March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. There was no going back, though. It was all so final – a fate worse than loneliness. He would have to pick up and move on, but it was so hard to do. She was the only one he ever really liked, and he didn’t like himself enough to be alone.

    By deanbobdotcom URL on 03.03.2011

  2. the final is the end. the end of what is up to you to decide. It can be the end of the game – the time when you are the one who can end things how you want it and on your terms. It can be thefinal test – the one you’ve worked so hard and done all yo can…but no you put it out there for you to take andbe proud of what you did. It can be the final song you sing after all the tears and training to be the best singer you can be…but the final time you sing and love to sing it all. the final could be the final time you say goodbye to a loved one – one that has been with you all these years, through thick and thin and yet this is when you meet, talk and have the last word to say i love you and thank you…very tear up for all you’ve done together. the final can also be the final time you do something for when you begin a new chapter of your life….the fime that you know will be the last for spending all your time and energy focused on one particular chain of events, only to know that the time and the day has come where this the final time – and you feel excitement for when you know you start your venture the next day. Final can also represent all the hard work you’ve done for a accomplishment, day in and day out when you didn’t think you could do it anymore, you did…and you never gave up. Final can also reflect your feelings as in the final straw…i’m done with this and never again will you settle or be seen as someone who will just be the one everyone beats up on…the final stand when you can say that you are now done with being down and behind – final end and now you stand for yourself. Final also represents the final to school, graduation and being proud of all the work and effort you’ve done for a number of years.

    By Ted on 03.03.2011

  3. Final means the end, of something, anything. Sometimes what is ending seems right, and sometimes it seems like the end of the world. It is always important to remember that evertything happens for a reason and that everything that is final will lead to what is best.

    By Lola on 03.03.2011

  4. Sethalor snarled, “This is the final straw, N’verian.”

    N’verian only raised a brow and looked critically at his nails, buffing them against his robe before peering closely at them again.

    Sethalor narrowed his eyes. “I’d ask if you were paying any attention whatsoever to me, but that would just be inviting abuse.”

    N’verian smiled, a chilly affair. “The boy learns, after all.”

    “Do not try my patience overmuch, godling.”

    “Or else what? You’ll fry me where I stand?”

    By kyrias URL on 03.03.2011


    By burb on 03.03.2011

  6. I think of the final countdown. The song. Or finals for schools. Or the final show of a series. Like, the last episode ever. I think of fins of a fish. And narwhals. I’m not sure what else. Um. Fish. Igloo. Natalie. Apple. Loot. That’s it. Matt Damon? Emily Blunt?

    By Chela on 03.03.2011

  7. final, the ultimate. scary, huh? but then again, a beginning always comes with an end. even when the astroid killed all the dinosaurs, life went on.
    so what will happen when we’re gone? when you’re gone? i hope it’s good, but who really cares?

    By ice on 03.03.2011

  8. The end is tomorrow. Good luck.

    By cegr76 URL on 03.03.2011

  9. Final. The end. The big finish. Fine, suggests something small. But how can finality be anything but immense? One does not tend to go out like a lamb, I would hope. Or perhaps humanity has merely put far too much weight on death and what lies beyond. Perhaps finality really should be so fine.

    By Shard URL on 03.03.2011

  10. it’s impossible to feel the ending
    as this world shifts and breathes
    around the seemingly important tasks
    of ever sluggish day.
    when will it be final,
    the waiting and the sloughing through
    all of the beginnings we refuse to feel.

    By kalena URL on 03.03.2011

  11. it’s not necessary to give a final answer on any event you’re attending. but friends, the worst feeling in the world is when you sit down on stage with your instrument, ready to play a solo and you see all the empty chairs of people who could have been there, but decided not to attend. it’s like having a piece of your heart break right before your shining moment.

    By marie URL on 03.03.2011

  12. Here we reach the final stage, the brink of past and future. Before us lies a new life, and behind us a life of separation and distance. With this final step, we will become one, unite our bodies and minds before all. From this moment forward, we will never be apart.

    By Clarasaurus URL on 03.03.2011

  13. I hate finals. I have them every may and they just stink. Ok, stink is a bad word, Ms. Vasu would kill me. They are the epitome of my existence. Ok, not that either. Finals, they’re just so…final. You know? Basically 70% of our entire grade rides on whether we studied enough.

    By The Introvert on 03.03.2011

  14. Its the countdown to the end of all things that we know. And as if I really even cared. I’ve been here so long, watched health come and go, stumbled upon things I believed in, lost people I cared about, and in the end looking back, I only will ever hold one final regret. That I let it down.

    By Brandon on 03.03.2011

  15. The final thoughts I had before I died. I can’t remember them. I wish I could, but I can’t. I miss them, my thoughts, I mean. I miss them more than I miss anything else in my life. I wish I could go back, fix it all. There is nothing of use in this empty vastness. There is no thought.

    By Brandon on 03.03.2011

  16. Final countdown, that’s it just the final, these are happening all the time in school, over and over and over they come and go each one not prepared for, but they come anyways and it goes on and on in this cycle and it’s nuts. Every week another one, I don’t know what some of them mean but I do it anyways because that’s expected, that’s just it just do what’s expected and you’ll be fine. Just do the final because it’s expected. Final.

    By Kate jenny URL on 03.03.2011

  17. Breath, word, sight, night, the end of it all.

    By Emma URL on 03.03.2011

  18. It was final. the judge slammed the gavel upon his podium. The jury had chosen the fate of this woman. A woman who at first may seem frail but oh so bitter. She had made some choices, choices that would change her life forever.

    By Eric Abney URL on 03.03.2011

  19. the end. the last thing. sometimes it’s a test at the end of a class at school. final could mean death. finite. no more. no questions asked. that’s it! no more! That’s final! :)

    By Tester on 03.03.2011

  20. final exams are terrible. final conclusions are results are terrifying. final is a very threatening word. it means that it is you last chance to prove yourself, to get it right, to do what needs to be done. final decisions are imperative. this is my final sentence.

    By Emma on 03.03.2011

  21. goodbye. such a final word. i didnt need to hear anything else. it was final, you would go your way and i would go mine. i’ve never been good at goodbyes, i always hated that word. goodbye. it was just so final.

    By whiskey_lullabyy on 03.03.2011

  22. the end is the hardest time i ever saw, cause it was like the red that hits the ground when blood sheds itself to new skin on pavement and we could be concrete like the gray beneath my feet but i am warm and the only cold i know is the time that ended your heart and i felt it die beneath my mind.

    By tes on 03.03.2011

  23. It was the final straw for him. He had been jerked around and around, and left with nothing. He was sick of waiting around, wondering what she was thinking constantly. The inconsistency was driving him to insanity, and he was beginning to realize this. He looked at her and knew this was the final time he would ever see her. And she had no idea just what was coming.

    By shesarhinosaur URL on 03.03.2011

  24. makes me think about an ending. nothing can replace it. you just have to go with it and follow through. no second chances. end of the race. you’re done. the finish is ahead and thats all you can do but run.

    By Mary Lyn on 03.03.2011

  25. it’s the final countdown. and i really hate finals. i just had two midterms this week – almost as bad as a final. not quite as bad though. they cause me much anxiety. grrrr. i just don’t see why there needs to be a final anything. it’s dumb. you know? especially tests. and final papers.

    By Kalee on 03.03.2011

  26. the finals were about to begin and marry was frightened beyond belief
    “God, please just let me pass and i swear i will stop steeling from the collection plate” she said as the tests began coming around.
    teh smell of freshly sharpened pencils filled the air as she was handed her test and realized that her fears had been realized, she didnt understand a word of it

    By steve papesh on 03.03.2011

  27. the end of everything that is. the last light that will go out. the end of everything we know. the place where no one is. the snuff of a candle. the end of being. the last door to ever close. the end.

    By Kylie Neale URL on 03.03.2011

  28. In the end, there was always on thing on his mind and it was the final battle with his cousin. He never thought he would see the day when he would go one on one with the man he truly hated. He never understood why he the Gods had chose to him to do such a stupid task.

    By Dee URL on 03.03.2011

  29. it’s always about finals .. the end of the path .. the end of everything , u do do and do .. and maybe u dont ,, but all what matters is the final , no one will have a look even a fast glance on what u did or not , they’ll just focus on the final .. final kills or not

    By amy on 03.03.2011

  30. oh god. final. the end. THE END OF THE WORLD. APOCALYPSE!!!!111~ no. that’s bullsheeeeet. finals suck. i have them next week. i am going to fail my AP statistics final. but who cares, right? it’s not a required class and i already have enough credits to graduate. who doesn’t feel like going out with a bang?…. ahahaha.

    By Ashley URL on 03.03.2011

  31. there is no final. there are too many. what does it mean and should it be feared or respected? should i keep on my path and choose not to waste my time concentrating on the end when the present is where i remain? i will not reach finality until the present and the future are complete. maybe this is where i should rest my thoughts.

    By kaya on 03.03.2011

  32. final. Everything has to come to an end, whether it’s through death or rebirth. Perhaps even death is a rebirth of sorts. I don’t think “final” does the feeling justice, because so much comes after this phase that it’s really, if you look at it, simply a beginning. A lovely, wonderful, new beginning. The key is simply to learn from it and become a more developed, fully aware person.

    By Amanda Rudolph on 03.03.2011

  33. The end. The final round. Conclusion. Final results.

    By Care URL on 03.03.2011

  34. There it sparkled, on the dais just across the domed, stone chamber. The light was dim, but just enough to catch an eyeful of the final crystalline insect. Once she had this, everything would be perfect and her real plans could be set into motion.

    By Saronai URL on 03.03.2011

  35. Many students lined up outside the door of Professor Higgins, waiting for the results of their final papers. Several of the brightr minds were cruising rough their laptop windows.

    By Spencer on 03.03.2011

  36. Finals are final. There’s nothing after a ‘final’. The ‘final’ test of the year. The ‘final’ pill in the bottle. ‘Final’ is ‘final’. There’s no simpler way to put it. They are the end, the ‘end’ of the discussion. The ‘end’ of an assignment

    By lilly on 03.03.2011

  37. i was soo freaked out as the exam was getting so close and i was just thinking how i willhing it but i triesd so hard to keep my mind offf her just to get the score i want..bas keda khlas..and FINallyy IAM DONE WITH BOTHHHHHHH

    By ahmed on 03.03.2011

  38. It’s the final countdown. It’s almost time for bed and I still haven’t written anything today. 30 minutes to go, and I know I won’t accomplish anything today. It’s good to have goals. It’s heartbreaking not to reach them.

    By Brandi on 03.03.2011

  39. the end. where to begin. I dont know but someday some where it will be my finally and I want that to be as unremarkable and quite as beetoven wasn’t. A few people and a cliff.
    jumping from clifs.
    so fun
    chancing the finality of life…

    By kahsha on 03.03.2011

  40. It’s broken down and old. Its hair is matted to the bed of the truck, and as the tires screech around the next corner he’ll slam again into the sidewall. He’s been sick for 4 years. He’ll die today. Who will he see?

    By John Hundley URL on 03.03.2011