February 16th, 2013 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “fatigue”

  1. I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I don’t want to think or do; I just want to crawl into a heap of down pillows and lay there for a few weeks or months or years. It’d be nice to take a break, nice not to worry, nice to just sleep.

    By musicrazi URL on 02.17.2013

  2. Lately fatigue is my familiarity. It is I. I am it. Fatigue, why must you consume me? Fatigue is the bane to my day. The fungi to my cheese.

    By Fatigue Failure on 02.17.2013

  3. Slumping down upon the rose red carpet, Ash heaved a sigh and exhaled. He felt the particles of a particular emotion drain out from his nostrils.

    He wasn’t tired. Tired was a feeling you got from a short sprint.

    After months of lacking in sleep, drained of emotion and humanity, he was exhausted.

    By dramarie URL on 02.17.2013

  4. Leading the Mumbai life has made me feel fatigued. Running between platforms and lines I am out of breath but still keep pushing on to stay ahead in the game. Perhaps if I were born and brought up here I would not feel so much fatigue.

    By Venkat on 02.17.2013

  5. Fatigue is my familiarity. It is I. I am it. Fatigue, why must you consume my every essence? Fatigue is the bane to my beginning. The fungi to my cheese.

    By GloballyLocal URL on 02.17.2013

  6. The metal strained under its own weight. Years in the Arizona desert had not been kind to the old plane. The climate had perhaps been kinder than most, but time was as cruel as ever, and the groaning heard before the wing sheared off the sixty foot tall aircraft was the mocking laughter of the years gone bye.

    By Chris Clow URL on 02.17.2013

  7. I am tired. I can’t help it, I do my best, I think. I don’t. I dont like what happened. But at least life is exciting. If nothing else, life happens. And that is important. The saddest feeling in the world is still better than nothing.

    By James on 02.17.2013

  8. I am starving for real food. All I had was cereal and potatoes. I have no energy and all I do is sit around and feel deprived. I want meat and fruit. I can’t wait for tomorrow when I can buy a big juicy burger.

    By sturmzie URL on 02.17.2013

  9. sometimes, when I’m tired, all I can think about is how hard my life is. It doesn’t matter whether I’m tired through having fun, or through doing things that I love…. when you are hit by a level of fatigue, the world seems to become your enemy. How does the body manage to convince your rationale brain that things are so much worse than they actually are?

    By Anna on 02.17.2013

  10. the feeling i get when i just dont want to go on. when my pencil tip has broken and i’m just done. when i cant continue one more assignment in the name of a diploma. goodbye college. Hello full night sleep.

    By Sarah on 02.17.2013

  11. falling down this rabbit hole of lacking; sleep, rest, what have you. drained of all energy you are forced to go on with your usual day-to-day activities. cigarettes are consumed in surreal sleep like stages

    By Andrea on 02.17.2013

  12. acid wasting down the hallway
    thoughtful abandon of any motivation
    dullest spears cant awaken her

    By wily URL on 02.17.2013

  13. Need to finish the first thing first. The second thing is next. Turn off all the tap that does not need to do it now.

    By Rithy Thul URL on 02.17.2013

  14. In the Air Force, flying is always fatiguing. Wake Up at 4 am, get ready, go into the squadron. Conduct a formal Brief then fly or study for 12 hours straight, get home eat, sleep, and do it all again for the next 4 days. With a possibility of the weekend depending on the week.

    By brent URL on 02.17.2013

  15. I run. And I keep running. I know I cant stop. But I’m so tired. So fatigued. They are following me. I can feel it. They are running too. And I know they wont stop. So I run. And I keep running. Because I cant stop.

    By Beth on 02.17.2013

  16. She was fatigued from everything. But it was really nothing. She had nothing. She had no food, no home, no love, no future. Those things manifested themselves into her thoughts, so to her they felt like everything. She was tired from not having everything. She had nothing.

    By simone URL on 02.17.2013

  17. lying in bed I wonder what love is, and who or what can be the object of love.
    My word document awaits me to write a poem.

    By A. on 02.17.2013

  18. I thought this was yesterday’s word. I’m so tired of hearing it over and over.
    “You’re fatigued.”
    Don’t diagnose me. Just listen to me. That’s all I’m asking. It’s 3 in the morning and that’s all I’m asking.

    By Gretchen on 02.17.2013

  19. I’m cold. You wouldn’t think it to be true by just looking at me. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a moment ago. I’m flushed—and not just my cheeks. My entire face is a blotchy red, unnaturally so for an evening of this temperature. There’s blood coloring my face and I don’t know why. My unfortunate fatigued skin, pocked and pore-spotted, and cannot do anything to ward off the onslaught of heat flushing it.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.17.2013

  20. Dave hated being sick. He hated that it made karkat worry and fret and make him work so fucking hard just to take care of his sorry ass. he wished me could make it better on the small troll, make it so he didnt have to bust his ass because the knight of time had a shit immune system. but here he was, sitting in bed with soup and a fever.

    By Taylor on 02.18.2013

  21. tired
    want to sleep
    a mom with kids
    unhappy people
    unhealthy people
    after a long bad day
    sounds like fat

    By Lourdes Ximena on 02.18.2013

  22. tired
    want to sleep
    a mom with kids
    unhappy people
    unhealthy people
    after a long bad day

    By Lourdes Ximena on 02.18.2013

  23. The fight was a tough one. Now we settle to butchering the carcass. The injured drag themselves to the stream to bath their wounds. Blood swirls in the current. Some will survive. Some won’t. It’s the nature of the hunt. A friend looks up at me. His arm is shattered above the elbow, dripping red. He smiles at me, looks at the arm, tries to laugh. It is nothing. He will be fine. A few days rest.

    The injured cannot be fed. The food must go to those with the best chance of survival. Later, when the water is boiling and the sun slides towards the horizon and its nightly passage through the underworld, I will ease my friend into the darkness after it. Yes I indicate. A few days rest. It is nothing.

    We smile at each other.

    By Shimbo URL on 02.18.2013

  24. Fatigue got the best of me. I’m too tired to go on with my life. Sometimes I just wish that I could let go of everything but what I’m asking for is impossible because life is cliging on us. Even if we decide to let go, it won’t let us go.
    I’m too tired.
    Please let me go….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.18.2013

  25. Those are your hands, stand still and watch them. Pay attention to the wounds, for they are the history. And whenever fatigue steps in, sit down and take your time to do nothing but inspect them. They carry memories, that might have left your head already.

    By washington irving on 02.18.2013

  26. She was always tired, but quietly tired, not exhausted enough to just sink into bed and sleep, but enough so that her day blurred around the edges and she could never remember who she talked to at lunch.

    By lightthisfuse URL on 02.18.2013

  27. I was so excited to be part of the relay team for my school, and to be running in the first lane. However I was unable to take part in the race. I felt fatigue and thought it best to allow someone else to replace me, so as to give my team a better chance at winning the race.

    By victor URL on 02.18.2013

  28. ”Welcome to my world,” he said as he opened the door and walked into the small room crammed wall to wall with clutter.

    I tried to edge past the sofa, heavy with fatigue and late night television binges, to meet him in the middle of the room. His distress was obvious. Someone invading his space had made him look at it with new eyes. I could see he was uncomfortable and conflicted: he wanted me to leave, soon but not just yet, not before we had finished what we came for. He could delay resolving this tension, if I could pretend to ignore the state of the room. That was not difficult, except the smell. People get attached to their own smells and I wasn’t sure I wanted to be around this much longer. The conversation would be brief.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.18.2013

  29. His fatigue was never good enough for his father. Every practice duel they had he lost not because lack of the swordsmanship skills, it was his body, that was getting tired with every swing, parry or stab.

    By Omnix URL on 02.18.2013

  30. there is little known about common fatigue. during most studies people tried to create about it they just fell asleep. with this being so common it is fairly hard to find out anything about ssszzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

    By Serafin on 02.18.2013

  31. I was tired, so very tired. I had been running for who knows how long- maybe miles. Now my body was giving up on me in complete and utter fatigue. I collapsed, and my face made contact with the moist dirt underfoot. It smelled like failure. I smelled like failure.

    By Destinee on 02.18.2013

  32. It was just yesterday that I found myself here. Mentally exhausted, vague memories swirling before me, best friend — only friend– beside me. I was afraid to face tomorrow.

    By Ashley URL on 02.18.2013

  33. Everything about this 48-year-old body is worn out. My head tips over like an ocean liner that’s run aground. I can’t seem to muster the energy to lift even my cup of steaming hot, black coffee. Exhaustion courses through every inch of my weary 5″9″ frame. Teaching school. Grading papers. Worrying about bills. Taxing kids all over creation, Attending night and weekend school. Cooking meals. Doing laundry. Where do I squeeze I decent night’s sleep into my over-scheduled existence. I need a soft pillow and an eight-hour stretch of solitude to regain the energy that’s been seeping out of my body. A leaky fuel tank–that’s me.

    By Martha on 02.18.2013

  34. too much. too much thinking. that’s what i get.too much pressure and worries. exhausted from every aspect. the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. wanting to go further yet physically unable. willing to surrender but still fighting for more.

    By aya URL on 02.18.2013

  35. so tired. exhausted by all te hours of work Ive been doing this month. Cant seem to shake the tired ness. Wery- all the time need to exercise. oh but when need sleep.

    By CeCe on 02.18.2013

  36. Long days
    Longer nights
    Falling into fatigue
    The blurred vision and the apathy
    Do not care
    Do nit live
    In those moments

    By Lauren on 02.18.2013

  37. hunger

    By ema on 02.18.2013

  38. I’m feeling so tired now I can’t think wadafark and this thing has a timelimit and its making me even more tired what should I do omg the blue bar is so scary I’m getting even more tired omg noooo still got HOC to do but must finish by tonight.

    By XuJINGHUA on 02.18.2013

  39. Fatigue is not good for our health. Fatigue destroys us, slowly, little by little, and before we know it, we are haunted by illnesses that could steal away our life. Fatigue may be a generic term for petty illnesses but we shouldn’t underestimate it.

    By Carla URL on 02.18.2013

  40. The weight of the world is crushing my weak shoulders. I’m so physically and mentally exhausted. I don’t know what kind of life this is and I sometimes don’t want to carry on. I’m just going to lay down right now and go to sleep and forget the world.

    By Megan on 02.18.2013