February 15th, 2013 | 172 Entries

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172 Entries for “willed”

  1. she has faith so strong
    that mountains lift their skirts
    and stand on two legs,
    exposing scabby knees to go
    wherever she tells them.

    but i am not a mountain.
    and faith cannot be marketed
    as a bottle of pills; it is
    no cure, no saving grace. your
    faith in me will kill you


    By isa on 02.16.2013

  2. She willed all the time. She made promises on cakes, on dresses, on friendships. If I can’t have this, can I have that? She wanted that one thing, that crowning glory. She sacrificed everything else pointlessly in a strange, ceremonial manner. All she really wanted in the world was to write the sentence, the one true sentence.

    By F on 02.16.2013

  3. Was it willed to us or is it by our own volition that we do the things we do? Willed seems to imply that we are given something and that we twist it to our own means. Is talent something that can be willed? Yes and no. You can give a person a talent but it is up to them to hone their craft and make the best of it.

    By ~ on 02.16.2013

  4. Her willpower was fading past. She couldn’t remember what she had set out to do yesterday. Once, she had been determined; now, she felt nothing but exhaustion. And when her willpower finally disintegrates, what exactly is left?

    By musicrazi on 02.16.2013

  5. The girl was strong willed, nothing could faze her or change her mind on anything. When she wanted something she went at it with all her might. Her friends thought she was mad when she became so obsessed over a project but she knew in her heart that this was the secret to getting anything done in life.

    By Sinéad on 02.16.2013

  6. You are thought to do something, you want to do this and you do it. You might be tempted to do this thing. Tick tock time is decreasing will you answer the temptation or will it be a bad consance? Think what willed you to go on this website?

    By Moookla URL on 02.16.2013

  7. I chose today not to do something I said I would do. It needed doing. It still does. But I will not do it, I will ignore it. Fighting reason, I willed the ceasing of action into being. We can choose, we can will something. I do not know whether it is good.

    By Jan2510 on 02.16.2013

  8. She went forward, out of time.
    Ignore the rules
    she stepped in bare feet
    and walked in normal clothes
    will anyone understand the longing for foes
    she must fight
    she will conquer

    By Moookla URL on 02.16.2013

  9. once i liked the color pink and i wanted
    to be a princess.

    now the world shows itself to me in layers of black
    and i want most to disappear.

    By tiffanylu URL on 02.16.2013

  10. M.Jordan, Kobe, Larry Bird at the free throw line with nobody around in French Lick, IN.

    My Mom …

    Bestowed upon … when do you get your reality show?

    By Buckin von Bronco on 02.16.2013

  11. I willed. strong willed like a blood soaked blade of a katana. I will severe doubts and opposition cleanly off my body.

    By Miki on 02.16.2013

  12. I willed myself to read the book. I knew that I needed a break from reality, from myself and my demons. Truly, the book looked stupid, but what is fiction for if not to distract. A teen paranormal romance. Hah.

    By Ally on 02.16.2013