April 4th, 2010 | 137 Entries

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137 Entries for “cranky”

  1. I haven’t fast forwarded.
    No time to sort it out
    No time to see pretty images
    Fuck off.

    By Emerson Hatton on 04.05.2010

  2. Cranky again?
    I got this yesterday hmph.
    Thought it changed everyday?
    I sound kind of cranky now don’t I?
    I suppose we all can be sometimes…
    But hey…thats life I suppose.
    Well nearly out of time now…sorry for any spelling mistakes…I was in a rush!

    By Jessica on 04.05.2010

  3. Cranky is the feeling you have when you are being annoyed, or ridiculed by another. You may also get this feeling from being tired or lifeless you must live and love everything everyday.

    By haley on 04.05.2010

  4. I was cranky yesterday. Haven’t heard from him and it is really getting under my skin. Screw him.

    By Beth on 04.05.2010

  5. My mother and old men are cranky a lot. My mom gets really cranky when we throw parties, or should I say, when she throws parties with a crash and a bang. She throws them so far the rest of my family goes jumps ship. I hate it when she does that. I am cranky in the morning sometimes, but mostly when I’m hungry, overworked, jealous, mad at myself, or haven’t slept enough.

    By alli on 04.05.2010

  6. To be cranky is the prelude for a good headache to happen soon.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.05.2010

  7. I get up very cranky most days. In fact, I did today. You see, my sister was playing the television VERY loudly while I was trying to sleep. So, cranky. I was dreaming about a boy, a boy whom I’d met on a cruise ship, and who I am going to see in a couple weeks.

    By Katie on 04.05.2010

  8. The old woman was cranky. Everyone knew that but, for some reason she was nice to me. I guess she saw something different in me than she saw in anyone else. She always told me stories about her past, her old wise eyes would smile at me! Whenever anyone told me she was a cranky old woman it was hard for me to believe them.

    By cami on 04.05.2010

  9. Mary was cranky.
    Yes, it was true. Every day, every night, every morning, she used to lock herself in the wine cellar and tell everybody else she was “busy”. She never laughed, she never smiled.
    But we still loved her.

    By jennysweetie on 04.05.2010

  10. Cranky, that feeling in the morning you get when you freshly roll out of bed and you have that sinking feeling that says those 3 hours of sleep just weren’t enough. What’s worse, you arrive sleep still in the corner of your eyes and yet people still think it’s appropriate to ask you how’s your day. Damn well they should know. Cranky.

    By Jesse on 04.05.2010

  11. That’s me in a nutshell…cranky. Is there really anything more need to be said.

    By JA on 04.05.2010

  12. Cranky. Its when I dont get enough sleep. Its that feeling I get when I dont get my way. It seeps into my brain and sharpens my tongue until everything I say is like fire scalding every word until it hurts everyone around me.

    By Jamie on 04.05.2010

  13. Bushy brows
    With disagreement.

    Where’s my coffee?

    By Elise Nguyen on 04.05.2010

  14. I never feel too cranky but I can sense it when others are cranky. I would rather be alone than be around someone who is so cranky.

    By bethany on 04.05.2010

  15. That’s what I am, until about 10:03 am. It’s generally a good idea to stay away from me until then. Especially if I’m within arm’s reach of sharp objects. I’m not saying I’ll go for your jugular, but if I hit, I will feel no remorse.

    By Trish on 04.05.2010

  16. ok i cheated but who cares if that makes you cranky get over it this exercise though is quite helpful event hough i cant type as fast as others or…

    By larry hall on 04.05.2010

  17. Reminds me of cats, and women, I ‘m not sure why, also smoking, and curly hair. Hill billys and american people/ Is it a noise or a feeling?
    I Just dont know.

    By bella on 04.05.2010