December 1st, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “fiery”

  1. She was wonderful. She was spirited and young and passionate. She reeked of curiosity and excitement, and was over flowing with wanderlust. You could see her optimism shining in her smile. She was fiery and quick witted, and everything that I wasn’t. I hated her for it.

    By Abigail Peralta on 12.01.2014

  2. Watching the fiery glow mesmorized her so…… a submissivly hypnotic state fear. She, so desperately wanting to break free of this imprisoned trance, but her body refused. And so there she Sat unwillingly and frozen in time….awaiting command from her capture…..the fiery beast

    By RaShelle on 12.01.2014

  3. fiery is a funny word. I tried to pronounce it in a french way in my head when i read it just now. I think the french way is probably the same as the english way. thats really ironic, seeing as how the french and the english have been having a giant pissing contest for at least forever now.

    By Emily on 12.01.2014

  4. I have a fiery blaze inside me that I can’t explain. Its a fire that burns through my soul and is holding me captive. it’s burning me from the inside out and i feel myself com

    By Anissa on 12.01.2014

  5. “Behold!” screeched Mallory. “The evil fiery pit of doooom!”

    She was, of course, referring to the red blanket that she had bunched up on the living room floor, which she waved her wand over. Oliver, her brother, was shaking with dramatic trepidation. He pushed his plastic crown aside, frowned, and waved a finger at Mallory.

    “You may try to stop me, sorceress,” he cried, fully in character, “but you will not stop me from saving the prince!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.01.2014

  6. When his wife humiliates his mother, in a flick of seconds his temper rise up fiery. this leads him to slap her hard.

    By Mohana Krishna on 12.01.2014

  7. Most shrank beneath the ferocity of her fiery gaze but she, no, she stood tall, her icy eyes blazing. “The North will not yield to you, Morrigan,” she said, her voice as deadly calm as the eye of a storm.
    The pyromancer laughed, a sharp, cruel sound. “And who will stop me, dear sister? You?” she laughed again, quieter but no less full of spite, “I think not,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.01.2014

  8. He had always a fiery temper but she managed to tame him which made her the first person he could trust wholeheartedly. With her help he learned eventually to treat people respectfully, especially those he once considered weak and pathetic.

    By Alice Shina on 12.02.2014

  9. Burning. I was burning. The stench of sizzling flesh consumed my senses until I couldn’t breath any more. Where was the pain though? Was this hell? Was I dead?

    By himinanhawin on 12.02.2014

  10. The girl stood, screaming, alone. She was the only one with enough strength to resist, but even if she had to do it alone, she would. She’d fight. She was fiery, and bold, and courageous. She was a hero.

    By FallenFromGrace on 12.02.2014

  11. The couple gazed into each other’s deep, passionate eyes, desperate to make the last ounce of their emotions last.

    The man turned away. “My eyes are burning,” he said.

    The other man jumped up, grabbed the fire extinguisher next to him, and pulled the safety pin.

    By betaveros on 12.02.2014

  12. red mars a dark but full of energy being… spinning fire. yes that’s the day job. interning under a new age guru… It is a She… Splashing universe with her third eye. Always fast.

    By Vaiishnavi on 12.02.2014

  13. Sometimes when you stare at the wall, you burn holes into it that glare down into the streets below, and light enters it like a fiery solar flare. There you behold a glimpse of cold luminescence that blows up in flashes of thought, covering your inner mind.

    By Jon URL on 12.02.2014

  14. The fire was burning so brightly. As I looked in the fiery fire place I was amazed by the blaze and the shine it gave off.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 12.02.2014

  15. Dave sat down in his appointed seat, and looked across the courtroom aisle. Hoping to see the expectant, smiling faces of his children, in the same room as himself for the first time in over a year, all he got was a cold, empty stare from his mother in law’s attorney, and a fiery, bilious scowl from the woman herself.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.02.2014

  16. Our love is fiery. It consumes every fear, melts away every doubt. I’ve never been more sure of anything. When you pull me close, I have never been more safe.

    By Laughalot on 12.02.2014

  17. the heart is ice. the heart is flame. the heart is wind. the heart is earth. the heart is metal. I am consumed by the elements, and my soul is a cycle that sublimates, precipitates, solidifies, liquifies, and evaporates as the gravity of your eyes shines onto me.

    By dominguez URL on 12.02.2014

  18. The phoenix’s feathers were a fiery red, orange, and yellow.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 12.02.2014

  19. His fiery eyes looked up at me, seething with rage. He threw me across the room with his forcefully. I groaned in pain. He stepped closer.

    “I’m not yours.”

    By siru on 12.02.2014

  20. Tina wrung her hands as her mother continued to talk on the phone. The woman said nothing when she finally hung up, but her eyes were sharp with anger. “Mom, I can explain,” Tina rushed to say. A curious look of puzzlement crossed her mother’s face. “Explain what? The principal just told me you were most unladylike today. Called you a ‘fiery hellion in need of discipline.” “So I guess I’m in trouble then.” Tina muttered. Her mother laughed. “No, darling, if being a ladylike means being docile and playing nice with your enemies, I’d rather raise a hellion.”

    By Soft URL on 12.02.2014

  21. The lights flashed in the distance. There was no sound, no explosions or thunder or screams, but Daryl clung hard to his sister’s side anyway and flinched with each light burst. In the afterglow, they watched distant dust spinkle on the hills, tiny flecks suspended in red light.

    By Yona on 12.02.2014

  22. Sounds echo in my ears, exploding and attacking and burning. Burning, burning, burning. It’s painful almost, but it feels good at the same time. It’s like standing in a fire, but you can’t burn.

    By Ella-Belle on 12.02.2014

  23. The fiery bird flew past my head. It’s bright red and orange feathers shone in the sunlight. It was the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. It seemed magical.

    By Sophie on 12.02.2014

  24. The fire blazed around her as she walked. The hot coals under her feet barely bothered her anymore as she did this every day. Her powers needed to be harnessed and this helped her, controlling the flames, pushing them away to stop the flames from burning her feet.

    By Josh M on 12.02.2014

  25. Strong

    That’s what she felt like. That’s who she wanted to be.

    The girl who wanted to be, who was, who felt like fire.

    By Alicia on 12.02.2014

  26. fire
    fire pit

    By PB on 12.02.2014

  27. flame, sword, Alex, Bleach, Ichigo, Rukia, Anime, Black Butler, gear, Zanpakuto, death, demons, souls,

    By DarkerThanBleach on 12.02.2014

  28. The flames flickered, so did my heart. You step closer. I do not recognize this feeling. I do recognize the feeling of the fireplace heat on my back, the winter chill that seeps through the lining of the windows. You step back, I feel something else. I recognize this feeling, longing. I am hot, cold, fiery, chilly and above all not okay at all. But that feels okay.

    By MDV on 12.02.2014

  29. Burning, and wavy flames. Hot and furious. Powerful and strong. Determination and persistence.

    By allie on 12.02.2014

  30. he walked along the rock wall watching as the waves crashed against them, leaving a white foam on the rock, while he noticed off in the distance a fiery scene on the on the other side of the bay. From the distance he could not make out if it was the dock or one of the many beach homes on that side of the bay. A sudden panic hit him, his heart fluttered thinking about Hope.He knew she lived close to where the fire was. He needed to get closer so he could make sure it was not her house, that she was unscathed by the fire.

    By Bethany Herrington on 12.02.2014

  31. Hell is a childhood nightmare, one that hasn’t felt real in years. Maybe that’s why I’ve fallen so decisively out of God’s favor.

    By asavas on 12.02.2014

  32. She had a strange feeling whenever he came near to her. Tension had been building between them for months, she would get a warm feeling spreading through her entire body as he stepped near to her. Today how ever as he caught her in his arms as she feel from the ladder a stronger feeling occurred. They locked eyes for a moment as his face leaned in towards hers. He gently pressed his lips against hers parting her slightly. He lowered her body to a standing position, but he still held her as if he was the only thing keeping her off the floor. He began to kiss her harder and more passionately until an ember sparked within her as she released her passion joining him in the moment. She had a fiery feeling growing inside her body that was responding to his every touch.

    By Bethany Herrington on 12.02.2014

  33. I stared into the fiery eyes of my uncle, they were overcome with anger and jealously. I wanted to save him, to give him a better life. But that was impossible. He was gone……….and there was nothing anybody could ever do to save him.

    By Jennifer on 12.02.2014

  34. Javcob is cool and this is cool cool

    By timewornoldgit is a wierdo on 12.02.2014

  35. and with a raising fist he slammed down his glass on the table with all of his built up fiery and began to spit insults at the wall.

    By KileeBug on 12.02.2014

  36. I don’t know want fiery means so yup

    By Elizabeth on 12.02.2014

  37. There was a style in the fiery nature of her walking down the street, in the midst of the rain that was falling heavily. It was as if the raindrops were too afraid to even land on her skin, and that they felt compelled to avoid the strength of her steps.

    By Rmund on 12.02.2014

  38. It’s that feeling in your gut. That riggles and fiddles with your insides, tangling them up.

    Maybe you shouldn’t of had that curry.


    By SIXTYSECONDSGO on 12.02.2014

  39. The fiery pits of hell. Flames leap up out of the abyss and threaten to engulf me. I am perched on the edge, poised on my toes as if about to take flight. I am on the edge of falling, plummeting to my doom. I feel the heat but ignore it. No, I don’t ignore it. I embrace it. I allow the heat to creep underneath my skin and overpower my heart. I am not dead. Not yet. I need only lean forward a bit and I will burn to death, my charred skin becoming part of the pit beneath me. I do. I fall. I die.

    By maeve on 12.02.2014

  40. Her eyes reflected the hot flames dancing in front of her. All the though the bitter cold picked at her like a swarm of wasps, her hands were warm and soft from the fire. Deep inside the the flames she could see her and her husband, dancing on the night of their wedding, her red and orange dress swirling in a long train behind her. Her husband’s smile flickered. Perhaps it was the hunger making her see such mirages. She stared at her husband, her heart aching at his unstable form and she slowly closed her eyes.

    By Cecilia Trint on 12.02.2014