January 6th, 2010 | 401 Entries

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401 Entries for “figure”

  1. Star Wars Action Figures. That was my life back then. Setting up the Rebel Alliance on one side of my bed, and the Storm Trooper Army on the other. Vader and Luke were obviously always the last ones standing and had an epic light saber battle all over my room. But

    By Patrick on 01.07.2010

  2. slim, fat, diet…

    tough to

    i never

    By stella on 01.07.2010

  3. i figure i should be a better writer but i can’t help i beat the writer blocks sometimes however this doesnt help.

    By izzy on 01.07.2010

  4. the figure is always present. It does not stop. It does not sleep. It just is. When looking at it I cannot help but smile, for its curves and shades are so much like mine, but so different. The figure

    By claire on 01.07.2010

  5. Figure out how he makes your cell ring telepathically he doesn’t have a phone ask him to explain give him a corn chip

    By targetblank on 01.07.2010

  6. figure stands against the sky
    tall and straight like a long leaf pine
    many branches going out
    stand tall look about

    Figure close by the ground
    goes and goes all around

    By g on 01.07.2010

  7. do when they aren’t sure what they’re doing…sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  8. I feel that a figure is an important thing to have. Whether referring to your body or as a person of guidance—to how you decide what to wear, how to vote. You can figure thingfs out or “Go Figure” when something ironic happens. Either way it’s a pretty important word.

    By Amy on 01.07.2010

  9. What people do when they aren’t sure what they’re doing…sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    By Aaron on 01.07.2010

  10. I figure that we all end up becoming who we are meant to become — whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is not for us to say, but I’d like to believe that all things do work for the better. On another subject, my “figure” (in a more literal sense I suppose) could definitely use some work, so while I’m improving what I figure about myself and who I’m becoming, I hope to also become a slimmer version of that same person.

    By Robyn on 01.07.2010

  11. just figure it out? figure what out? maybe it’s not supposed to be figured out after all…

    By ss on 01.07.2010

  12. many shapes, figures, colors going round in a sphere backwards, frontwards, sideways, diagonal…round and round and round. Future fogs the crystal ball. shapes and figures blur.

    By Erin Bodsford on 01.07.2010

  13. figure
    of moving alive

    By carolyn on 01.07.2010

  14. what is a figure? I think that it is like a shape. You know, a triangle, a square, that sort of thing. I really think that… hmmm… lost it. Well, like a figure skater, I suppose. What do you think a figure is? Well, that’s my definition.

    By Kaye Ann Silver on 01.07.2010

  15. I just can’t figure it out! Is it figure as in face or figure as in believe, or figure as in get the answer to the puzzle… HELP!

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  16. Her figure stood undisturbed by the window, looking out into the garden, her back to me. From where I stood, the lady looked absolutely beautiful, but as she turned to face me I took an involuntary step back. Good gracious, the lady was ugly!

    By Karin on 01.07.2010

  17. Someones figure says a lot about them. How much they eat, what they eat, and maybe even when they eat. Your figure is a big part of your life that can make a difference in everyday activities. For instance, doing daily things, such as walking, could be hindered by your figure.

    By Selfconscious on 01.07.2010

  18. Your figure can say a lot about your character and your habits. Eating habits and exercise habits are mostly shown in your figure. Having a good or bad, or healthy or unhealthy, figure can hinder you from doing daily activities, such as walking. It may also make you more proficient in doing so.

    By Selfconscious on 01.07.2010

  19. I stared in the mirror at my perfect figure. Yeah, I really did look great. It was all worth it. But then I turned around to reveal the ugly lesion on my back. Hmmm. I guess I would just have to keep that covered. It was still worth it.

    By Melle on 01.07.2010

  20. I always have a hard time figuring my taxes. I hate having to worry about the IRS coming after me, so I started using an accountant to figure those pesky items for me. Money is too important to risk to my math skills.

    By Nicole on 01.07.2010

  21. I figure I better get writing or I am going to get an F on this assignment. Sometimes I have a hard time getting started but since this word is here I like it cause it makes me hurry.

    By me on 01.07.2010

  22. alot of people worry about this on themselves.

    By eizel on 01.07.2010

  23. Winged Do-Gooder

    By Jagpreet on 01.07.2010

  24. figure

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  25. tell me something about that figure over there. if it is male, what is its purpose? if it is female, does the purpose change? posture, clothing, stance, air. i don’t knowowowow

    By Sam on 01.07.2010

  26. the figure on teh dashboard of my car has a smiling buddha head with a small white chip out of his forehead. He is the living embodiment of having a path even if it’s an asphalt one. Always bobbing his head, yes.

    By tom on 01.07.2010

  27. mhkjhjhghgfchgdfkgjkbhfytsjglk

    By llojh on 01.07.2010

  28. go

    By Anonymous on 01.07.2010

  29. i don’t particularly like mine. its round and has given me a lot of trouble. i used to get stared at when i was younger, because i matured early. it was annoying. why? i didn’t want that kind of attention. it made me hope for more. so i covered it up and now i’m not happy either. oh well. can’t have everything.

    By TG on 01.07.2010

  30. I figured that I’d never see her again. I figured that she was out of my life. It hurt, at first. But, like they about time and wounds, I got over it. Slow at first. She was gone, and it started to feel good. I never figured to see her again, and when I finally did, I hated it.

    By Dan'l on 01.07.2010

  31. a figurine like a statue, or a manequin. also a woman or a man can have a good or bad figure.

    By d on 01.07.2010

  32. Remember that song “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette… well I always found it funny when she pronounced it “Fig-ur” as in “Who would have thought it fig-ured.” I dunno, maybe there is some hidden irony in how she mispronounced the word.

    By Ry-Guy on 01.07.2010

  33. i figured.. figurine? figure it out. go figure. i don’t really know how to explain the meaning of the word, yet i know how to use it in a sentence. :o

    By v on 01.07.2010

  34. He said he’d come out to visit this weekend; I figured there was a 15% chance of that actually happening. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so logical.

    By cosmiclay on 01.07.2010

  35. IT wasn’;t hard and yet it wasn’t easy. to figure out the maning of this problem. to figure out the meaning of this thought. I was left stumped. I had known that the issue wasn’t as large asI made it seem and that I was being ridiculous yet still
    What was I to do?
    If only the lightning could strike today.

    By Livie on 01.07.2010

  36. I figured it out. Took nineteen years off my life but I’ve finally got everything straight. This is the world and we are here by scientific miracle. It could not have happened any other way? Sure it could have. It just didn’t.

    Her face. Her eyes don’t interest me at all. It’s just her face. The structure. The sheer bones of it make me want to cry.

    I don’t believe in angels. I believe in luck.

    By Izz on 01.07.2010

  37. the figure he saw was of a maiden, wearing a veil and flowing greek style dress, it was a sculpture of course, but he had to remind himself it was not real. “Who made this?” He asked in hushed tones, “It was Layasa,” Carmonde replied. “I must find her.” “Yes Knight Marcoss, you must.”

    By SNC on 01.07.2010

  38. Figure it’s time for a new word eh?

    By -_~ on 01.07.2010

  39. object shape item shadow a person i guess? well a figure of speech maybe…. ghost, person, mathematical figure, figure something out?

    By ansley on 01.07.2010

  40. Figure 8, Figure 4, hmm they are divisible
    one is an eloquent and difficult ice skating move, the other a vicious wrestling hold.
    I like her figure, heavy in the chest, with long skinny legs.
    Then there Alissa, She’s thick all around, a brick house
    One that i wanna blow down

    By Adam on 01.07.2010