February 15th, 2012 | 286 Entries

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286 Entries for “flirt”

  1. Flirt – everyone flirts – everyone pretends they don’t – everyone knows that everyone is doing it. Flirting is fun, it is good for the soul – it is brilliant when someone flirts with you – even if you don’t fancy them – it is a little game which doesn’t need to get out of control!!

    By matilda URL on 02.15.2012

  2. He is such a flirt. Always has been ever since he opened those big baby blue eyes. Even now not a woman alive can withstand his southern charms. The way he smiles and the twinkle that lights up behind the fading light.

    By jeanelaine URL on 02.15.2012

  3. flirting with these boundaries
    to find something beautiful
    in this haze
    of Commonplace

    the whispering winds sound bitter
    the cool has become
    too cold
    the fire will die
    unless we try
    to see the world
    as we are

    By katiekieran URL on 02.15.2012

  4. I am a flirt. I shouldnt take advantage of you so much though. I feel bad when I play with your heart, but in ways, its just so too much fun.

    By Marie on 02.15.2012

  5. You see in films girls fluttering eyelashes and giggling.

    By Joy on 02.15.2012

  6. “She is flirting with him!” my best friend Sally warned me. George is my boyfriend but I know Franchesca likes him. Honnestly, I don’t know why she tries, it’s not like he’s going to dump me any time soon. I hope. Whoops he did.

    By Joy on 02.15.2012

  7. once i wondered how to flirt i was about 13 now i do it in every breath, seduce the world, an ant, a blade of grass, a sunbeam, my lover, the coffee in the cup make love to all of it or at least invite it all to make love to me but ya better do it sweetly now!

    By Emily on 02.15.2012

  8. Well, hello there. What’s a lady/gal/guy/dude/chick/man/woman/bro/bear?/person like you doing in a place like this?

    By Gwardyjay URL on 02.15.2012

  9. When I think of his left dimple I can’t help but smile. What an intrusive thought. I wanted nothing to do with the memory of how low he made me feel. Yet as his smile permeated my being, I couldn’t help but smile back ,

    By Ruben URL on 02.15.2012

  10. Flirt responsibly. It can be discouraging to be on the receiving end of the flirt when you are looking for something more. But on the other hand, it is fun when the foot is on the other shoe.

    By Mark on 02.15.2012

  11. he likes to flirt with flowers. dispenses roses like bottles of water. he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. the lady at the dollar store, the banker. he doesn’t discriminate. one day he gives a magnolia to a cop. have a nice day, he smiles. its a ticket, the cop says. where did you get that flower?

    By atp on 02.15.2012

  12. he flirted with me, thinking i was single. What he did not know is that i’m happily married with the world champion kick boxing.

    By Kim URL on 02.15.2012

  13. i like to flirt, it is my favorite game.

    it works as an ego boost for everybody. win-win. only people not worth your time take it to seriously – i flirt with my friends as much as i joke with them.

    an eyelash bat here, a playful tease there, everyone feels attractive and powerful.

    it’s human interaction. a sophisticated game, not primal or dull.

    By MJ on 02.15.2012

  14. When you’re in a relationship it’s what you want to do, yet can’t.
    When you’re single its what you don’t want to do, but can.

    It gets tiring when you’re single,
    yet refreshing when you’re in a relationship.

    By ThatSammyChickk URL on 02.15.2012

  15. Will flirts with the idea of living a more normal life Maybe retiring from the force, or at least from his position of captain. Maybe taking Nick up on an offer or two one of these days. Maybe then he’d have actual food in his fridge and more time to fix up the house he bought two years ago with his promotion money. But as it is, he’s still here, still the captain, still chasing things that only haunt you in your deepest nightmares.

    By Cassie URL on 02.15.2012

  16. Flirting is so fun. Teasing while flirting is usually what gets most people more interested in one another. That could just be me though.

    By Dawn on 02.15.2012

  17. That’s how it started, a flirt. And from there it grew, until the flirt became a relationship, and the relationship blossomed, but then wilted, and what was left? Nothing. Not you. Not us. Just the ghost of a flirt long since dead.

    By Jane on 02.15.2012

  18. As Jensen stared blankly at the inferno, now catching to the other buildings in the compound, he didn’t, at first, catch the hood-covered ninja sitting across from him as she crinkled up her eyes and smile in an obvious flirt.

    By chole URL on 02.15.2012

  19. The curl of a smile. The beat of a heart.

    “Come with me. Think of the things we could do together.”

    Sad eyes.

    By Alexandra Bell on 02.15.2012

  20. She was a flirt in the womb. She came out coy and sweet and darling as you please. By the time she could walk, she had already promised her hand to three little boys. At 16 hearts are sure to be broken.

    By Ama Marie URL on 02.15.2012

  21. How long has it been since I flirted? Did I every flirt? I see someone like the girl in the Criminal Minds episode last night and wonder how do you ever get that confident in your own being and beauty to flirt that audaciously. Didn’t pay off to well for her. I want to be able to do that …. but am always dealing with the self-consciousness that keeps it at bay.

    By Elizabeth on 02.15.2012

  22. Easy, sexy, sensual. Flirting is contagious and fun. Want to join me? Want to do it together? Who do you want to flirt with? What entices you? What excites you?

    By Emily on 02.15.2012

  23. I am the biggest flirt around. I flirt with every person who walks by me. I don’t care if their male or female. I will flirt.

    By teeda URL on 02.15.2012

  24. oooh i miss this! i love flirting. it makes me feel alive and happy! Flirting doesn’t mean you wanna bed the person you’re flirting with, it means you have found an awesome connection with someone, of either sex, and the banter is rolling like a peach! Flirting is my fave.

    By Fran on 02.15.2012

  25. She giggled, knowing how terrible it was to do so. Shaking her head and blushing while he tried to flirt and tease her. She didn’t know what to say, she was awful at this. Even after almost two years together he still got to her, made her giggle and blush. Yet, she could never do the same.

    By Kvaughan URL on 02.15.2012

  26. Candy and sugar coated words
    Dissolve on the tip of my tongue
    I tuck them away with flirtatious tempt
    Suffocate inside a heart shaped bag.

    By SayLiz URL on 02.15.2012

  27. flirting is fun; makes me feel alive and warm and fuzzy. sexy, seductive. it’s the butterflies in your tummy. it’s the whirl in your head. it’s the music of life. flirting is a gift ; a joyous experience and something to share.

    By Teri Conrad URL on 02.15.2012

  28. “we’re flirting with danger here,” he bellowed. this wasn’t the first time they had taken such a risk. the first time. it seemed ages ago now. the feat was simple enough. dash across the busy highway, touch the dividing wall and dash back. what could possibly go wrong? they were fortunate that nothing did. the adrenaline rush was astounding.

    By debra on 02.15.2012

  29. “I flirt with danger often,” she said, giving a daring wink that proved to be quite charming. “But what you’re proposing is something altogether different. A whole other level, if you will.” Jacob took a sip of coffee and smiled up at her.
    “It will prove to be quite satisfactory, I assure you. Your fee will be paid in full.”

    By Amber on 02.15.2012

  30. She is not ready. Heartbreak still lingers. She shouldn’t be here, in this bar, out when she is tired. But what, otherwise: another night of deadening television… So she dressed up. Red dress. Red lips. She looks up. Yes, he is handsome. And then…

    By ejkerr on 02.15.2012

  31. I wanted to flirt with danger. I didn’t care what the consequences were and I didn’t care how the story ended. I was done being careful. I was done worrying about what everyone else thought or didn’t think. I was ready to look death in the face and greet him with open arms and defy him to remove me from this world. Because who would care if he did?

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.15.2012

  32. I have been told that I used to have issues with flirting. I wasn’t able to tell the difference. But isn’t flirting just being nice? Being funny? That’s me in a nutshell. Maybe the recipient continuously takes it wrong.

    By LotusNoire on 02.15.2012

  33. Being a flirt gets me in trouble sometimes. sometimes is can come off as leading someone on and that just gets you a bad reputation. But flirting can be sooo fun too! Take it from someone who know ;)

    By Hannah on 02.15.2012

  34. I don’t know if I ever do flirt. All I know is that I’m neutral. I can talk with men and women both. It may look like flirting in conservative cultures such as where I live, but it’s just who I am.

    By Shasha Ravacio on 02.15.2012

  35. “Welcome to the class on flirting,” said the teacher, appropriately dressed in a beautiful pink dress she was twirling around. “There are many different ways to flirt and you should choose the one that’s most comfortable to you. I don’t know what else to say, really. Any questions?”

    The students looked at each other awkwardly. Boys and girls met eyes, telepathically asking, Why are we here? their gazes preempting excuses to brush away the awkwardness. Finally the students lined up take their certificates of completion but John slipped away. Maybe some things just can’t be learned, he thought.

    By Holden URL on 02.15.2012

  36. I love to flirt…flirting is so much fun, can be so innocent, but has to be done carefully because can also be misunderstood. I would like all the men I meet — handsome, not, quiet, loud, strong, weak to flirt with me because I love to smile!

    By linda on 02.15.2012

  37. He put his arm on the table behind me.
    I could feel his presence on the small of my back.
    He had smiled at me, chatted with me, invited me out for the evening.
    But it wasn’t until the hair on my back stood up I realized…he LIKES me.

    By Shannon URL on 02.15.2012

  38. She was clearly doing this on purpose. That brush of her elbow was not an accident. She wasn’t being cute or coy. It was definitely planned though, and executed perfectly, softly, firmly, and now. She said “You have to live in the NOW. You have to live in the KNOW.”

    By John | Married (with Debt) URL on 02.15.2012

  39. Flirt and fill the room with fluttery flirtations in hopes of exceeding expectations.

    By Marianne URL on 02.15.2012

  40. tell me this is a joke tell me when you tell me things that they’re real that you mean them that they’re not just some flirtatious ploy.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.15.2012