February 15th, 2012 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “flirt”

  1. valentines day
    attention seekers

    By Tara on 02.16.2012

  2. valentines day
    air-head blondes
    pick up lines
    hearts in texts

    By Ashley Morris on 02.16.2012

  3. cute, boyfriend, girl, boy, talkative, smile, happy, laughing, love, attractive,

    By Marie on 02.16.2012

  4. Ladies




    you know those guys who like break it down into a science?
    They’re kind of weird

    Pick up Artists or whatever…kinda stupid

    I think that you don’t need “techniques” and strategies if you are completely comfortable with yourself. its about self security

    and flirting is just a stupid game to find out if the other person is attracted to and is completely unnecesary to social life and is only a custom.

    By Daniel on 02.16.2012

  5. cute, love, crush, cooties, giggles, smiles, awkward, date, hearts, winks, batting eyelashes, hugs, emoticons

    By Mary Griffin on 02.16.2012

  6. Haha, what I’m best at. And what caused several things in high school to go wrong for me, because I didn’t know how to control it…

    By Emilia URL on 02.16.2012

  7. When I see the word flirt, I think of pickup lines. For instance:
    Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.
    If you were in an aquarium, you’d be an angel fish.
    If beauty was an Oreo, you’d be triple stuffed.
    I want to bag you like some groceries.
    Let’s be like fabric softener, and snuggle.

    By Emily on 02.16.2012

  8. a look. a smile. a nod, a sideways glance, a shared laugh. she’s … um…. she’s flirting! I like it. mmm hmm. where do I go from here? how is it that I feel so helpless and so happy all at the same time?

    By John on 02.16.2012

  9. I like too flirt with lizards and alot of other things and mostly animals.

    By rogelio URL on 02.16.2012

  10. Flirting with girls is a lot of fun. Until they get gigily and ruin it.

    By Trystan URL on 02.16.2012

  11. All boys and girls flirt with each other its a natural thing to flirt with lots of other people.

    By Earthly URL on 02.16.2012

  12. Girls flirt with guys but sometimes guys flirt with girls.

    By umberto URL on 02.16.2012

  13. When you flirt you are usually flirting with a boy(if your a girl,). Flirting is a fun way to show that you like someone. My sister likes to flirt.

    By Laurie URL on 02.16.2012

  14. There’s some people in this world that flirt a lot and some that don’t flirt at all.

    By aiyana URL on 02.16.2012

  15. when you raise your eyebrows at someone. and flirt with them.

    By talon wilhelm on 02.16.2012

  16. Westlee likes to flirt with girls!!!

    By frankie URL on 02.16.2012

  17. Frankie likes to flirt with girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By wes URL on 02.16.2012

  18. “You’re a desperate flirt,” he said. I was offended.
    “No I’m not, I’m a brilliant flirt. There is absolutely no desperation in how I do it. I am structured and considered.”

    By zebra URL on 02.16.2012

  19. My dog knows how to flirt.I swear when he looks at me with those dark brown eyes and cocks his head to the side it melts my heart more than any one who was trying to pick me up in a bar ever did.

    By Traci on 02.16.2012

  20. The word is the same…. Any way, he was a terrine flirt yet gorgeous and so none of the girls
    Ever minded till he was gone. Especiaply as he was very gay – this was all a big game for him, flirting with girls to see if he could get them to like him.

    By mackedee on 02.16.2012

  21. She’s flirtatious–in a pissed-off sense,
    like maybe the rest of us
    don’t even deserve to see those eyes,
    that skin. She is simply pleasuring us; we’re
    her good deed. She’ll pretend
    to open herself up
    like some desert flower I read about
    that only peels back when the sun is almost gone.
    Just a wink, a tease. Her breasts
    fill the air as I bind myself, laughing.

    By Molly on 02.16.2012

  22. he flirted, his eyes saying it all. stripped me of my presence until I felt naked with my clothes on. Not blushing, I acquiesced to his purpose and smiled a sweet smile…..

    By Susan on 02.16.2012

  23. sideways glance, provacative joke, bending over, ass first to pick up that paper…mini performances…no obligation…just for fun

    By gazelle on 02.16.2012

  24. I’d always had a problem with “flirting”. I don’t know if I was just overly nice, or if it just seems like I like every girl that I talked to, that was until I met her.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 02.16.2012

  25. The word flirt reminds m of one of my friends he is always flirting with girls.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 02.16.2012

  26. i can flirt to nobody even girls i get to nerves.

    By connor URL on 02.16.2012

  27. flirting is what everyone does, your parents, grandparents etc. anyone is capable of turning red and laughing a lot in front of your crush(;

    By sbindley URL on 02.16.2012

  28. some boys are such flirts ;)

    By sparklychick URL on 02.16.2012

  29. reminds me of the girls at are school that always talk about boys and a bunch of other people that they like and there personal lives.

    By Mrman2000 URL on 02.16.2012

  30. apple is a huge flirt. She likes Skyler;) skyler is a sexy beast that flirts with apple too and he secretly loves apple.

    By ddawg7 URL on 02.16.2012

  31. flirt reminds me of people that cant get a date.

    By diamondsss URL on 02.16.2012

  32. many people like o flirt. Alot of people flits with each other.

    By las13 URL on 02.16.2012

  33. Flirting to me is flirting with a guy you like and want to inprese him so you can get him to like you! And when you flirt you like to flirt with the guy you really like!Someone you like will like you back i guess. Plus i cant flirt i think its gay!

    By vb4life URL on 02.16.2012

  34. my friend Briana Fish flirts a lot !!!!!!!!!!! she likes to talk to boys a lot even if she does not know them!

    By embell URL on 02.16.2012

  35. Flirting is very gay! I think that all the girls that flirt are strange i guess! But i cant flirt So i dont want to even do flirting at all.

    By vb4life URL on 02.16.2012

  36. Well flirting is liking a guy that you always laugh with and hang out with him and also to impress him. like a girl always in class playing with her hair and laughing at whatever he says. It’s like telling the guy your desperate for him which you are and that would be really dumb.

    By Ewa147 URL on 02.16.2012

  37. Sometimes she finds herself flirting with Death again. They waltz haphazardly around the ballroom, stepping over broken glass and wilted flowers. Death smiles at her and whispers: “One day”

    She stares straight on and breathes: “Will do”

    By Ina URL on 02.16.2012

  38. it was just valentines day. a lot of people will flirt with each each other on this day.

    By Mickeky on 02.16.2012

  39. If you weren’t such a big flirt I’d kiss your mouth,
    but you’re such a big flirt, I can’t say your name.
    If I wasn’t such a sucker, I’d walk away
    But I can’t resist so I’ll play your game.

    By Nichole URL on 02.16.2012

  40. Thats when guys do dumb things to make a girl like him. Normally dose not work all too well.

    By zebra woman URL on 02.16.2012