April 30th, 2010 | 439 Entries

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439 Entries for “fireflies”

  1. makes me think of the song by owl city fireflies, and i like it alot.
    I like fireflies because they remind me of summer, and long nights and being so excited when you see the first one of the year! its exciting, and i think signifies the start of summer making them a happy animal!

    By carly on 05.01.2010

  2. fireflies are little animals that glow in the night and make me feel happier about life. they are so small yet they can still have an impact on life, just be giving out a hint of light in the darkest moments.

    By Sky on 05.01.2010

  3. The night air glistened with the firelies as they danced above the grass. Emily flung her arms wide, daring them to land on her and bejewel her hair, her dress, her dreams.

    By Maggie on 05.01.2010

  4. Those little, powerful, lights dancing around me puzzled me until I realized they were FIREFLIES!
    What a wonder! How completely totally miraculous they were!

    By Eileen Barnes on 05.01.2010

  5. I love fireflies, both the sing and the insects. The insects light up the night sky while the sing lights up my heart =]I love to see fireflies. They give me a sense of hope and joy, especially on a dark night.

    By Nyki on 05.01.2010

  6. Are pretty little bugs that tend to fly around during summer. They are everywhere some nights and they tend to group together. Once we caught a number of fireflies and we put them in this little jar and used it as a lantern. It was pretty cool if you ask me but it might not be to some.

    By Joe on 05.01.2010

  7. You would not believe your eyes,
    If ten million fireflies,

    This song is an example of random words strung together in melodic form to somehow create a song. When this song is performed by Miss Cheryl Tweedy, the string of random words becomes even more unbearable as the melody is lost

    By Kay on 05.01.2010

  8. i used to catch these every night during the summer with my best friend. my mom always told me to freeze them in a jar in hopes that their lights would be frozen on and we could sit and watch them glow forever.

    By katie on 05.01.2010

  9. capture them in a jar and watch them glow when they stop let them go!

    By curtis on 05.01.2010

  10. fireflies so fast, so bright. the beauty of a darkened night. the bugs that catch the eyes of all and dance in circles like a disco ball.

    By Lauren on 05.01.2010

  11. floating across the field and giving light to our unspoken adventure. We find the time to listen to the rustle of leaves and creatures which live in the forest we have intruded. Your hand touches mine and I feel a rush, just the same as the firefly, lighting up, looking for love.

    By mike on 05.01.2010

  12. The way they blink and shimmer on my old porch… they sure are useful as a kid, almost lit the whole room with a jar I had hoped for. But hey, the way they blink is more than meets the eye, finding long lost lovers in the dark night sky. what an evening of searching and finding oh the way it was. Miss that shit yo

    By Ryan on 05.01.2010

  13. They have wings that make them fly and they’re pretty. I haven’t seen a lot of them, but I think they’re fun to watch. I really like the song “Fireflies” by Owl City. I think fireflies are cool.

    By Mely on 05.01.2010

  14. Fireflies are essential, ephemeral, purposeful. We are all fireflies. Here for a few years, but shedding light and hope.
    Clutch a firefly to your heart and run and run….

    By Indrajit on 05.01.2010

  15. Pitch black, I can’t see a thing. Yet, in the distance I see a flash, just one though. Then, I look over. TONS of bright lights flicker in the moon light. It was breathtaking to see so many, so many fireflies.

    By Taylor on 05.01.2010

  16. fireflies come out at night and are incredible things i have also experienced sea fireflies or in other words phosphorescent algae! incredible!

    By Jamie on 05.01.2010

  17. are free and mystic like fairies. They fly around ponds and dance in the sky with one another. They buzz, whispering secrets to each other, and they laugh at us as we stare in bewilderment or swat them away in disgust of fear.

    By Deanna URL on 05.01.2010

  18. Fireflies, the name of a song that used to come on the radio often during a strange time in my life. It was by Owl City. One time I was waiting for a ride at work, on top of the hill looking down toward the highway, and this particular song floated up at me from a gas station, but I could only hear every few notes. I first heard it with a girl who wanted to kiss me. I don’t kiss girls.

    By lettuce on 05.01.2010

  19. I hate owl city…not that they’re (he’s) horrible, persay, but that song just grates when it’s stuck in your mind, over and over again. Great and catchy the first 10 times, but never again. Not worth catching the little luminescent winged bugs in glass jars anymore. Thank you, Owl City, for ruining childhood.

    By Toes on 05.01.2010


    By Nami on 05.01.2010

  21. Fireflies, the beauty of a summer night.
    How fluttery I feel when I see the first firefly of a new summer.

    Beautiful creatures, glowing in the night,
    drifting in the wind,
    bringing peace in flight.

    By Austin Fraser on 05.01.2010

  22. fireflies are beautiful. they transmit peace and are different from the mainstream of bugs that fly in the air and flowers. they travel and channel wisdom. i love fireflies. i’d tattoo one.. as a symbol.

    By mariolaph on 05.01.2010

  23. fireflies are cute and i love to catch them. They always remind me of summer. Fireflies flash there glowing butts to mate with other fireflies. :D

    By Kimberly on 05.01.2010

  24. we saw fireflies that night and thought they were stars. thought it was a good omen, but now i remember the boy who used to squish them as a kid. so probably not such a good omen, actually. some people, like you and that boy, hate them.

    By amy on 05.01.2010

  25. i already wrote about fireflies, but i had the same topic come out so i’ll just emphasize that i really enjoy how they glow in endless nights in between the stars as the darkest, deepest and most intense feelings are born..

    By mariolaph on 05.01.2010

  26. fireflies remind me about the summers i used to spend as a kid with my younger brother adn sister on my grandparents’ farm. we would eat red, white, and blue popsickles around the fourth of july and just run and run and catch them. only to release them. they jus remind me of summer.

    By Elise on 05.01.2010

  27. Dancing, they remind me of a song hotarukoi. Amazing firefly effect. Unfortunately, I live in a place where there are none, and i think it would be great to see a swarm if you can call it that one day. It is like to summer what snow is to winter.

    By Sara on 05.01.2010

  28. fireflies are something that really has a lot of meaning to me. fireflies represent a life that quickly flashes for a moment and then is gone maybe never to be seen again. the idea that that flash is catch-able and obtainable speaks to me in the way most metaphors do.

    By Alex on 05.01.2010

  29. dancing in the night their light illuminates the sky with bursts of flame. Insects or fairies….to a child it doesn’t matter as their beauty is all that remains.

    By Natalie on 05.01.2010

  30. Dancing in the night, their light illuminates the sky with bursts of flame. Insects or fairies….to a child it doesn’t matter, as their beauty is all that remains.

    By Natalie on 05.01.2010

  31. you would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep. They light up the open air, and leave teardrops everywhere. You’d think me rude, but I would just stand and stare.

    By Bridget on 05.01.2010

  32. I love how they shine, bright and mysterious. Glowing through the night as nostalgia kicks in. Childhoood always pops in when I see them floating around likt lost souls. I miss home.

    By Cam on 05.01.2010

  33. Fireflies. Makes me think about my childhood. I remember catching fireflies and keeping them in jars. I love being a kid. Fireflies seems synonymous with freedom. Fireflies.

    By Tala on 05.01.2010

  34. Yeah, the first time I saw and I think the only time was on a visit to Chicago. Let’s see, that was back a ways…I can’t remember if we caught them or just watched them light up. What a name…fire…flies.

    By ko on 05.01.2010

  35. fireflies are beautiful, their light is shiny and pointy, they are the stars above well cut lawn.

    By Daniel Saint-John on 05.01.2010

  36. i would not believe my eyes if i saw ten million fireflies. they are lovely. enjoy them, catch them in a jar. embrace them, with every chance you get. I love fireflies so much with all of my heart.

    By Stephanie on 05.01.2010

  37. fireflies are summer’s joy. we watch as they light up the trees like christmas trees in may. their bright glow warms the hearts of our children and parents alike.

    By Haley on 05.01.2010

  38. that owl city song is overrated. i don’t even really like him as an artist… i had his cd, but i sold it for a dollar yesterday at preplayed. that was more beneficial than actually listening to the cd. plus i really only liked two or three songs on it anyway. sure it’s a catchy song, but i don’t think it needs all the attention.

    By Emma on 05.01.2010

  39. the fireflies make me happy but the stars make me feel so alone, lost in space. i feel so small. gotta get out of this lonely place and start my life of love. break away and start fresh where i can be free and the stars are my friends. millions and millions. i am inundated with love.

    By megan on 05.01.2010