March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. The end is coming. I can see it in the distance. It scares me. I’m too young for this. Too inexperienced. I’m trapped. I still have so much to do. So much I have yet to feel. I want to escape and live the life I was meant to live.

    By Melissa Farley on 03.03.2011

  2. final. i hate when things are final. graduations. death. it means the end of something wonderful, something that you will never get back. i know that change must happen in life, but why does it have to be so final

    By Emma on 03.03.2011

  3. Things were ending. Buildings were cracking and hearts were beating faster. Because it was the end. Finality hung on the air likie thick dust; the tangible hand of a partner gripping yours as the story came to a close.

    By Candice URL on 03.03.2011

  4. It reminds me of school. Finals in Junior High and High School. Every last few weeks of the class, there are finals. Or it reminds me of a final – which is last, technically. Either way, this word scares me. Either way, it’s for good. It’s scary thinking that something only lasts for a certain amount of time. I don’t want us to be final. I don’t want this to be final. I

    By Karina on 03.03.2011

  5. The final day that I had cheese was when I was at Rachel’s. The cheese came in a dark platter, strewn with hair and fingernail clippings. I tried to politely decline. But I was forced to submit to her insisting hands.

    By Eunice Malchuk Rasmussen on 03.03.2011

  6. the end. the end!! death is near. aahhhh!!

    so, I guess it is here that we say our last goodbye. Sigh.

    We’ve had a long life together. It was fun while it lasted it.


    By Aalap D URL on 03.03.2011

  7. the end of something stressful. the finished product. the result. the reward. relief. happiness. a break from what you’ve been working on. hard work pays off.

    By cydnee on 03.03.2011

  8. that’s the final word. Somebody has to have it. Certainly shant be me. I just began speaking. You go ahead and take it. It is my gift to you. The ever coveted…final word

    By Kelsey Genoways URL on 03.03.2011

  9. it is the end of time. the end of the heat and the beginning of the deep freeze. Silas adjusted his kilt and blew the hot air directly at his testicles. Hard to keep fertile now that the sun had shut down, hard to stay hard and harder to stay in one piece.

    By jon klein on 03.03.2011

  10. the last mile
    exilleration and very exciting
    it was fun goodbye
    farewell old friend
    drive safely,
    what’s the score? the fat lad

    By lisa on 03.03.2011

  11. this is final final test feiba final is when some one yells at you for a long time after yelling at you before last straw not happening again done last over

    By rowan on 03.03.2011

  12. finally finally lately the darkness swells and the joints pop and the vertebrae break and the landed gentry seize control of the unlanded masses of finally ready to revolution their ass people get ready for the final countdown!

    By jon klein on 03.03.2011

  13. I had to take a final once. It was an English final. It was so freaking hard. Luckily I passed but only because the teacher curved the grades. Ahh high school. Such fun. Not really. College is much better. I have SO much more work than I did in high school but I still love it. I’ve met so many awesome people and made some really good friends. I just feel so much more independent and responsible for myself than I used to.

    By Maddie on 03.03.2011

  14. The final day was epic. The mountain was nearing its close and Paul was riveted. his life was about to be complete. All the training, exercising, effort, was about to be worth something. He was elated.

    By Alys Rose on 03.03.2011

  15. Finals are actually one of my favorite times each semester. No homework. I don’t study, because if you don’t know the stuff by the night before, you’re not going to know it. It is what it is, and I don’t stress about it. I like that there’ a different schedule too.

    By keira URL on 03.03.2011

  16. at this very moment, ‘final’ means something different to everyone. the final exam you have tomorrow, the final thought before you drift off to sleep, even the final word you said to someone you loved before they left.

    By sarah on 03.03.2011

  17. Final? Like a final test? Like, the ones you get at the end of the semester? Ugh. Those are no fun. Although, I think I’ve always had an easier time with them than other people. Not saying I’m this genius or whatever. I just do well at tests. In fact, I had a really good SAT math score, like 710, I think. Better than my brother’s and he’s a nuclear engineer.

    By Zoe on 03.03.2011

  18. finally. A word I can relate to. With all this stress over school finals, finishing within deadline, final performances, final rehearsals… The world operates of finality. And this is final now. The stress is really getting to be. Anxiety pains, stomach problems, the whole deal.

    By leggomyuggo on 03.03.2011

  19. I can’t take it anymore, this is my final stand. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Shall we live or die, I do not care to know. All I know is this is what I’ve been fighting for. This moment in time, just because it’s like no other

    By Austin Connelly on 03.03.2011

  20. this is my last sentence, they shouldn’t have given such a depressing word; it makes it hard to write, i want what i write about to be better than “final,” better than the end.

    By Jordan McElheran URL on 03.03.2011

  21. Paz.

    By Dulmo URL on 03.03.2011

  22. the tests we get at teh end of the semester. uhhgg theyre so painful. beter than the ap tests. death final embrace. the last thing anyone sees. what we are all waiting for the end. el final the final enemy that shall be destroyed is death

    By James on 03.03.2011

  23. So, here I am. Taking my final stand. Letting it all out. Telling the world, what I want to shout. Although I already have a tendency to do so. I hate what it’s come to. This. This moment here. Does it really have to end this way, or do you just want me to disappear?

    By Austin Connelly on 03.03.2011

  24. the last of anything is the final.. for students it is an exam … for cancer patients it is that which defines prognosis.. for lovers it is the moment at which they realize that the relationship that was forever is no longer

    By melanie Stansfield on 03.03.2011

  25. This is the final straw. He looked over at me and smiled. I can’t take this anymore, I thought. My body was shaking and my meal a meager pancake in the center of a white porcelain plate. I looked at him, and slowly moved my arm up to wave.

    By Scythe42 URL on 03.03.2011

  26. School finals. Ugh. That’s the end. It’s over. Most of the time bad. Sad.

    By Kalie URL on 03.03.2011

  27. I have taken so many final exams. One where the room was hot and sweaty. I wasn’t the only one who left the room soaking wet, my professor did too. The paper stuck to my forearm. The moisture to my upper lip. Another year, semester I came to a final in my snow boots, wool sweater. Still. Cold.

    The final I face now is unlike any kind of final I have faced before. It is the final exam of my relationship. Do we continue? Or do we part ways? Hot or cold. Humid or below freezing. I must pass to move forward.

    By Julia URL on 03.03.2011

  28. “That’s it, the last one.”

    It had to be. I couldn’t bear to watch another come down the line.

    It was over and I could return back to what I would cal normal.

    By Kelby URL on 03.03.2011

  29. Oh my goodness. Just a little bit further. Just that bit, I just need a little push and it will all be over. No more waking up in the wee hours of the morning. No more dieting , no more of anything. I can simply relax and rest up for the big day. I’ve got to get it done. This is my last workout before the 10k run.

    By Denia. URL on 03.03.2011

  30. everything is done. no more. i don’t know how to think or how to take it. i don’t know why i’m still here. everything just seems so final. done. finished. my life is over. my faith is over. everything. it’s over. everyone says there is light at the end of the tunnel…but i can’t see it. is it really there?

    By bekah on 03.03.2011

  31. a series of sounds
    coming together to create words
    supposedly holding meaning
    definitions we are able to define
    if not comprehend

    linear time
    moments gone in moments’ notices
    everlasting repercussions
    incessant memories


    and that’s final.

    By ira gray URL on 03.03.2011

  32. Finals suck so hard core, they could be featured in adult films.

    By iseekblueroses URL on 03.03.2011

  33. it was the end. we were done. i had all this time with him and i had no idea where we had gone, hours together, during the day, late at night, everywhere. but then we came to the end. the final. and i knew i was going to fail, bc i hated history class. every moment of it. it was the final. and i was done. finale.

    By Bacall on 03.03.2011

  34. Final, the last days, hours, moments of my life. What to do? Well, I’ll pray to Lord God. Thank Him for the life He gave me. Say sorry for my sins. Say see you soon to my love ones. Then just wait until the lights turn off.

    By 345thkasl on 03.03.2011

  35. This time I will try to finish on time. The final seconds are drawing near and without a break or hesitation my thoughts have again taken flight, leaving me sitting here, stitching and knitting the words together and ironing out the lumps, watching them fly away into blue sky with the minute that has just left.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.03.2011

  36. Finals week is coming up. Only two more weeks. I know its bad… but I don’t seem to care. I just care about music. Where does Calc 3 fit into that?

    By Paige Donahoe on 03.03.2011

  37. the end. dead. the closing chapter. the last thought. everything, summarized in that defining moment. lost.

    By jay on 03.03.2011

  38. the final exam, of this proctologist
    involves not just one finger but a whole fist
    i cant even lie to you this shit is whack
    he stuck his whole hand into some guys crack

    By Bonso on 03.03.2011

  39. This is final, yet it’s not.
    It’ s final in that it’s the last 3.3.11, the last time I’m going to experience this moment just like this. It’s final in that carpe diem sort of way. If it’s bad, it’s the final time I’ll experience the pain this sharply. If it’s good, it’s the final time for that, too, so I best suck it in and savor it.

    This isn’t final, if I fail at a task, I can do it again. If I gain weigh, I can lose it.The specific situation i’s final, but how i react to it, and what I take away from it’s not. It’s not final until I say it is or until I stop breathing.
    Everything is in flux.

    By nwellnitz URL on 03.03.2011

  40. I think about tests in school. And I also think about a phone commercial where a guy sings ‘the final countdown’ by the scorpions. why is the word ‘final’ colored purple?

    By Stephanie on 03.03.2011