December 16th, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “due”

  1. Its time. Its due. I put it off again and again and now I simply cannot put it off any long. It is due today and I have to give it to her. The worst paper I’ve ever written. My grad is sure to be a terrible one.

    By Destiny Marie on 12.17.2012

  2. A debt is due
    From me to you
    I cannot pay it off
    In lieu,

    I’ll love myself, like you told me to.

    By Perri on 12.17.2012

  3. I know that I should be doing this paper. I know that it is due tomorrow. I hate that word, Due. It hovers over you smothering you like a dense ocean of stress, I like to watch due dates fly by as I fail to meet them. I know I could turn it in on time, I know there isn’t much better to do. But every time I sit down to write I find that my cat needs a walk or the coffee pot needs scrubbing. My pencils and paperclips have been rearranged and reorganized again and again until I feel as though I may go mad with all the procrastination.

    By Destiny Marie on 12.17.2012

  4. i have a piece of homework due in tomorrow. it’s maths so the due date could be later because i can just say i left it at home

    Due date was a shit movie. It was meant to be like the hangover with the fat bald man and robert downey junior but it was awful.

    By Priya on 12.17.2012

  5. my paycheck is due
    and my happiness is due
    and i’m due for surgery
    to remove these challenges that suck at the air in my lungs
    the ransom is due
    for my mind to come back
    my answer is due
    due to undue criticism
    i can’t focus any longer
    my work is due
    my pride, like my library books, is due to go back
    i’ve had it for long enough now
    in due course, i will not fail
    my comeback is due
    and my karma
    my conscience
    i owe you,
    and that payment will always be due
    but due to
    right now
    the mail slot is empty

    By Saudade on 12.17.2012

  6. I was completely freaking out because it was Monday at 8 am and I had a paper due at 2 pm. 8 pages. Single spaced. “I’m screwed,” I thought, and I realized it was time for me to drop out and embrace my future as a stripper or head chef of a taco cart. College is a joke, and I am the biggest comedian at the show

    By Ashley on 12.17.2012

  7. His paper was due tomorrow. Of course, he hadn’t started it yet. Instead, he was just going to watch some YouTube videos of dancing cats. Was this how he wanted to live the rest of his life? Maybe, he ssss

    By Theo on 12.17.2012

  8. “Was soll ich nun dazu sagen? Du interessierst mich nicht mehr! Verschwinde!”

    Er ist grausam. Aber ich verstehe ihn.
    Das fehlte mir.
    Und ihm.
    Uns beiden.

    By BlueRay on 12.17.2012

  9. It was due time. I put my language of love on the line. He had no other choice but to take what was there. We had been close to the end before but never such a tightrope as this.

    By Jana L. Henry on 12.17.2012

  10. Over
    Twelve days over
    8 pounds of love
    Is gained
    Twelve days over
    Due me, due you
    Due I

    By CamilleWren on 12.17.2012

  11. i’ll kiss her before i die,
    he swears to himself.
    and now he’s fading,
    and he hasn’t yet,
    so he says her
    name once,
    (and it’s the closest he’ll get.)

    By isa on 12.17.2012

  12. We all borrow in life. Borrow things from others, be they material or not.
    Eventually the banker comes to collect his due.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful on 12.17.2012

  13. The rent was due tomorrow. Shit. I had completely forgotten in the midst of everything that was going on. My mind raced through my options. I could ask the landlord for an extension, but I didn’t particularly want to deal with his anger right now. I could ask my parents for money, but I always hated borrowing from them. It felt like they were blackmailing me for some reason. Shit. This sucked.

    By magdelina URL on 12.17.2012

  14. this word explains my life right now.
    everything is due.
    and i thought i was on top of it all
    but i seem to have been mistaken
    because now i’m left behind
    and i’m probably the dumbest person in my school
    i hate this word.

    By Isabel on 12.17.2012

  15. i want
    my dues
    what you owe me
    i have given you all a girl can give yet
    nothing in return
    the world does not
    should not
    work this way
    you take and you give back

    By Jessica Cox on 12.17.2012

  16. its long and disgusting, i hate it so much really. I think it doesn’t make our life easily, so for what it is

    By K on 12.17.2012

  17. Many things are due this days, most of them bills. Not having enough money after paying them usually feels horrible. My shitty job ensures due bills are always piling up, no end in sight. Maybe the problem is I don’t consider myself worthy of a career.

    By hanna m. on 12.17.2012

  18. it slips through my mind
    until the last few hours
    minutes trace away as i lie on my floor
    please say there is no due date

    By clover petal on 12.17.2012

  19. hurry, hurry
    the tension is descending.
    I cant make it,
    not tonight

    By Charlotte on 12.17.2012

  20. I don’t like it when I had something due for school with a deadline. Can we just go through life without having deadlines? Why are things “due” when they should just be done. Does that makes sense to you cause it’s not making much sense to me. Still, I don’t like that there are “due dates” for babies. Let’s just have babies come out when they are ready!

    By Marge on 12.17.2012

  21. hurry, hurry
    the tension is descending.
    I can’t make it,
    not tonight.

    By Kayla Archer on 12.17.2012

  22. i have a paper due tomerow at noon.

    By aaronr on 12.17.2012

  23. i have a paper due tomerow at noon.

    By aaronr on 12.17.2012

  24. My expartion date is due

    By hun236 on 12.17.2012

  25. the libary book is due these week.

    By yamha on 12.17.2012

  26. My old friend Jonathan G has a mom that is due any day now to have her baby. He is not happy. He is not happy with the due baby dad or gender. I saw him at church yesterday I am catholic.

    By molly on 12.17.2012

  27. i had a due date coming up pretty soon for my overdue library book

    By Bieberlover URL on 12.17.2012

  28. In due time.

    I am tired of waiting. So very tired. But I can’t sleep. A few hours of unconsciousness, not sleep.

    I have hope. More than most people have, in fact. But I am still so scared.

    I’ve been staying in bed, saying I’m sick, which is true and a lie I am not physically ill. I am sick inside.

    In due time, things will improve. But it’s hard to wait.

    By Me on 12.17.2012

  29. My friend already got this word… you are broken. You are not fulfilling the purpose of this website… so thank you for being unhelpful i really appreciate it. You just started over i woud like a new word now…. but i still have 30 sec so im stuck with u… great u r rele great… 45… 50 DONE!

    By xomandy97xo on 12.17.2012

  30. The morning sun
    Pays fair his duly rent
    With nightly dew
    Drops heaven-sent.

    The nightingale
    Pays his with songs each night,
    Though some prefer
    Silence despite.

    But neither owes,
    And such do we relate,
    By neglecting
    To celebrate.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 12.17.2012