October 21st, 2013 | 98 Entries

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98 Entries for “flee”

  1. The call to retreat went up. The firemen scattered in all directions as the structure collapsed in upon itself. The gawking crowd tried to flee the falling debris, but was engulfed in a shower of sparks and smoke. The creaks and groans of the breaking beams died down, and the town hall was no more.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.21.2013

  2. perhaps I should flee. It seems sometimes that everyone is running away from me. Maybe I should join them. Maybe they’re going somewhere spectacular.

    By Bobbi B on 10.21.2013

  3. she runs not knowing where to look. hair flies in her face and stick to her cheeks because of the tears. shes gasping and breathing in cold air when her foot hits a rock and she flies forward towards the ground and

    By Claire on 10.21.2013

  4. “Ouch,” I tried to flee but I missed my jump and landed hard. My “friends” went on without me. There is truly no honor among thieves.

    By Michelle M on 10.21.2013

  5. She ran. Faster than she had ever run before. Her feet made a fast dance upon the ground.
    She tripped, falling over a stray piece of garbage. She could hear them catching up behind her.

    By Mary on 10.21.2013

  6. “Flee!” screamed my sister. “Flee! Flee! Fleeeee!”

    The guards had her by both arms and were dragging her toward the freezing chamber, and I was screaming and sobbing and flailing as the doors sealed behind me. I was left outside in the blizzard, which, in truth, was warmer than where the soldiers would put my sister, her heart slowing into nothingness. I buried my face in the sleet and wailed, belly collecting frost beneath my tunic.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2013

  7. there are days when i will glue wings on to my eyelids, my wrists. my ankles. and run far far away from. hello and goodbye and how are you and fine. and there are days where i cannot bear the sight of your skin. and i will ease the ache in my chest by pushing my face against the wind.

    By Bee on 10.21.2013

  8. please know that my lungs were not made to run. they were not meant to burn but i cannot stand your wrists pressed away from mine. and i have made a lifetime off of quiet panting breaths when you have stolen my oxygen through my palms. please know that i have held this burn to my chest so i do not close my eyelids against yours.

    By Bee on 10.21.2013

  9. Flee, from the fire in your heart and the tears in her eyes. She whispered I love you and you ran from the warmth and care, the hug and home, home in your arms. Turn back around. Walk with your head down and hope she’ll open the door again. Maybe if you give her a string tied to your heart and rip it open like a present, she’ll take it from you and you’ll never look back.

    By Karen URL on 10.21.2013

  10. I think about it sometimes.
    Just leaving everything, and setting off to live anew.
    Leave old friends, family.
    Job, apartment.
    Just go east.
    I don’t have an exact destination,
    but that’s what makes it worthwhile.
    Ya know, finding out along the way.

    By Chris on 10.21.2013

  11. run go anywhere you can. There’s a spot on your right, a spot on your left. You’re running, faster and faster and faster. You can’t stop. He’s after you, he’s coming you know he is. They always are. They always come. This is your curse. You must run. you must led these to their deaths. because you are always just so beautiful and they can’t help themselves. you turn at the last second, with tears in your eyes and you simply cry.

    By Maes URL on 10.21.2013

  12. bird’s flee, so do I in my dreams, I don’t give a damn neither those birds, whatever shit others have to say.

    By Manish on 10.21.2013

  13. Flee a colorless box.
    Break into a rainbow,
    using a coat hanger to pry open a paint can.
    Pick it up. and crash land the color
    to Earth.

    By Conor on 10.21.2013

  14. I wanna be flew asl. Why is my kind so illiterate? Flee is an action not a noun or adjective. Be educated! Stop giving people to talk about you. FORGET trend.. BE YOURSELF! Because that’s unoriginal!

    By krystal on 10.21.2013

  15. Sometimes, I want to flee. I want to leave all my troubles and worries behind. I want to get everything I have dreamed about. I want to be happy. I want to flee myself.

    By Marina URL on 10.21.2013

  16. To flee is to run away. To escape, or retreat. It’s part of the “fight or flight” response. Fleeing is seen as cowardly, “unmanly”, and generally unacceptable behaviour for the common person.

    By Rebecca URL on 10.21.2013

  17. Why are you fleeing? Is there something you’re scared about? Is there something you’ve been running to? But why or who? Did you do something bad? What really happened? It puzzles me a lot? Or is it that you wanted to get away? A vacation but why?
    So many questions.Only you can answer. Flee. All I can say is good luck on whatever it is you’re doing. I hope you have good decisions on whatever is happening right now. Fleeing is a bad thing and so is quitting. You cannot be a winner if you quit or flee.Looking back or even forward.

    By roze_princess on 10.21.2013

  18. I chose to flee over fight. Some people call it cowardly, but I’m just looking out for myself.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.21.2013

  19. The dog flee as he saw the twenty cats chasing him. He wanted to cross the fence but couldn’t jump fast enough. My my was he a scared dog. the c

    By marge on 10.21.2013

  20. His bags are heavy on his back, the weight a constant reminder that he needed to run. Flee and never return to that hellhole. Breathless he stops to catch it, and a hand falls on his shoulder, another weight—this time comforting, easy-going and safe. He grips the other’s hand and smiles, soft and easy.

    By cam on 10.21.2013

  21. Run! You screamed and I wanted to run after you. I wanted so much to be on your heels. To be with you. But I knew I couldn’t. I can’t flee. I cannot goad myself into running and hiding. I am caught in webs and tangles that even I cannot define. So I scream for you to run and leave me behind.

    By Tiffany Nicole on 10.21.2013

  22. It took me several seconds to realize what was going on. That all the things that Marcus had just told me were not true. Lies. I fled, sprinting in the only direction i could think of. I had to get to Shay’s house.

    By No One6 on 10.21.2013

  23. “Just run.” she said, her voice brittle and shrill. “Just run and don’t let them catch you.” So, there I was, fleeing for my life. A child of ten, all alone in a world that wanted nothing less than the total destruction of everything I was and ever would be.
    And I had no intention of giving them what they wanted.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 10.21.2013

  24. Even after all this time, this is the only solution I can come up with, and it is a futile one. I can’t escape. No matter how far I run or how hard I try, I can’t get away. I am found out and dragged back, cuffed and chained. It is my beating heart that binds me to my affliction, but I am not yet desperate enough to stop its course. So how do I get out? How do I flee? Show me this, and I will be free.

    By aura.rayne on 10.21.2013

  25. Her chest clenches up tight tight far too tight with the wings trapped inside her ribs like a cage. She wants to be free and she wants to get away and she can’t stay. She KNOWS she can’t stay and yet her feet are planted so firmly. Her shoes can’t help her now.

    By skivvie on 10.21.2013

  26. He ran as far as he could, dust trailing behind him as he went. He was running, but only because he knew that if he stopped, they would get him. Maybe it was best that they captured him. So he stopped running, turned around to face them. “Here I am,” he said.

    By Affront on 10.21.2013

  27. well i hate the word flee, but u are to flee from everywhere, like thieves do when they see police, they flee, everyone wants to flee from something or the other, so flee from this piece of writing

    By Tapan on 10.22.2013

  28. fleece, running.
    fleeing, almost free.

    By dan l on 10.22.2013

  29. His spirit fled into the mountains
    deep inside the rock
    where it carved a hollow home
    and sunk below the clock
    it dwelled amongst the pale things
    lidless, and without legs
    crawled between the cracks
    of an ungodly head.

    By fz URL on 10.22.2013

  30. i turned around and see
    you were there walking towards me
    and so i look forward
    and flee

    By nyaaawn on 10.22.2013

  31. Flee. to escape from a situation. pretty common thing done by everyone. We run away from our problems instead of facing them and it is really disappointing how our own leaders do this. These crutches of escape from responsibility, the excuses we give, serve us no good whatsoever at all.

    By Adwait on 10.22.2013

  32. There is this one thing that needs to be mentioned in life. This one thing that bothers the very core of existence. We are programmed to flee. Programmed to run and hide.

    By esky1118 on 10.22.2013

  33. Oh, my God. How could I run from You?

    I ran from my father the day I told him how I felt.

    I ran from my responsibilities the day I felt I could do more.

    I ran from her when I felt I couldn’t love her.

    So did I run from You because I thought You couldn’t love me?

    How could I?

    By Caleb on 10.22.2013

  34. I had a lot of time to think on that plane. Teardrops on the magazine. Duty free this, duty free that and an emergency exit to the left. I smelled horrible that day from all my rushing to flee. I went into the little cramped airplane bathroom hoping they had something. They had nothing. I tried to rub mouthwash into my pits. Then I smelled like BO and mouthwash. My face felt stretched uncomfortably tight. I couldn’t sleep with that facelift sensation like that. Good god.

    By nodochinko on 10.22.2013

  35. Fleeing from this desert candle. I run but there’s no way back and the flame crushes into the mother of all.
    The cosmic, the divine ..

    By Vakantie Vincent URL on 10.22.2013

  36. She stifles a scream and turns to run. The floor flies beneath her feet as she flees as fast as she ever could.

    By Andrew Davies on 10.22.2013

  37. I would like to flee from all my troubles but everyone knows that there is no solution in that course of action. To overcome we must face our troubles head on, navigate through the murky stream of despair and rise up triumphant on the other side. All attempts to flee simply result in our going faster and faster into the inevitable arms of disaster.

    By Tracey on 10.22.2013

  38. I don’t flee from responsibility but I do flee from growing up. There’s a difference. Some would say not, but I do. I never want to grow up. Never, never, never.

    By just a girl on 10.22.2013

  39. I have seen the flee market in Sao Paulo. Now I do not feel as I did before. Oldies are not always bad. Now I do not feel like fleeing from dusty and fusty places…

    By filiz on 10.22.2013

  40. The birds fled from the trees. The leaves fled, but they took their own time, and danced in spirals before they died, blazing before they browned. The tourists fled, taking their million frozen photos, millions of suns upon millions of rivers. It started to snow, a million tiny refugees settling into the town like it belonged to them. She looked out the window and wondered why she was still here.

    By Holden URL on 10.22.2013