December 1st, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “fiery”

  1. in the summer we build those giant fires. personalities. dressing up, snuggling or fighting or fucking. good arguments with smart people. occasionally wine. and food.

    By jess akimoto on 12.02.2014

  2. Fiery is a word fit to describe that wich is engulfed in fire or wich came from fire itself. It is vastly used is weaponry vocabulary and in role playing games to describe magical weapons. Something fiery may be something that resembles fire in an artistic way.

    By Rubem on 12.02.2014

  3. Fiery is what my shirt became after I played with a lighter. :/

    By WriteNow on 12.02.2014

  4. The dragon swooped down above the trees, flying up to enter her dwelling. The hunters would be along soon and she must prepare them a surprise. They would be met with little gold and much fire.

    By Emma on 12.02.2014

  5. Fiery means that something is one fire or burning, its best not to touch something that is fiery or you will likely be burned.

    By WriteFast on 12.02.2014

  6. Fiery means that something is one fire or burning; its best not to touch something that is fiery or you will likely be burned.

    By WriteFast on 12.02.2014

  7. MY grill was very fiery because i put grease in it.

    By Keith on 12.02.2014

  8. He had fiery in his eyes. Looking at him scared me. I didn’t know what his next step would be, his next words. I didn’t know. And, I was afraid. Fiery was what I was used to, knowing that any thing I say or do would end up with his fists in my face and kicks in my stomach. I had to be careful. Every word, every move, I had to be cautious, and I had to be ready. Ready for his fiery.

    By Katie on 12.02.2014

  9. When he looked at me, I no longer see the man that I fell in love so long ago, but all I saw is fiery. Red. Anything I said or did, I needed to be cautious. Who knew where I would end up? Thrown against the wall? Perhaps. Kicked in the stomach? Maybe.

    By Katie Jedamski on 12.02.2014

  10. She looked at him and the anger nearly burned out of her eyes. He knew that her temper was fiery, but he was unprepared for this level of intensity. Her nostrils flared wildly at him and her hairs looked like they too would stand on their ends with rage. He took a deep breath and started to speak.

    By CH on 12.02.2014

  11. Guy Fiery
    a god among men
    a god among gods
    a man among chefs
    a chef among men
    Guy Fiery

    By Hank on 12.02.2014

  12. This word is difficult to spell. I can never remember whether it’s “fiery” or “firey” or “feiry.” Now that I think about it, that last one just looks ridiculous. Anyway, this word makes me think of fire. Nothing very exciting to write about it I guess. Also, my mind has been quite confused lately. I hate being away from school, and I fear that my illness has had an adverse effect on my cognition.

    By Mylee McQuillin on 12.02.2014

  13. She was brilliant, vibrant, so alive you could taste the energy surrounding her. Her tongue was quick and sharp, dangerous at times, but full of something so many lacked. Those around her tried her, put faith in her, admired the bits and pieces of enthusiasm that created her being. She was a flame in the darkness. And nothing was more beautiful.

    By Elsa on 12.02.2014

  14. Ouch ,don’t reminds me of fire ,don’t play with fire …..i speak from experience.

    By BUSHYSTINKS on 12.02.2014

  15. I wish that I had hair like her, hair like it’s an old apartment on fire, hair that tells stories. I sit behind her in Physics, and three seats to the right in Spanish. Hola. Tu pelo es rojo. Fuego. Her Spanish is better than mine. Her hair is also better than mine. I know strange things about her, like how her favorite color is silver and she got a 98 on her last Spanish quiz (misspelled lavadora, but got a bonus question). I am not obsessed with her. I just think it’s amazing how we know all these little things about people and still can’t talk to them because when you try to say hi, all you can say is “lavadora is a really easy word to spell, but your hair is cool”.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 12.02.2014

  16. Fiery hot sauce. The fiery food festival in Albuquerque. These are pleasant memories of New Mexico. I certainly miss the fiery chile. Hard to get inthe middle of the Pacific Ocean, although there are compensations, like … fiery volcanoes!

    By chipschap on 12.02.2014

  17. All the men in Yumichika’s life were like fire. Zaraki was a volcano, Ikkaku was a hot-head, Ichigo was a spit-fire, and Renji’s head actually looked like it was aflame.

    He, along with Rukia, ironically, were a few of the only people who could ever cool them down.

    By Emma on 12.02.2014

  18. The earth opened up into a sky of flames, and the ocean was painted the same colors and I put out the fire with my mind. That was all I could think of as I counted down to launch. It was my last thought before hyper sleep. I was the last one to launch.

    By thgrlnxtdr on 12.02.2014

  19. this word is similar to something hot, is stronger than warm and it’s a noun.

    By octavio on 12.02.2014

  20. Her hair was a current, not of the ocean, but of fire. Like the way asphalt blurs in humidity and the summer in Carolina is so hot, you sweat on the brow of your lip before it’s even morning. The twilight hour is the most dense and the mice even, hide away, from the downing sun. It’s a place of uneven prop

    By Cassie URL on 12.02.2014

  21. I let myself sink into the fiery abyss of my emotions to get away from the real world. All it did was drag me deeper and deeper into the fiery hell of my mind and assaulting emotions. That is when I lay there thinking about my personal hell.

    By Reegan on 12.02.2014

  22. She was a fire. A storm. A raging thunder of emotions that prowled proudly through the world. She hid nothing, an easy picking for manipulative monsters yet also the strongest person he had ever met.
    He wished he had courage like her.

    By mattoidneko on 12.02.2014

  23. I am afraid to end up in the fiery depths of hell…

    Even if it’s for you.

    By Eliazar on 12.02.2014

  24. so fiesty, so fiery. demaning answers, demaning honesty. where was your honesty? take and take but you don’t fucking stop to look in the goddamn mirror and see the bullshit you reflect. be mad, be pist. i don’t give a damn anymore.

    By Cx on 12.02.2014

  25. so feisty, so fiery. demanding answers, demanding honesty. where was your honesty? take and take but you don’t stop to look in the damn mirror and see the crap you reflect. be mad, be pist. i don’t give a damn anymore.

    By Cx on 12.02.2014

  26. Her fiery gaze made his heart skip. He knew that look. He’d only seen it once before and he had conceded so much to fix that that he knew he wouldn’t get off this time. He knew he was in trouble, that there was nothing he could say to make it right. He had fucked up.

    By dan URL on 12.02.2014

  27. The fiery furnace lit up on the cold night. It was bitter outside and snowing greatly. Little did they know that the stranger would chill their insides more than any winter wind could.

    By Rachel on 12.02.2014

  28. The fire had bloomed within her like a bruise underneath battered skin. The blood leaking from torn veins only fed it, and it grew into a rage. The burn consumed her. She just really wanted some fucking McDonald’s.

    By Gracie URL on 12.02.2014

  29. her body stretches, leans, contorts into shapes of the unimaginable and perfectly imaginable. and as you stare at her back, her tanned, sweating back, at the purposeful scar in between her shoulder blades, the rippling skin torn up like a tattoo, you realize what it is. a phoenix. a brilliant and bloody red phoenix, containing and radiating all the heat and pleasure and suffering in her long, smooth body.
    and you pull her up against your chest.
    and you bow your neck to kiss the phoenix’s beck. then spin her around to kiss the phoenix’s lips.

    By Aura on 12.02.2014

  30. “Fiery?” she screeched. “Fiery?! You think I’ve never heard that before? Fucking brilliant.” She tossed his clothes out the door and slammed it behind her. “Fiery. I’m a fucking redhead you piece of shit. Do better.”

    By Andrea on 12.02.2014

  31. His fiery eyes stared deep into my soul. I couldn’t think about anything but his blazing pupils, drilling deep within me. What should I say? Wait, what was his question? Flustered, I opened my mouth to speak, but was surprised by the words I heard falling from my own mouth.

    By Tyler URL on 12.02.2014

  32. He ran as fast as he could, the fiery torch held high above his head. With each step, he grew closer to the finish line. The crowd behind him cheered and raised their torches. He was inches from the finish line, when all of a sudden,

    By Tyler on 12.02.2014

  33. what if the adjective that comes to mind is not what i am, but what i want to be?
    if my existence is only in my head, then what ever i think is me IS ME

    By kris on 12.03.2014