January 6th, 2010 | 401 Entries

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401 Entries for “figure”

  1. figure 8. circles and circles…

    By t_rex on 01.06.2010

  2. Her body like a vampire’s bed–
    The finding a house
    Way above the prairie of home,
    Where limits are let go
    And scattered minds flow.
    The bastard beneath–
    Below the pink see through blouse,
    If far underneath
    Would I have found out?
    The ticks of the beat
    The movement of the feet–
    Bewildering the departure to sky,
    Below below; brown is the culprit.

    By George on 01.06.2010

  3. i figure that the word figure just makes me think of art. the figure of a human. the figure of a composition. the figure of the holistic aesthetics of life. life is a figure. go shape it. go figure out your figure.

    By mona on 01.06.2010

  4. i saw a billboard tonight that had a picture of a man hiking in a “blank space” but all my friend could think of to fill the space was “figure” when it was obviously a picture of a MAN HIKING

    By emily hinton on 01.06.2010

  5. I figure that this word isn’t really that important, but figures are sometimes used in stone to represent famous dead people, especially in parks. Also known as statues, they let us know what famous people would look like if birds crapped all over them.

    By nave on 01.07.2010

  6. im good with figures. i used to hve a sexy figure i figured that i am growing as a different person! figures and numbers intrigue me! girls like a good figure as much as guys! im too bad at it :(

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  7. a beautiful skater on the glowing ice, dancing, peroweting. She is the motion of life on

    By darkland on 01.07.2010

  8. I figured I would never have ended up here if I ad known about this in advance. I wasn’t the type of girl to pack my bags, get on a plane and hope I ended up somewhere warm. I wasn’t spontaneous or exciting or flexible for that matter.

    By Summer on 01.07.2010

  9. I am entranced by dark figures who’s faces I cannot see — anonymity intrigues me.

    By person-thing on 01.07.2010

  10. squares and lines and figures covered the paper, overlapping like pieces of magazines in a collage. i stared at the desk full of information and felt sweat start to drip down my forehead. this wasn’t going to work… none of it was. all of us were going to get caught and who knows what happens after that?

    By satah on 01.07.2010

  11. A figure thats good, a figure thats like an hour glass

    By dex on 01.07.2010

  12. figure out what you wanna do with your life, maybe you need a fresh start. I figure that’s what you gotta do right? Everyone has to start somewhere. There are a lot of things you can do. I have a lot of crazy dreams.

    By Kate on 01.07.2010

  13. figure it out, for yourself, I am not helping you on this one. you can’t keep coming to me to get things figured out for you.
    left to her own thoughts she came up blank on how to sort the probelm out – she was not to blame that she could not understand the things other people could and that the people who helped her were now fed up

    By finn on 01.07.2010

  14. figuring out math problems isn’t really that hard, it’s just careless errors that get me. my math teacher doesn’t know how to figure me out, and it hurts me in a weird way where it won’t affect me until later on in life :[ so sad so sad

    By juliana on 01.07.2010

  15. the sun & i
    and when the time
    was just right,
    it left us alone-

    By doc on 01.07.2010

  16. your pretty when your in a stance that doesn’t involve blood slipping off your starry hips. i think if your smiling the edges of your lips would touch the ground. but don’t worry baby, i’ll pick them back up. we’ll start all over again.

    By ibrokeyouwithamatchstick on 01.07.2010

  17. I can’t work out the answer, oh help. If I don;t my life is over, finished, caput. Figure, figure – go figure – what a cliche, what a load of unfinshed hell.

    By GVB on 01.07.2010

  18. I shall have a better day tomorrow…he will be more loving and considerate..

    By miles on 01.07.2010

  19. i dont really know how to figure much. im bad at math, bad at thinking, bad at pretty much everything. what i do know how to figure is little, and it doesnt really amount to much, but it gets me an’ my family by, and that’s what matters. that’s what i set out to do, and i’ve achieved my goal!

    By dabeshu on 01.07.2010

  20. Her figure was like that of a 12-year-old–wispy thin and flat-chested.

    By gino on 01.07.2010

  21. The shadowy figure that haunts me when I’m breaking & creating & doing my laundry. It shifts and churns trying to breathe or speak so it could say “i don’t want to be lonely.”

    By Edie Wood on 01.07.2010

  22. As the figures stared mockingly back at me, beads of sweat trickling down my forehead… I gave in. I took off my tie, flashed the finger to my boss and ran out into the street, the band of brothers that I had long ago left for a more advantageous, prosperous life, were playing an anthem, marching along by my side, gradually helping me to achieve my goal. I was free! The twitching, restless, nerve-wrenching fiber-glass shard that was my abstruse accounting gig was finally over. It was time to put all of my hard-earned money toward what I’ve always wanted to return to, ever since I was seventeen years old: working as a part-time life guard in some shanty surfer town in Southern California.

    I love you guys, and will always miss you,
    Sam “Squid” Dullard

    By dabeshu. on 01.07.2010

  23. meine figur is zu schlecht, wenn ich an figuren denke, denke ich an ballet, grazi

    By biene on 01.07.2010

  24. “To many people waste their time worrying about their figure”. Bullshit. People need to worry about it. Because who knows what we’d be walking around looking like without the worry. Worry isn’t always a bad thing. But, if you think about it, Figures come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe for that reason, we should secure them.

    By on 01.07.2010

  25. love. who wouldn’t know that word? the greatest word of all.. the entire world depends on it. so, why is it so hard to confess that one, single word out? why is it so hard to accept that one single word? one small four letter word, yet capable of changing each and everyone’s lives..

    By xiulynn on 01.07.2010

  26. How often have I thought about my figure? I don’t remember. I guess I really don’t. I probably will if I have known myself to be fat. But I’m not fat. I have never been fat. People can’t imagine how that can be very disappointing.

    By geekMeetsGod on 01.07.2010

  27. I feel that a figure is an important thing to have. Whether referring to your body or as a person of guidance—to how you decide what to wear, how to vote. You can figure thingfs out or “Go Figure” when something ironic happens. Either way it’s a pretty important word.

    By Amy on 01.07.2010

  28. Figure the obvious.Figure the blatant.Figue it out. Before it late.This figure business is seriously funny.

    By lucky on 01.07.2010

  29. Go figure – go on, figure! Figure it out. Think about what it means and coe up with something. Something good though, not just any old crap. Be considerate, think it through carefully then, just when they least expect it – bam, go figure. And then, nothingness. At ease.

    By Brian on 01.07.2010

  30. Go figure. Figure it out. Think about it. Speak, and breathe in. Relax, and go figure skating with your friends. Make figure eights when you skate. Figures are important to keep. You can do that by skating!

    By Faulkren on 01.07.2010

  31. My figure needs some work. It’s a bit round right now. A 0…I’m working on an 8. But either way, I love me. It figures that women are so worried about their figures. We still strive to be the best looking, and while men strive for that as well, I feel there’s not as much pressure on them as there is for women. All the time on television you see beautiful women with guys who are overweight or not making an effort.

    By Devyn on 01.07.2010

  32. Her figure was fine
    An hourglass
    An answer
    To whatever question
    You had in mind
    She was not without worry
    But she was open
    To suggestion
    She danced in crimson
    But her eyes
    Were the sweetest brown
    She wore her lashes long
    And her anger short
    She was a lady
    Every time

    By Teal on 01.07.2010

  33. there is a wonderful figure right in front of me. i don’t know why, it just numbs my sensation every time i look at it. it’s a sublime piece of art, perfect in grace and symmetry. as if helena herself materialised this woman out of her dreams.

    By on 01.07.2010

  34. speech is my
    talk of lonely things
    that are poured
    into the darkest
    part of the mind
    but figures pass
    and i am not
    alone here.

    By Robert Monarch on 01.07.2010

  35. Her stately figure adorned the ballroom floor as she glided across it gracefully, like a swan in a sea of crows. Her beauty outshone that of every singles lady in the room, yet the prince was not charmed by her. Not one bit.

    By Rei Aisaka on 01.07.2010

  36. “I had such a good sleep last night.” I say to her.

    “Yeah, but it’s those birds man, they’re so loud.” she replies.

    “Yeah, go figure.”

    “Did I talk in my sleep last night?” she asks.

    “I don’t know.” I say. “Perhaps, but I was asleep, so I don’t know.”

    By on 01.07.2010

  37. there are many ways to discuss figure. For instance, a figure of speech, a metaphor if you will. There are also figures, as in diagrams. But more interestingly, body figures. Who doesn’t want to talk about body figures? A dainty waist on a woman, the perfect hour-glass figure. Plus ACTION figures totally rule.

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  38. figure out what i told you last night baby!

    By gogo on 01.07.2010

  39. She spent the time in it, but often, even she marveled at her figure.
    The curves were all in place, sumptuous, each angle crisp, taut. Two hours at the gym a day, avoid the fries, it was dedication.
    That figure brought looks, lines, suggestions. Her social calendar was full. Yet, nothing lasted past the first encounter.
    The figure drew them in, but her insides were vapid, putrid.
    She just worked harder on the figure, forgetting the beauty locked deep inside.

    By ThomG on 01.07.2010

  40. The figure in the window. So dark so pale, the light of day i never see, just this dark figure in front of me. So blind so lost in a never ending see, all i recall is this figure of me.

    By Andrew on 01.07.2010