January 6th, 2010 | 401 Entries

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401 Entries for “figure”

  1. una figura. eso es lo que eres…figura! porque sabes moverte, sabes estar en tu lugar y no te importa nada m

    By eneltrabajo on 01.07.2010

  2. the body…basically the shape that is visually presented to the human eye….it could also be the shape of pretty much anything

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  3. go figure. I have an early meeting today and there’s a snow storm. ALl traffic is moving like a snail. I feel like emailing my meeting mates and asking them if we can take care of this via email. I hate meetings anyway. What a bore. oops…looks like I’m running out of time. Hate that red bar up top.

    By Ellen on 01.07.2010

  4. figure is a a great thing to express your thoughts. If you have some nice sence of imagination, you can easily make it happen with the figures. nice

    By indrajeet on 01.07.2010

  5. too good if its seen with the right eye, and fails to impress if drawn by a physics professor rather than God!!

    By Mridul on 01.07.2010

  6. I can’t believe we have a test today and I didn’t study. Go figure.

    By Anissa on 01.07.2010

  7. “Can’t you figure it out?” I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She actually wanted me to move to Florida with her. Yeah right. I was the one who wanted her to move to California with me. She just wouldn’t ever understand how I felt.

    By Alyssa on 01.07.2010

  8. The liquid curve of it, inward, away from him, was exactly what drew Felix nearer. Smooth and lovely. Delicate and shy. He heaved a sigh, running the back of his hand down the ribcage.

    By beta on 01.07.2010

  9. I woke up and figured I’d have to start breakfast, but instead sat down in the chair to read. The baby figured he’d wake up too and join me. We settled into the warm leather and thought and prayed and spent time, trying to figure out the meaning of life.

    By Jenny on 01.07.2010

  10. i figured out wat ws pissin me off….its those ppl who dnt hav d guts to b true friends n knw nthng xpect bitchin….

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  11. the problem was an easy one but still rob found himself struggling to crunch numberss. the figures just wouldn’t settle, he reached for a gin

    By sam collis on 01.07.2010

  12. it talks about the bible.

    By matthew on 01.07.2010

  13. shape form

    By a on 01.07.2010

  14. so i figure you won’t mess with me, now that i’ve figured out who you are. figures like us have to stick together.

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  15. Go figure. My friends sister’s birthday is today. She figured her grandmother was coming from Ireland, and she also figured there was going to be a snow day off of school. Turns out there is too much snow for her grandmother to get here, but not enough snow for the school to shut down.
    Go figure.

    By Austin K on 01.07.2010

  16. man, character,

    By jani on 01.07.2010

  17. a person

    By bob on 01.07.2010

  18. figure this won’t turn out, do ya? I’ll figure yourself all the way around and back. If you don’t see that, then I don’t see it either. Figure 8, fooooooooooolllssss!

    Ellen also contributes, “configureeight”

    By Timothy Padraic Sullivan on 01.07.2010

  19. The figure of a dog is very small and

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  20. this is the word of the day all day I figure – wonder if that is true or if just figuring it out by doing this over and over will be a good way to figure the problem. figure that i don’t have to worry about punctuation when writing about figuring as I am figuring about biggering and biggering

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  21. It just figures this would happen to me. I went to the store and had everything figured out. I needed sugar, apples, flour, cinnamon and lard to bake this pie. I had all the other ingredients at home.

    By on 01.07.2010

  22. Who figured this out? This is a great idea for writing prompts. I like this, and I don’t even teach writing. I’m a band director. This is the most I’ve written, personally, in a while. I’ll pass this on to the English folks.

    By Dave on 01.07.2010

  23. How do we decide things are, the way they are? How do we know that such things exsist in front of us? If you asked me I think this is just some cruel movie and I really want to hit the rewind button. But how do I know it’s really there? How do I figure?

    By Bryan on 01.07.2010

  24. I have a coke bottle figure. I figure that if we spend 30 dollars on the product and sell it for 80, we’ll be making good money. Figure 3 is larger than figure 4. Figures.

    By Rachel on 01.07.2010

  25. i figure it out what is love. just only mariah carey sang that she figured out something in we belong together. i dont know, probably i didnt figure out some stuff. it really takes time to figure out, or rather got it kinda thing. so stop thinking and i want to watch tv now opps, that looks that an interesting show

    By janellejam on 01.07.2010

  26. The painting above the mantle contained only one. But the room was stuffed full of mannequins. The only thing that kept Fidan from dashing out of the room immediately was the thought that all these mannequins were just overgrown puppets. Puppets like what her father used to play with and make her laugh after family dinners. The Russian vodka bottle on the night stand titled over and spilled two drops onto the carpet.

    By Plasticities on 01.07.2010

  27. “IT WAS A FIGURE OF SPEECH!”, Brian bellowed at his daughter. The well of tears behind her eyes overflowed. “Now I’ve done it,” he thought. “This is the moment.”

    By @ on 01.07.2010

  28. It wasn’t anything other than the visual impact. When I saw him…his frame, his shape, his figure. And, that was it. I was lost.

    By JA on 01.07.2010

  29. I have to figure things out.
    Otherwise I feel as though everything is gone to mess. I don’t like how it means both number and body. The two have nothing to do with each other.
    I used to think that as long as I put in the effort I’ll figure everything out. But that’s just not for me, even if it’s true its a waste of time

    By CM on 01.07.2010

  30. “You’re still the same,” I commented, my brow furrowed like it always seemed to be lately. “Figures.” I wanted him to change, to see things the way I did, to know that things could work out between us.

    By kristin on 01.07.2010

  31. I figure that it’s about time they call me. I’ve been putting myself out there for about three months now. Entry level, ha! Just to get my foot in the door… If you are patient good things will surface.

    By Miranda Ransom on 01.07.2010

  32. the figure standing in the windowsill was reminsent of a starfish. except the most annoying starfish known to man. I have never seen anything as hideous or as mysterious as this five pronged, stary figure bumpy and sillhuetted. It was not beautiful in itself but in it’s presence outside my window.

    By Lizzie on 01.07.2010

  33. Not sure how to figure it out…? I am lost.

    hmm words from figure.


    By Me on 01.07.2010

  34. An hourglass figure. A very large or small number. coming to a conclusion as the figure out. I figure that you are going to eventually figure it out. A word that sounds odd when said in the mind repeatedly several times.

    By Mysti on 01.07.2010

  35. I figure life isn’t as easy as it seems at first sight…There are twists and turns that pop up at any moment and lead you into unknown lands of joy or pain. I wish life were a predictable road to travel and not always a strange adventure.

    By JoAnn on 01.07.2010

  36. The girl stared in the mirror admiring her own figure.

    By Tom on 01.07.2010

  37. Go figure………no I don’t know that there is more than this to that….but whats most important at this time….proper order then understanding will follow. Or are you ignoring me again and already?

    By R.F.I. on 01.07.2010

  38. Father figure, a figure is a what-not. A figure can be so much. I “figure” that I mightaswell not study today.

    By Antionette on 01.07.2010

  39. trying to figure myself out is like trying to wrestle a rhinoceros. and win.

    By allison on 01.07.2010

  40. noun
    a number, esp. one that forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company : official census figures | a figure of 30,000 deaths annually from snakebite.

    By WEBSTER on 01.07.2010