now

    By Natalie on 05.02.2011

  12. candles dripping their fragrence onto flowers of irridescent noses, sniffing, searching, seeking the perfume. Smell made visual, vibrant and loud.

    By Blorn URL on 05.02.2011

  13. So there are these fluorescent fish. You know which ones I mean? They swim in fluorescent water and under fluorescent lamps, but nothing’s as fluorescent as the fish themselves. And there’s possibly a point to this somewhere, but also possibly not.

    By Hatsuzora URL on 05.02.2011

  14. sup its d

    By taylor on 05.02.2011

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    By taylor on 05.02.2011

  16. I quickly changed the lighting setting from fluorescent to sunny. I finally had walked out side my door to see spring unveiling the beauty of nature. I took a deep breathe of the fresh air. Ah, this is the life.

    By laughalot on 05.02.2011

  17. the screen
    its fluorescent
    gosh, like a glass
    in sunlight
    prisming over
    the wine
    and clowing
    is my color.

    By glory sasikala on 05.02.2011