December 17th, 2012 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “five”

  1. five hundred tiny mice came from the sewer, the scurried and sniffed and chewed and pissed all over the place. The locals were up in arms, chased and swatted these little brutes.

    By Jawj D on 12.18.2012

  2. i went to sub way and got a five foot long and it was so goood i ate all of it i was a pig that day i had a good time now i am fat!!!!!!

    By Hope on 12.18.2012

  3. There are five ducks walking across the road.

    By Madison on 12.18.2012

  4. There will be only five more days until Christmas in two days.

    By Sierra on 12.18.2012

  5. I have five fingers on one of my hands.

    By Dylan on 12.18.2012

  6. Five dollar, five dollar foot long. :D

    By Destiny on 12.18.2012

  7. My hand has five fingers. There are five birds in a tree. Five kids ran up and down the playground. The number five brings me luck.

    By Annette on 12.18.2012

  8. There are five versions of Star Trek.

    By karen on 12.18.2012

  9. i have about five presents under my tree!

    By Kilee Hunsaker on 12.18.2012

  10. I have five kids in my family including me. I love having lots of siblings to play with!

    By Brianna on 12.18.2012

  11. Five. My luckiest number. Five. The day i was born. Five. The hour i was born. Five. The addition of numerals of this year. 2012. My worst year. Is it supposed to be lucky then? Was it not wrong the way it went? A learning process? Five words. BUT I CAN’T FORGET YOU.

    By Gargi. on 12.18.2012

  12. a complication of sorts. five wires shoot from each digit and wrap themselves around each other until they become opaque. An impenetrable mass of knotting, and hurting and learning.

    By GEvo on 12.18.2012

  13. maroon five, moves like Jagger needs to be erased from humanity, i despair everytime i hear that whistle.

    By Jawj D on 12.18.2012

  14. five: the fingers on your hands. Mine are bent out of shape from years of volleyball. You don’t really think about how necessary the five are until one is taped up or put in a cast. Suddenly the simplest tasks become difficult. Writing is painful, impossible, and near illegible.

    By Mandy on 12.18.2012

  15. Five is a cool number. It allows you to count beyond four. Counting by fives is a great way to get your thinking going when something is on the tip of your tongue. Five makes you feel happy when it’s in the form a money…

    By Dale on 12.18.2012

  16. five dollars made my day.. i was hungry. i mean hungry, hungry.. i was trying to find change in my pockets and that five dollar bill solved all my problems

    By amber on 12.18.2012

  17. Five. My German friend’s birthday. A close friend’s birthday. Hi5. comes after four. five. Errr……. fu:nf. five fingers,i wonder why 5 fingers? is there a list thta god wants us to count that has only 5 things? or 10 considering 2 hands? what list could it be?????????????????????????/

    By Jenis on 12.18.2012

  18. Five is a cool number. It’s Jay’s favorite number. (He has five favorite numbers.) Five makes us happy…

    By Dale on 12.18.2012

  19. One two three for five
    I kept counting
    five seconds of you out of my mind.
    that’s the best I can, I tried.

    By Selina on 12.18.2012

  20. Five little piggies
    Sitting in their shack
    Wearing their smug faces
    You would want to smack
    They bitch and they moan
    About every silly thing
    The butcher is getting his axe
    And we are waiting for spring

    By recogirl URL on 12.18.2012

  21. Five golden rings were given to me on christmas!

    By katlynnt on 12.18.2012

  22. There are five senses
    There are five fingers on each hand
    There are five days between each weekend
    The fives letters in “Earth”
    There are fives all around us

    By Caitilin URL on 12.18.2012

  23. I press f5 to refresh. That’s my life. Refreshing. Out with the old. Bring in the new.

    By Caitilin URL on 12.18.2012

  24. Een twee drie vier vijf. Alle tweetjes zwemmen in de zesser. Een Nederlandse woordgrap. Niets meer, niets minder. Wie weet wat, ik niet in elk geval.

    By Geen on 12.18.2012

  25. Five is the number of children that I have. In fact, because of this I have started using five as my favorite number. I even put it on my softball uniform jersey for the spring season. I also like the number five because there are five days in a school week, and as all of you know I truly, truly love school. It is one of my favorite things in the entire world!

    By Beth on 12.18.2012

  26. 4ever is longer than 4ever

    By Caitilin URL on 12.18.2012

  27. I have five children and many people think that is a lot. It is! But each one brings something special to my life and I am so blessed to have them. My youngest daughter graduated Magna Cum Laude last Saturday and I am so proud of her!

    By Katherine on 12.18.2012

  28. there is like a lot i guess its enough to be a lot it is one more then 4 so there is that what else rhymes pretty good with other words like alive. not sure what else to say its a number
    you have five fingers

    By poop on 12.18.2012

  29. after four before six i was five once mike was five when tammy died five fingers five toes on one foot one hand five buds five bowls i have smoked in the past five days five nods five five o clock pm 8 to five.

    By sarah URL on 12.18.2012

  30. There were five chances. More than most people get, really, and Arthur and Eames nearly blew it all five times. The first two were excusable. The next was tragic, and avoidable had they just spoken. The fourth was just plain malice on both sides. The fifth, well, they nearly didn’t make it but it took just one of them (Arthur this time) to swallow his pride and ask for forgiveness to start to see their way to making it work.

    By eternalsojourn URL on 12.18.2012

  31. Five .. the number of minutes i had left before i had to leave him, to travel hundreds of miles away, probably not to see him often or ever, the chance of a life time for me but bringing so much pain.

    By ashleigh on 12.18.2012

  32. When he was in the dungeons there were five different sparrows that visited his window regularly. At least he thinks there were five different ones; it could have been that they sometimes had mussed-up feathers that made them look different, and so there were really eight, or only three, but five was a good number.

    By adie URL on 12.18.2012

  33. It is a number. I dont know if it is significant numerologically but i know about the famous five, the five kung fu warriors in kung fu panda. Five is a lot of people. Five people can party together and be close friends.

    By Ludia URL on 12.18.2012

  34. the five of them stood around the corpse, assuming he had died due to dehydration. no one survives too long in the middle of the dessert. then one of them noticed the canteen attached to his side. he picked it up and swooshed it around, taking in the sound of the liquid inside. he popped off the cap and inhaled the sweet fume of pure, clean water….

    By Tjrider93 on 12.18.2012

  35. i know no five stands for so many things. We have five fingers and we have five senses we use. so five stands for everything ordinary we have.
    GIve me five…

    By tit on 12.18.2012

  36. seven twenty ducks fell off the pond edge whilst collapsing fondly. They executed the rhino pinky whilst the others stayed in the zone. The lysergic acid was of the amphetemoide nature. Crimson hair glistened into my perception.

    By Jack Greene on 12.18.2012

  37. He had five fingers on each hand
    & five toes on his feet
    five people that he trusted
    & worked five days a week
    9 to 5 & sometimes 5 to 9
    you ask him how he’s doing
    he’ll just say “fine”

    By Sean Clements on 12.18.2012

  38. fingers, toes. A number of odd proportions, a middle it has and better than four or two because of it. Five days make up the work week, a strong word for a decent amount.

    By kelsey on 12.18.2012

  39. i have had five pets in my life, the ferst
    i love that number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By alana on 12.18.2012

  40. 1. We begin and we end, both one and the same
    2. Nothing changes, and there is loss and silence brushing with our worth
    3. We start, and stop, and awkwardly choose [in the way we began]
    4. We are… motionless reality, no questions or stares or coldness
    5. We leave, with swirls of wind and silken waves, we bow and sink away

    By Saudade on 12.18.2012