February 16th, 2013 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “fatigue”

  1. Everybody’s got a secret. Can you tell me what is mine? Lately keeping it in has fatigued my mind, but I know something you don’t know…

    By Alex Bochel URL on 02.18.2013

  2. The desert lies around me. It is not golden but red, deep and alien. The sky is the blue of nostalgia and summer and the sweet kind of pain. I am so tired. I am searing under the white disk of sun, over the bed of burning grains. I could fall asleep right here, evaporate into the sky like water.

    By F on 02.18.2013

  3. tired, sleepy, sometime i feel it after a long night, sometimes i just feel it on gloomy days. i always try to blame a bad mood on being tired and i don’t know why. i do know that depression is linked with it and i do not think i am depressed just have off days. but doesn’t everyone?

    By natalie on 02.18.2013

  4. So tired. It’s as though I couldn’t make myself take another step. It almost hurt. My muscles screamed at me with their fatigue, and my stomach joined in. Everything was painful, tiring. Exhaustion finally took me.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.18.2013

  5. I have written about this word already within the past hour. I think I am fatigued. A lot of us are. But I can’t do anything about it because too much is going on with life. Too many assignments, too many tasks, too much procrastination. We’re a fatigued generation.

    By Sweet Bethany on 02.18.2013

  6. Familiar feeling. Makes me want to crawl. Fall. Die. Sleep. A feeling that is earned. So it’s bittersweet. You crave it. Fear it. It’s the only thing that tells you you’re doing something right. Money isn’t satisfying. Fatigue is.

    By Tushar on 02.18.2013

  7. i went to france one day.
    i didn’t know what to say.
    people looked at me funny.
    i felt tired that day.
    they spoke to me in french.
    i thought they were insulting me.
    it turned out that they just noticed how i look.
    but it didn’t feel sincere.
    they called me fat.
    they called me gay.
    little did i know that it meant fatigue.
    just pronounced with gay.

    By Fouad on 02.18.2013

  8. Fatigue is the tiredness behind your eyes, when every blink is a call to sleep. It’s the sigh that leaves you as yet another task makes itself known within the whirlwind of activity that’s left you sapped and exhausted already. Fatigue is what grasps as your ankles and pulls you down, and what grips you in the chest and drags you under when the breath finally leaves your body in the very end.

    By Nikki URL on 02.18.2013

  9. Tired, worn out and dragging. Yes, I feel fatigue. Long nights, lack of sleep and stress aggravate it. I sure don’t need to cure it with drugs.

    By Rodger on 02.18.2013

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    By Manak on 02.18.2013

  11. creeping up the bones, falling out from behind ears like hair. Everywhere. It was everywhere and it was all encompassing. It surrounded her like a warm bath gone tepid. It was poison, the only truth. the only truth

    By pippa on 02.18.2013

  12. ‘You look tired today,’ he said. ‘Do I?’ ‘Yes.’ And I dare not make mention of the tears I shed like skin the night before–in the secrecy of the darkness, with no witness but the moon. I dare not.

    By Sarah on 02.18.2013

  13. Fatigue reminds me of the word fat. I hate the word fat therefore I now dislike the work fatigue it’s hard to spell it as well, without thinking i guess i’m just not used to saying that word. i’d say tired instead. tired is a nice work because it reminds you of sleep and sleep is good.

    By Maddi on 02.18.2013

  14. lying lonely between the sheets that used to breathe life. outside a hurricane of white roars. but silent enough for a human ear to pick up. dark it crumbles.

    By Molly on 02.18.2013

  15. Fatigue! Hahah! It comes from so many things – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. You need a way to feed yourself that means more than food. Serious sustenance. Art, books, jumping jacks, others. Watching kids make weird pictures. I’m tired right now, but not necessarily fatigued.

    By Whiskeyjane on 02.18.2013

  16. She felt the creeping sense of tiredness seep into her bones. It was a struggle just to keep her eyes open, just to put one foot in front of the other, but she knew each step took her closer and closer to her release. She was incredibly fatigued of this life she was living, of this town and this job, but she knew that each day, she got closer to the day she could just escape.

    By Maddy on 02.18.2013

  17. Every day was like another brick upon my shoulder. Sometimes I’d think about quitting, but conviniently, the moment after that was spent thinking about what a disaster I’d become if I did. I would have nowhere to go. I would have nothing to eat, nobody to talk to, not a single reason to wake up the next morning. But hell, I was exhausted.
    The days got longer. More work. More labor. Less money. But it was all worth it. Barely, but it was. It was worth it because I got to interact with HER. She was the only

    By LCAT on 02.18.2013

  18. live wire gone numb. a sense of tiredness felt at the end of a fruitful and productive day. a state of calmness with distressed arms and legs that comes after the sense of satisfaction.

    By kinnari on 02.18.2013

  19. i ran and ran down the track, coming to a stop. I instantly felt fatigued at the end… hurdling myself to the ground, in a second i felt tired and completely out of energy. Laying there i could only think of when I would be able to get up and go about leaving.

    By Alex on 02.18.2013

  20. a sense of tiredness after a long, fruitful and productive day. its like a live wire gone numb. a feel of distressed calmness that descends after the sense of satisfaction.

    By Kinnari on 02.18.2013

  21. The feeling you get after a workout is one of the best feelings in the world. The feeling of accomplishment and power always dominates over the fatigue.

    By Lauren O'Connor on 02.18.2013

  22. Icarus whimpered as he collapsed under a tree. He was exhausted. Weeks of trying to run and fly away were finally catching up to him. He just wanted to sleep, but he knew he couldn’t. Looking up at the sky, Icarus whispered, “Odysseus, help me, please. Save me. I can’t go much longer.” He looked down at his hands, feeling the exhaustion taking over his whole being. Seconds later, he was asleep.

    By HuntressBiancadiAngelo on 02.18.2013