October 10th, 2009 | 275 Entries

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275 Entries for “wag”

  1. The dog ran up to Shin and barked, bowing to her playfully. Shin almost laughed, instead tossing the red rubber ball across the tarmac. “Go get it, Kasai!”

    When the shiba inu had gone, she turned to Alex at her side. “She’s really playful. I never would have guessed that she was so energetic…”

    Alex nodded and looked down at her from his perch on top of the bus.

    By Megan on 10.11.2009

  2. the dog wagged its tail in a happy manor while its owner gave him bountiful treats for its good behavior on the walk.

    By alexyss on 10.11.2009

  3. wag your tail, puppy. lick my face, i know you love me. you are the puppy i want. with your wagging tail, and your soft puppy fur, i want you to be mine(;

    By (; on 10.11.2009

  4. i really dont know what this word means… but is it similar to the word wagon?

    i was really glad stumble introduced this word to me… now im gonna check the dictionary.

    By marlon on 10.11.2009

  5. I have three dogs and they are my life. One of my dogs had a litter of 3 puppys. I remember my dad bringing them in to get there tails cut because there poodles and that the “standard look” for them. Being so young then, I thought their whole tail cut compeltly. I thought i would never see them wag their tails again…

    By Kerri on 10.11.2009

  6. to take on all teh consequences of doings

    By Bejoy on 10.11.2009

  7. Cats wag their tails when they are seriously unhappy about something. Dogs wag their tails when they are happy. Is it any wonder that they do not get along? Talk about mis-translation.

    By Kenny on 10.11.2009

  8. His tail wagged. Stopped. Wagged. Stopped. Then he looked in the mirror at his yellow, luminescent eyes in the mirror admiringly. He felt like howling because it was going to be a very special day: a date with his friend Gloria. The most popular girl in all of the school.

    By Gouldin Lion on 10.11.2009

  9. Dogs, happy dogs.

    By Anonymous on 10.11.2009

  10. Like a dog. Tail between your legs. Searchin for a little bit of sympathy to fuel an everlasting hunger.

    By shonalou on 10.11.2009

  11. He is such a wag. Always talking and pontificating on such nonsense. People are drawn to him because it looks like he knows something.

    By Chris G on 10.11.2009

  12. Stop wagging that tail at me! I know you just got into mischeif! What did you do now!? I see that wag! Oh NO! You ate the turkey! Whatever shall we do!

    By Tobi on 10.11.2009

  13. wag, motion that a dig makes with its tale in order to display pleasure or happiness. Back and forth motion of a dogs tail

    By Anonymous on 10.11.2009

  14. Dog,tail,love,affection,beg,cat,running,loving,

    By Bob Gorger on 10.11.2009

  15. i was just wondering how waggy you were feeling today? wag is such a weird word that means anything you want! it could me happy, sad, hot or cold. when you are feeling waggy it could be almost anything in the world. dont think about stupid words just wag.

    By juliaAnderson on 10.11.2009

  16. wag penis

    By joe on 10.11.2009

  17. The dog wagged its tail and looked at its rescuer gratefully. It had soulful brown eyes with a well of expression in them. It twitched its ears a little, as if to say, I know you’ll take me home. The man looked at the dog thoughtfully and laughed.

    By pri on 10.11.2009

  18. One word for “Consequences of our doings”

    By Bejoy on 10.11.2009

  19. Like a pendulum, Bailey’s tail…back, forth, back, forth in strokes of happiness.

    By Susie Q on 10.11.2009

  20. Wag? I don’t even know what to say to that.
    The dog wag’s it’s tail right? I guess I could say that. BUt this is a gay prompt, how can I wright anything about a waging tail? The tail could knock over something…

    By Kaytee Amattea on 10.11.2009

  21. Back and forth. He speaks to me. I feel the resonating timber of her voice. Her empathy reaches down through my mind and into my body. Excitement like a bolt of lightning shoots through me to my tail…and it wags.

    By C.J. on 10.11.2009

  22. the dog. don’t think just write. It’s an animal movement. I like to see women wag their tails, I concede. Playful, unassuming. end is near.

    By Anonymous on 10.11.2009

  23. not again. second time, same wag staring at me. I’ve had someone was their finger at me, and I didn’t appreciate it. My dog will wag his tail, and I do appreciate it.

    By Matt on 10.11.2009

  24. the dog sat and wagged his tail. such love, how could such a creature still love and love and love some more. she sat heartbroken, he had taken it and shred it up and spat on it, or so it felt. her only comfort was friday, and he wagged his tail and looked up at her lovingly.

    By claire on 10.11.2009

  25. Wag your tail. Wag your tail. Dogs do it. Cats can to I guess. So can humans, if they wanted to. They jut don’t have a tail to wag, so they’d have to ‘wag’ their buttox. I guess. I don’t know. Weird. This is lame.

    By Darrel. on 10.11.2009

  26. The dog didnt have the ability to be happy, Bonzo, was a depressed pup. The runt in the litter and just couldnt ever get excITED

    By Rich on 10.11.2009

  27. what is a wag? maybe the beginning of the word “wagon”, maybe the end of some other word. everything’s so relative. even the meaning of the word “relative”. like, for example, your father, your cousin, your nephew or grandma. I never liked my family anyways. who wants to talk about it? not me, certainly. i just wanna go home. like, rite now.

    By Me on 10.11.2009

  28. i don not have any wag left in my memory. courtships and sailors never define wag as a usefull thing anyway. everything i think about is based upon my inner reactions from the society! while I loev dark places, the society tells me they are awfull and not a place to find peace. why is it like that? its just shitty you know? its plain shit. i dont like society.. seriously.

    By Espen on 10.11.2009

  29. the dog was walking and then it saw a dasiling female dog it started wagging its tail and barking.

    By frank on 10.11.2009

  30. the dog wagged its tail

    By Anonymous on 10.11.2009

  31. Whenever my dog spots me, she wags her tail. I can tell when she’s in a good mood because it only takes me walking by to get her little tail twitching. It makes me feel loved and important. She’s the cutest. And I love her just as much as she loves me.

    By Liane on 10.11.2009

  32. tail end of the scope the project the happiness begins here or ends something else to come along and induce a tuck, no wag. balance. remember it. go back to it. always.

    By shani tulani on 10.11.2009

  33. its what a doggys tail does when he happy. It is also a term for a footballers wife or girlfriend. its a strange little word!!

    By les on 10.11.2009

  34. wife and girlfreind

    By andythrobber on 10.11.2009

  35. wag

    By lalal on 10.11.2009