February 16th, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “ants”

  1. we have had several ant problems.

    By just582 URL on 02.17.2012

  2. They show up at picnics and ruin everything, but there’s so much we can learn from them. Ants work diligently in the spring so that they have provision in the winter. I take note from them. Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want to do later. Everything that annoys us in life has a lesson to teach us.

    By Lisa URL on 02.17.2012

  3. I love going up in planes. With the thrill and the rush and the horrible movies and the millions and millions of ant looking people passing below us and the wonder of how we can move so far, so fast, so comfortably.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.17.2012

  4. ants are very small and annoying animals that allways appear in the kitchen very unexpectedly. it is impossible to get rid of them. nothing helps.

    By sinki on 02.17.2012

  5. When I was a small child before I went to kindergarten, I used to lay on the ground and watch ants. I used to wonder if they were robots with cameras on their eyes from another planet. Some imagination I had, even then:)

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 02.17.2012

  6. ants crawl around the kitchen sometimes and the pets’ feeding bowls. we keep a stach of cleaners and stuff to wipe them out. usually white powder. sometimes they invade the entire kitchen and it can be very scary. i think that’s all i have to say about ants.

    By mais on 02.17.2012

  7. My boyfriend is scared of ants.
    He often forgets to throw away his soda, or doesn’t realize it has spilled all over his dresser..
    How does he find out?
    His room is bombarded with ants.
    Creepy crawly ants.
    Crawling up his walls,
    on his bed..
    My boyfriend hates ants.

    By Stephanie on 02.17.2012

  8. and as I crawled across the memories I left existence where it belonged, in my bedroom. I’m sure the four walls that have hled my sanity would keep it safe.

    By Ruben URL on 02.17.2012

  9. These creepy crawlys are not as creepy as they may seem. They are strong and spectacular. Cool and crazy. Magnificent and maroon.

    By Joy on 02.17.2012

  10. they roam between a fallen skittle and two m&m’s
    they’re fast too
    to me
    does that mean i’m antsy?

    By linda crisan URL on 02.17.2012

  11. beautiful

    By marce on 02.17.2012

  12. Automatic Negative Thoughts. These come up faster and wreak more havoc than any trickle-then-swarm of ants that march onto dirty-dishes-covered kitchen counters.

    By Rebecca URL on 02.17.2012

  13. Ants

    When I was a third grader I was allowed to take my family’s slide projector to school to share this very cool program we had about ants. The show as a hit with my classmates. Unfortunately, the darn projector was incredibly heavy, and I was required to walk it to and from school along with my regular book bag and lunch pack. It was pretty cumbersome. My teacher saw me struggling with it on the way home, took mercy on me, and gave me a ride. I was really grateful, but also a little nervous about accepting a ride from a teacher. I didn’t know teachers did normal things like drive cars, eat, or go to the bathroom.

    By CameoRoze URL on 02.17.2012

  14. Crawling under my skin, the irritation feels like a virtual army of little ants. Crawl, crawl, creep…itch. I want to smack someone something somehow…

    Pushing buttons and he knows it. The irritation swells til I want to scream with the need to speak up, say something, be done.

    (yes, bad mood)

    By cafo URL on 02.17.2012

  15. Queen is there …
    Protected …
    Safe at all cost …
    Workers are there …
    To work …
    To die …
    All in queens glory …

    By Omnix URL on 02.17.2012

  16. Single file they crawled up my leg, tickling the skin beneath their teeny tiny legs. I could only watch–those minuscule creatures with their soldier-like ranks and uniform march.

    By KristaQM on 02.17.2012

  17. Ants are teeny tiny meeny miny weeny whiny little things.
    Never get an ant into a whiny mood cause you’ll never hear the end of it.
    That goes the same for some aunts.
    And plants
    And even some savants.

    By vixles on 02.17.2012

  18. They come in the kitchen and make such a mess. After seeing them they make my skin craw. The cats love to chase them around, lick them up and step on them. Oh silly cats and all the silly things they do with other living things.

    By Crystal URL on 02.17.2012

  19. Its amazing to me how we say things so differently. I say Aunt, you say Auntie and she say Ant. I’ve never liked the thought of referred to as someones Ant. Just ain’t cool.

    By lotusnoire on 02.17.2012