July 7th, 2014 | 67 Entries

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67 Entries for “vocal”

  1. Loud. I hear my voice echo in the room I am sitting in. I try to vocalize what I am feeling but it feels stuck somehow. My walls are closing in on me and everything that made sense before is being swept away by my own voice, my own words. Vocal, loud. In my ears, as i wish they would be. Just how I want them to be. Loud.

    By Krista on 07.07.2014

  2. My vocal cord was so damagged, I never knew. Dr. Simson looked at me once again and sighed ”I told you. You need rest!”
    I shrugged ”Doc. i’ll see to it she rest this time” my mom spoke up for me.
    ”It better be so. She has already caused a lot of damage by singing” Dr. Sinson turned towards me ”listen young lady, i understand your passion towards singing but at the moment you need to let your guitar rest for sometime and you too until your vocals recuperate. Untill then ‘NO’ singing. Am I clear?”
    I nodded. What else can i do besides nodding.

    By GGomes on 07.07.2014

  3. Patriots, Rebels,
    Great-Thinkers turned to Heroes
    Were at first… VOCAL


    By Haiku-man on 07.08.2014

  4. @ vocal 3yrold
    You don’t have language
    if no one understands you
    language communicates.

    see how I rhyme too
    I also can do haiku
    fun for me and you!


    By Mostgreat1 & supermoremegahaiku-man URL on 07.08.2014

  5. He’s a vocal one isn’t he, she said harshly. She was a bitch, he could tell. He watched and tried not to care as she pushed the gag in his mouth and secured it tightly. It hurt, but what didn’t these days.

    By lola on 07.08.2014

  6. Sometimes I think I would be better off if I were more assertive, more vocal. Introversion has its perks, but there are times when I wish that I could just be a go-getter.

    By Autumn's Devotee on 07.08.2014

  7. He absorbs noise and keeps his expression default. He considers himself commonly quiet, and lets his louder, expressive peers do most of the talking for him. This is one of those times.

    “Maki-chan,” Toudou’s abrupt halt of his one-sided conversation brings him back into the world. He hears him hesitate. “Say. I talk too much, don’t I?”

    Makishima weighs the question on his tongue and grins. “Is this a trick question?”

    “No, I’m confiding in you! Maki-chan, I’m serious.” From the other line Toudou sucks in a breath. “If I talk too much, tell me right now!”

    “Huh…” Well, that’s odd. Now it’s too quiet. Makishima can’t hear the cicadas singing outside, or the constant droll of the fan in his room. He thinks he can hear the T.V. from downstairs. It should be a grateful silence, somehow relieving. And yet.

    “…Maki-chan? Do I-”

    “Does it really matter?” He mutters. “Anyways. What were you saying?”

    And just like that, Toudou continues on and becomes noise, and Makishima absorbs it all over again.

    By kristen on 07.08.2014

  8. This is the death of me! Should I learn to keep my mouth shut, I would be much better off; however, tis impossible

    By julie on 07.08.2014

  9. broken heart is there anything more cliche?
    an empty past filled along the way
    the words you spoke i spit and choke
    don’t you like the way i say
    my vocal pain is at most cliched
    our little threads deeply frayed.

    By matt m on 07.08.2014

  10. Mermaids sing just to drive sailors insane.They pull the poor men under and never let them go.But they never think of the women that wait for their husbands to return.

    By jane on 07.08.2014

  11. she was vocal to a fault. the fault being that no one had a care for what she vocalized and she lacked the care to notice. her voice began to fall on one deaf ear—-then another til there was no listening left. she was silenced, not cause she lost her voice, but her audience.

    By Safon on 07.08.2014

  12. We were most vocal in respect to the problems that we faced with the wages that we had received, after finishing the paint job. The sum of money that we had agreed with the store owner was not correct, and we demanded our fare due.

    By victor URL on 07.08.2014

  13. Danielle was your typical high school student. She loved shopping, gossiping and parties. But she was always so vocal, about everything. She had to make a point, about everything.

    “Oh my god, I found the cutest dress yesterday!” or “Oh my god did you hear the goss with Charlie?”

    By Charlotte on 07.08.2014

  14. She was extremely vocal about her dislike for him, but he ignored it and pretended as if he didn’t hear the names she called him. He was determined to win her over. He had no idea how, but he knew he would. He could picture her now, laying beside him after a night of torrid passion.

    By Michelle on 07.08.2014

  15. If i was to love you,
    tell me how.
    In another world I would have been you
    A vocal animal,
    Disgusted all the time.

    By lara on 07.08.2014

  16. My inability
    The anatomy that doesn’t quite
    Serve, Persist

    I cannot speak
    As you rant and rave
    On the error of our ways

    What can never be again
    For fear of heartbreak
    Long distance impossibilities

    But you have no idea
    The heartbreak
    You’ve already created

    So I sit
    As always

    By Sarah on 07.08.2014

  17. We all sang in one vocal. The big sound wave made the class shake.
    “That was great!” Mr. Leer exclaimed. We all know that he is brutally honest so he wouldn’t lie about this. He knew that we were ready for the signing contest in Holland.

    By Tracey on 07.08.2014

  18. I am very vocal. I often do not know when to shut up. However, other times I can be very quiet, which is the opposite of vocal. I like to sit back and listen to what others are saying. My boyfriend would tell you that I am not quiet at all. He would tell you that I speak my mind, sometimes without thinking through the ramifications. He is wrong though. I am always right and I always think through what I am going to say… often to a fault. He just doesn’t like what I say sometimes.

    By Christina on 07.08.2014

  19. The crowd was becoming entirely too vocal, but I still hadn’t been able to find the words for them. Their cries and screams echoed through the auditorium. It was too nerve-wracking. How could I possibly go on stage when they were already angry? I held my breath, I’d go on in three, two, one.

    By Cecilia on 07.08.2014

  20. can you here the vocals now?



    By jimbo on 07.08.2014

  21. Emotions escape before they form into words. I stare as they fall through my fingers.

    By Blanche on 07.08.2014

  22. Either be vocal or fall underneath the wagon and be buried in the silent cries of all those dreams, tinkling underneath the wheels in broken shards. We must growl and claw, snarl and claw for what we want or we will sink into the caverns of history and be like Jefferson VanHooten. Remember Jefferson VanHooten? Exactly.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.08.2014

  23. I’m a very ‘vocal’ person. It’s a character trait that especially my roommate doesn’t appreciate. And I don’t even mean anything sexual. Everytime I drop something he thinks the world is about to end.

    By herfst on 07.08.2014

  24. Grace worse her hair tied back in a bun, and at forty-five she had developed a thick streak of silver the ran from her temple; these two things made her look suddenly old and very much like the stereotypical vocal/piano instructor. But her hands flying across the keys… He couldn’t stop watching them.

    By Yona on 07.08.2014

  25. “Do re mi fa so…”

    “No, you’re saying it wrong!” the director said. He sighed. “The show is tonight, why can’t you get it right after all this practice?”

    “I’m trying…” Lisa replied. She didn’t know what to do.

    By Charlie on 07.08.2014

  26. He didn’t remember his dog being so vocal last time he had seen him, three years ago. But he supposed that three years could do some things to a person. And a dog, apparently. The German Shepherd stared at him with chocolate brown eyes and whimpered a soft, “Food?”
    “Really?” Felix questioned.
    The dog tilted his head, as though he didn’t understand the word. Clearly he had some command of the English language, however, so Felix didn’t believe him.

    By transience on 07.08.2014

  27. I looked around the room of distinguished scientists thinking about how to vocalize my thoughts. Would they entertain the ideas of a creationist, I wondered. Could they could hear my thoughts? Even just printed images of some of earths greatest minds were enough to make me question myself. I hated how vulnerable I felt. Can a creationist be taken seriously in the field of science? I heard our guide behind me attempting to explain the theory of evolution.
    “Do you disagree Mrs. O’Dell?”, curiously asked the aged poster of…

    By sacaguweea on 07.08.2014