October 13th, 2008 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “crown”

  1. I lay on my back and folded my arms behind my head. Above me, the crown of the great maple tree stretched skyward, gold and red. Beneath me, brown leaves crackled.

    By Kate on 10.15.2008

  2. I saw some trees. It was a sunny day and I saw them, light flickering through their leafy crowns.

    By Robert on 10.15.2008

  3. a crown is a something to show power or grace, position in the royal hierarchy. It is often worn by people with high positions and it sometimes even represents whoever it belongs to. It is normally very expensive and rare, studded with rare jewels. I believe that crowns are just a sign of power but not beauty.

    By Amy on 10.15.2008

  4. the crown on a head is that of a kings crown. of control and ambiton mostly dominace and power hungery much like the on with eright wives and then theres always burger king where they make you feel like a king. I want to give head

    By monique roberts on 10.15.2008

  5. the crown fell down in her eyes for the zillionth time that day. “Drat” she thought, ” not only did my father die, leaving me to run the kingdom, but this rediculouse crown doesn’t even fit!” …

    By Damia on 10.15.2008

  6. crowns are worn by royalty. They are golden semi spheres embedded with jewels. They can also signify a halo. therefore the majestic and celestial worlds meet in this symbol of a crown.

    By kristina on 10.15.2008

  7. one wore the beads with sovereign sighs
    and cast away the mantle of forgotten reign
    whose eyes are starlit
    and a crown
    a cold running water
    across tall spires

    By henry on 10.15.2008

  8. the prince and the princess have crowns. The queen has a crown too. I don’t like crowns. The Miss World get’s a crown too. They are very happy and proud about it.

    By Daniela on 10.15.2008

  9. us against the, when you wear one you will forsake your masters childrens futures. diddnt realize it would come up like this. thought we were really writing. spurs spike the left. a crown is something you can’t control. no matter how you try. a crown of gold makes men old. the w comes before the n. but the c is around the bend.

    By MyName on 10.15.2008

  10. There was a town that invented the crown 14 years ago. This is historically in-accurate, but really what does it matter. The town created this crown from sheepskin and moldy peaches from the grocery store. It was a very smelly crown and no one wanted to wear it. This was how it was invented.

    By josh on 10.15.2008

  11. “Crown?” asked Charlie,
    “CROWN!” Screamed Mike.

    By Derek Cadaver on 10.15.2008

  12. This is placed on top a a king’s head to show that he’s king. It probably derives this meaning from the same meaning of the top of the head or crown. Crown is nomrally associated with top-of-the-line things because it is of royalty. Crown is also a verb

    By Saba on 10.15.2008

  13. The crown on his head was sparkly and glittery.

    By jand on 10.15.2008

  14. I am the king, I have the power. I’ll make the rules and the people will follow. It’s a time of destruction and mayhem but this I have fully brought to you only by the last air from my lungs, to call out for revolution. It’s all onto you and to you my fallen comrades it’s time we made history and starts by you.

    By Julio Reberta on 10.15.2008

  15. he sat the crown this way, then that, then threw it off completely. I am no king, just myself. Oh shucks, who am I? Lets think about it…a little royalty, alittle pirate, a little average, all packed in huge dreams, huge will, can, and eventually do. thereby making life extremely interesting, and yes – at time tiring. But never, ever, bored! One life, one day, one chance> Make the most of it, as it comes by one time only

    By Albie on 10.15.2008

  16. He sat upon his newly aqcuired thrown. He was finally king. It had come at the cost of his fathers life, but he knew he would not fail his family’s tradition of greatness.
    The crown was placed gently on his head.

    By Melissa on 10.15.2008

  17. The setting sun spilled golden rays over the tundra, crowning the wind-slapped rocks and bright mossy patches with the sort of glory found only in the crown jewels of nature’s monarchy. There was nothing else to say, only to submit.

    By april ryan on 10.15.2008

  18. I wear crown on my head. I keep it there so I dont lose it. It is mine. It belongs to me. I will die with it. I feel the burden.

    By Rachel Vandervort on 10.15.2008

  19. beauty pageants and beauty queens…the ultimate shallowness of society.

    By Cliff on 10.15.2008

  20. Crown: the top of the head where the highest chakra hums. To open and expose this part of one’s body can lead to ultimate delight.

    By Darby on 10.15.2008

  21. The king had already lay down as his son came closer.
    “My son,” he whispers in between short breaths, “it is up to you now.”
    David looked upon his father, once a strong man of his kingdom, now just a weak man asking for help.

    By cindy on 10.15.2008

  22. She wore the crown jewels over her sly naked body and then she looked pityingly at her subjects, who rustled with drawn anticipation.

    Once inside the castle, she removed the jewels slowly, dropping them one at a time into the purple velvet bag that lived on her mantlepiece. She would never go back again.

    By EJ on 10.15.2008

  23. the crown symbolizes the power and prestige of the wearer. usually someone of royalty. they are usually adorned with many fine jewels. the crown is also a national treasure of the country ruled by said royalty.

    By Nian on 10.15.2008

  24. The crown that sit on my head is not gold but soft and fuzzy. Plush and over-sized, like the cap of a jester, which I am. But mine is not simply a cap, it really is a crown as I am the king of the jesters. At least in my mind.

    By James on 10.15.2008

  25. king land country earth queen horse gold golden clothes tales fairy history doughter top

    By Ani on 10.15.2008

  26. The queen was finished. She had taken off her crown and placed it on the pedestal. No longer would she have control over her country and colonies, leaving in the night, no heirs, absentia. She is banished, ignored and fears brutalization. She is one of us.

    By Wendell on 10.15.2008

  27. shiny, queenie like it! why don’t we give one to the dakkar, too? then we all haz fun being awesome! yay for shiny crown! but we not lets the ebil squirrels haz any of them. noooooo. not the ebilness.

    By Molly S. on 10.15.2008

  28. royalty, queen, king, parade, castle, horses, servants, staff, army, soldier, bayonette, war, fight, conquer, land, country, service, people, common,

    By smcaaphd on 10.15.2008

  29. To rule and be ruled one does not need a mortal crown but the belief.ARistocratic.Do not forget He who wore a crown of thorns for our sakes. CRown me kign and find me guilty.

    By monica on 10.15.2008

  30. They placed a crown of thorns upon his head when he deserved a crown of everything we had to offer. They spit at him and rejected him. Didn’t they know he was the King of Kings?
    We reject his gospel; choosing to live our own way. Don’t we know he is the King of Kings?

    By Lindsey on 10.15.2008

  31. Crown, crown, crown…a crown of wildflowers for my little girl’s head. a crown of thorns that was supposed to change my life…but somehow i don’t know…a crown is not what i want. not unless it is simple and natural

    By emm on 10.15.2008

  32. the crown laid down the gown upon the tarnsihed altar of everbodys hopes and dreams. to lay cast asunder the ruined kings brow and not to realise the lush effervescent abilites which he had to pass over the pastures of green.

    By vonholmes on 10.15.2008

  33. the crown fell off the head of the emperor. he hadnt expected the upheaveal of his power, or the aftermath of the riots. he was doubled over in sobs, the tears falling from his eyes onto the gold symbol of his power. or at least, the power which was once his.

    By maggie on 10.15.2008

  34. A crown of gold or maybe a crushed earring rolled under the urinal. It was a ugly mess, a random squished piece of gunk. But gold. I could pick it up, I could – I don’t know – try to pawn it? But, God, I know I’m broke but getting on all fours in a Grand Central urinal and picking it up. Still, it could be worth five dollars.

    By Brian on 10.15.2008