April 3rd, 2010 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “fashion”

  1. Fashion is more than just clothes and materialistic desires you nitwits. You can fashion something as in to make or create. It’s not that hard to think abstractly. Open your perceptions. Fashion your mind to what you want and how you view your environment. Fashion your conscience. Oh, Disappointment.

    By e.dawn on 04.03.2010

  2. i love fashion i like to stay current with style.I like to be different in what i wear and how i wear people often tell me how much they love my outfits=]i just have a passion for fashion i guess;)

    By hayley =] on 04.03.2010

  3. Constantly every day people get caught up in the trivialness of fashion. I never worry about, I just dress comfortably yet I am somehow one of the highest on the popularity food chain. I dress hobo like yet am so cool?

    By Teddy G. on 04.03.2010

  4. I looked awkwardly on as the models strode down the runway, modeling the season’s latest fashion. It irks me how skinny and bony these girls are. Would an apple a day really hurt them? Most of them are anorexic or bullimic. It’s disgusting. I’m so glad I’m not a model.

    By natalie on 04.03.2010

  5. I don’t think about fashion. I don’t want to wear the next best thing, low-cuts tops that help you self yourself and the nearest bar. I mean, I had something amazing. I thought it was amazing. And now I don’t, and I don’t care about him. And I can’t understand why I don’t care. I don’t think of how other people are affected by me, by my words or my thoughts of them. I don’t think they would care. Somehow the synapses in my brain don’t click, and tell me that people have feelings too. It seems like I think of the most logical solution just for myself that will leave me without a broken heart and him with one. I just think, “What will I do now?” And I come up with nothing.

    By Scythe42 on 04.03.2010

  6. we are all familiar with the world of fashion. we follow trends, style and such. but what is important, we are comfortable of what we are wearing. even though it is not in style. we must create our own fashion statement.

    By the dream catcher on 04.03.2010

  7. Fashion… who cares anymore? We’ve got models who look like walking light poles tramping up and down catwalks wearing dresses made out of bubble wrap and garbage and whatnot, all in the name of fashion. People should wear what they like, what fits, what looks nice on them, and what’s durable and comfortable. Fashion never seems to fit any of those categories.

    By Sarah on 04.03.2010

  8. hot, trendy, extreme, cool, whats ‘in’, david bowie, do i have to write whole senetences? lady gaga, gwen stefani, jeggings, boots, flight of the conchords

    By meetali on 04.03.2010

  9. Like feeding trends to the fashionable, or like dumbfounding a supercomputer, it’s impossible. No one can listen when you think impossibly, but you need them. Everyone. This doesn’t make sense, but if you listen, maybe it will be the new fashion.

    By Rambling... on 04.03.2010

  10. “…Fashion?” Came the too quiet, too skeptic beginning of the scathing remark, “Fashion?” Her voice rose an octave. She removed her glasses, her face clearly showing her distaste, “And just what,” She said nearing the explosion, “Do you plan to do WITH A DEGREE IN FASHION?!”

    By Shannon on 04.03.2010

  11. Fashion me a web
    with all the prettiest spices
    Entrancing scents
    Nosegays that whisper.

    Fashion me a web
    like a spider of fancy
    dancing on the strings
    of the devil’s fiddle.

    I will fashion me a web
    built on my heartstrings
    twining back and forth across
    the blackest of my abyss.

    Fashion me…

    By Laurie on 04.03.2010

  12. Your arrogance will suit you well, ’til fashion is dispelled.

    By Hannah on 04.03.2010

  13. Fashion is all in the eye of the beholder.. What some people would believe is fashion could be a total turn off to another! I personally can’t describe my style because I like so many different things. One day I will be wearing the most girly dress you could imagine and the next I’ll be wearing my Harry Potter shirt and purple skinny jeans. Fashion is all about presenting an image to the rest of the world. Really, fashion is you!

    By Sarah Michelle URL on 04.03.2010

  14. When I see Lady Gaga, for some reason my stomach just flips. I feel like she’s trying too hard to be fashionable and original, for some reason. I mean, she’s smart. Very smart. But I just… I feel like she’s almost intruding into everyone’s lives now. It’s no longer an interest to some, it’s an obsession. I just wanna live my life without hearing about the tea kettles that Gaga wore on her head.

    By Shelby on 04.03.2010

  15. clothes and egos

    By kriss on 04.03.2010

  16. To be fashionable. Fashionably late, in fashion, out of fashion, into the world of fashion. Fashion helps sculpt who we are, lift our minds, and pour ourselves into our clothing and shout who we are.

    By Daniel URL on 04.03.2010

  17. is genious

    By Beau on 04.03.2010

  18. her hatred was fashionable. she and he both know she doesn’t hate him – but there’s no excuse for the lips sliding over teeth and the claws raking down arms and backs and legs and – well. that’s a story for another day, another time, and another couple.

    By litzi URL on 04.03.2010

  19. I had no sense of fashion. And to think that the show started in forty seconds, and my set of models all still needed outfits! And none of them had teeth! Oh no! What was I going to do-OH! My teeth! My teeth are falling out!! Weird dream… Yeah. Unfashionable…

    By Spellgirl URL on 04.03.2010

  20. I’m going to LSU to be a fashion designer. I’ve always like fashion. It’s just so enchanting to me.
    I wonder if I’ll ever make it big like Yves Saint Laurent or Christian Dior.

    By Impson on 04.03.2010

  21. Fashion passion is passionate about fashion. Fashion is highly variable! Some people do not care about it, but M gives it a bit of dedication as to appear a bit more appealing to others… for their sake. He himself could not care less. He chooses a coat, hat and vest… while working. He may go for trench in his time off. He wears this “uniform” always when working.

    By Iker on 04.03.2010

  22. It’s a strange world. One where you have to be both mainstream and different. One where simply being attractive is not enough. Fashion. Arguably one of the most influential industries in the world. It makes people great, and destroys those who don’t fit in.

    By Jay on 04.03.2010

  23. “What are you thinking?”

    “I’m thinking that this isn’t your style.”


    “It’s not like you to care about what I’m thinking. Ever.”

    He frowned. “Ouch.”

    She shrugged. “Just the truth.”

    By Kat on 04.03.2010

  24. she always dressed fairly oddly. never what would be considered “in-fashion.” but, i think that was one of her greatest attributes. when i look at old pictures of her, i miss that about her, she was quirky, and crazy, but she always managed to pull it off. when she committed suicide, she was wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers. it’s blood stained now, but i was allowed to have it, i think i’ll burn it and throw the ashes, she did want to be cremated, after all.

    By jacqueline on 04.03.2010

  25. fashion an outfit from these old clothes I’ve had in the attic all this time. I’m sure at least some of them have come back into style.

    By Lexie on 04.03.2010

  26. fashion is a big part of our life we make it a art to show who and what we are fashion is a statement its the way people see you when you go out in the world,

    By daysi URL on 04.03.2010

  27. Fashion. The signature of you. The signature of me. Something someone remembers. Something someone judges you by It might not be the greatest judge but it really does give credence to the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

    By MS on 04.03.2010

  28. the skinny malnourished girl inhales. exhales with a cough. tears pages out of her fashion magazine, and tells herself, “this will be me someday.” she is thin. she is breaking. someday, her spine will snap, she will never feel beautiful.

    By Julia Louise URL on 04.03.2010

  29. a paradox, tight pants and loose pockets.
    high tops, baggy shorts and huge drooping lockets.

    By Giles on 04.03.2010

  30. Fashion is for those who have the time and the money. Fashion is for those who have the looks and the taste. But what about me hm? I dont love girly fashion im more of a tom-boyish type of girl. When i walk into a store with Punk Rock gear, everyone looks at me with a crazed look asking Why is that girl here?

    By Rukia on 04.03.2010

  31. What is fashion? It seems to change every year, every season. Is fashion good? Bad? Is it just an overrated trend? Who is is considered ‘fashionable?’ Certainly not me, maybe Brad Pitt, if fashion hasn’t changed yet

    By Dan B on 04.03.2010