January 1st, 2013 | 321 Entries

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321 Entries for “barrel”

  1. she took the stairs at a run, almost stumbled when they came to an abrupt end far sooner than she expected, and made up for her lost momentum by rolling into a somersault. stable again on hands and knees, she kept her body low to the ground as arrows whistled over her head, so close to shaving her scalp that her hair rustled. yards ahead of her, armed with bow and arrow of her own, Odette gave her a scowl which she took to mean something along the lines of, /if you’re going to slow me down you might as well get shot and put us both out of our misery/.

    rather than scowl back, she did the mature thing and threw herself behind odette for cover. in the distance, a few heavy thuds were accompanied by a cessation of the firing. but just as io allowed herself to taste relief, a new squad picked up where the others had left off. odette swore quietly and began herding her backward.

    By mira URL on 01.02.2013