April 30th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “clover”

  1. this is a type of grass leaf thing that you find in the ground and if they have four leaves then they are good luck, but are extreamly hard to find. i have found a four leaf clover before, actually several times at camp, but somehow i always manage to lose them and i never get to keep them.

    By elly Blum on 05.01.2011

  2. I laid in the dewy grass and picked apart the clover in front of me. I was thinking about how far my life had come, and how much farther it could go if I just let go. That’s when I sat up and set down the clover; for I had an idea.

    By laughalot on 05.01.2011

  3. Clovers are pretty, I like clovers. They make me think of Ireland, and I’m Irish. Clovers are green. They’re plants. I don’t know if they’re edible, they might be poisonous, I doubt they are, but they could be, who knows? I like clovers, did I already say that? I think I did. Clovers… Yes. Okay. Um… Clovers.

    By Breana on 05.01.2011


    By Nani on 05.01.2011

  5. een klaver is een klaver ja dat weet toch iedereen, je kan er je wensen bij uitspreken, maar je kan ook het klavertje voor goodluck in je navel proppen.
    zo doe hier maar wat mee.

    By ezra on 05.01.2011

  6. Clover again? that’s boring. Is there no other word on the site? Wait I will check when I’m done writing this. Sorry if I make any mistakes English is my foiurth language.

    By Nani on 05.01.2011

  7. Clovers are green plants that grow..pretty much everywhere.
    I associate clovers with St. Patricks day and Spring. With gold, rainbows, beer, leprechauns, Irish, flowers, grass, and sunshine.

    By Elly URL on 05.01.2011

  8. 4 leaf clover!! Luck?

    By Pin xiu URL on 05.01.2011

  9. Now I get the exercise. My uncle once bought clover honey. My father loves honey so he was delighted. Later my uncle’s fiance bought one for my father.

    By Nani on 05.01.2011

  10. Her hair was a luscious shade of red, rich curls brushing the hollows of her collarbone. And behind her ear, as he’ll never forget, was a clover. A small one. It matched her eyes and she looked beautiful.

    By Summer Wayland URL on 05.01.2011

  11. clovers are lucky. I’ve never found a four leaf clover. I used to take the ones with three leaves and peel them apart to make it look like a four leaf clover. I was the unlucky one.

    By Callan on 05.01.2011

  12. Crimson loved you. I have always enjoyed you in my honey. You contain the Lover, and the overwhelming knowledge of it being over.

    By Sebastian Derosia on 05.01.2011

  13. You see, I was walking down the road and I saw a clover that looked like Sylvia Plath’s ego, which as you can perceive, is rather large, so I picked it up and tossed it at Mrs. Villareal’s homework and then she came out of the sky with her hairspray parachute and threatened to have to grade all of the vokeeb, but I greatly declined it and told her to walk away with any sort of justice she may have – thank you very much. She gave me the look of some sort of demonic substance, her face melting into a rather candle-wax looking structure, touching herself in various places not mentioned in Romeo and Juliet (we must remember that we do not approve of such material to be discussed here), nor within her own personal diary. She is nothing of a prostitute. She is a unskilled nurse.

    By Mr. Perryman URL on 05.01.2011

  14. It was a beautiful spring day. The grass was green and the sun shining. I was walking through the field when I suddenly saw the first clover blooming of the year. It brought a smile to my face. There’s so much that doesn’t touch me anymore, after seeing so much pain and sadness all across the world. But this simple, purple flower of this little clover plant made a tiny spark. It really is the tiniest things that can make your day bright.

    By Tylena on 05.01.2011

  15. four leaf, green one
    your face reaching upward
    swaying in the summer sun
    joy of life flowing from the earth
    please never stop loving

    By Alagretta on 05.01.2011

  16. Her dark hair was luscious, red curls brushing the hollows of her collarbone. The clover he’d given her was slipped behind an ear, its green matching her eyes.
    She looked absolutely beautiful.

    By Summer URL on 05.01.2011

  17. Running through the field, the smell of wild flowers springs up from around my feet. I should slow down, look for that four-leaf clover, because I could use a little luck right now. But the sun beckons and the land reaches out around me. Run, run, run! Luck will find itself.

    By Christine URL on 05.01.2011

  18. Her hair was a luscious shade of red, rich curls brushing the hollows of her collarbone. And behind her ear, a simple accessory, nothing complex: a clover. Its four leaves sprawled against her hair, rustling as she walked.

    By Summer URL on 05.01.2011

  19. There once was a little clover that grew in a field next to many beautiful flowers and the green grass blended into his skin. He had many brothers and sisters who loved to dance next to him.

    By Erin on 05.01.2011

  20. Green fields cover your view as far as you can see. An ocean of color bright and vibrant. You run down the hill till you are in the midst of the field and lie down among it’s waves. With a closer look you see that the whole sea of green that you behold is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny clover. So you pick one and put it in your pocket as a reminder that where many small things come together, great beauty can be the result.

    By Gabriel Dahlke URL on 05.01.2011

  21. Four leaf clover. I have found one of these once It was on the forth of July at my Tia Lupe’s house. I found it and showed my Grandmother and she put it in a safe place for me but I never saw it again.

    By Demilia on 05.01.2011

  22. i have never found a four leaved clover but I have always wanted to as I hear it can bring you great luck.

    By sarah on 05.01.2011

  23. On friday I was walking in from gym and someone found a four leaf clover. Of course he was lying which shattered my dreams. Jerk face.

    By Lauren URL on 05.01.2011

  24. sweet and inspiring with alcoves and holes, hide in it, don’t get stung, or hurt by those within whom you confide. It’s yellow- bright and compassionate and easy to fall into. But it’s sticky as well so don’t get too stuck in.

    By menucha on 05.01.2011

  25. green, sweet, childhood, kids. A four leaf clover, something I didn’t think existed beyond the 4-H logo until I found one for a scavenger hunt for 4-H.

    By bailey settle on 05.01.2011

  26. Clovers are beautiful. they just sit there. green as can be. i love them because theyre lucky. they make me think about god. the holy trinity. something more than what we are. clovers are more than what we are. theyre symbols. beautiful green symbols.

    By megan on 05.01.2011

  27. Luck, some people have it more than others. Someone gave me a clover once, four leaves, his name was Nick. I kept that clover in a journal, but I may have lost it. I will check when I get home to see if I have it. I am not superstitious, I don’t believe in luck from clovers.

    By Alex on 05.01.2011

  28. A clover is a green plant which usually comes quite small. Some people believe that a four leaved clovers give you good luck.

    By Barney on 05.01.2011

  29. It is these nights, that such visions palpitate within my mind,
    of walking in such clover fields, unconfined.
    Alluring emerald cities, with thy youthful eye,
    Seem thin- until thy sharp gaze meets
    The four leaves, for which I came.

    By leah URL on 05.01.2011