October 12th, 2015 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “fans”

  1. He traveled north at a town called Bangui which is located on the northernmost tip of Luzon just west of Cagayan Valley. Bangui, also known as ‘Turbine Town’ has been attracting tourists ever since its iconic windmills–which also provides 80% of the town’s electricity–have been erected near the shores of the town’s northwestern most tip facing the West Philippine Sea. But he didn’t went there to go see the windmills, or the souvenir handmade fans and kites. He traveled north because the ‘X’ on the map she left behind led him there.

    By nom de luc URL on 10.13.2015

  2. I walked into the shop but all I could see were plastic fans everywhere. They weren’t even organized just thrown all over the floor, that’s when I saw her lieing on the floor died. In that moment I realized she was murderd.

    By Cristina Bishop on 10.13.2015

  3. I stare up at the fans in the colosseum. My opponent is facing me. His blade is sharp, mine dull. My wounds seep through the cracks in my armor. I am spent. Nothing left to do but fall to my knees in defeat. That is, until a bright light suddenly appears from above.

    By Stacks URL on 10.13.2015

  4. i’m always center stage
    they say
    i always want to be center stage
    i say
    who are they to me
    who am i to myself
    what kind of “fans” do i want to have.

    By molly on 10.13.2015

  5. I have so many fans they jump me when they see me one stole my wallet so I killed them with my mini gun and I was arrested until I escaped jail and murdered the world it was amazing to see all the blood on the sidewalk

    By kaden boward on 10.13.2015

  6. Unto the dawn, for whatever reasons, the beginnings of a fan began to emerge. A portal from the abyss let loose the golden fans for which my master once razed.

    “You are too good for my eye.”

    “To my death.”

    By Conner Caldwell URL on 10.13.2015

  7. Mauled by their fans.

    What a horrible way to go.

    Unbelievable, yes.

    But as she attends his funeral, tears falling from her beautiful eyes, she laments.

    How did this even happen?

    Is popularity such a price?

    Maybe they should have locked his door better.

    By A Paper Flower URL on 10.13.2015

  8. I stood. The humidity clung to my body and it seemed like I could hear the drone of every fan in the entire apartment complex. I wiped the damp stands of hair across my forehead, and concentrated on the indeterminable stain in the right upper corner of the wall.

    By Amanda URL on 10.13.2015

  9. My fans are all I think about. They give me hope. But somehow, this one fan changed my whole life. She made me a good person. Her name was Emily. I met her backstage after my concert. Oh she was a lovely person. She told me how I helped her through thick and thin.

    By Rania on 10.13.2015

  10. You have none. You plaster the wall of your electronic home with pictures of food, of your face, and finally your shoes, and the only thing that changes is the pavement, sometimes grass. There’s no one to count the blades under your soles – you’re alone, just screaming in hopes of somebody screaming back.

    By nadyawrites URL on 10.13.2015

  11. She fans herself absentmindedly. How did she get here? What does all this mean? Her guts are twisted with fever. Her eyes are heavy in her skull. Everything seems gauzy & she doesn’t feel any sort of way about it.

    By TheBowlerCapFairy URL on 10.13.2015

  12. Sometimes I really wonder what allegiance football fans have to their teams? is it geographical? Do they just want to belong? None of those players care about them why do they care so much back?

    By Caroline Watson on 10.13.2015

  13. Fans have a real pack mentality that I never know what to do with. Am I jealous of their unwavering loyalty? Do I think they are lemmings to an all powerful organization?

    By Caroline Watson URL on 10.13.2015

  14. They are screaming. Cheering. Jumping up and down while waving their hands in the air. There are hugs and pats on the back. They wear their teams colors with pride.

    By BB on 10.13.2015

  15. Fans are the people who cheer you on, like if you play for the white sox people who cheer for them are fans.

    By Spencer on 10.13.2015

  16. too many
    then none
    my wanton day in the sun
    over before it begun

    standing still
    but moving on
    just another miserable song
    rehearsed until your name is gone

    By katiekieran URL on 10.13.2015

  17. the air from the north side of the house blew loftily across my hot cheek, grazed the habotai silk curtains, whispered on throughout the room, touching everything ever so softly. our house breathes in the air from one direction and out the other. nothing in this world is left untouched by the constant motion of particles.

    By Lin on 10.13.2015

  18. People screaming after that one special actor. nobody cares about the new actor who just has a small part in a big movie. fans suck balls. i will rise.

    By Colorfulintrovert URL on 10.13.2015

  19. the fans hung upside-down from the ceiling. each of them bore beautiful ornate patterns painted onto their stretched surfaces. they made an undulating pattern under the wooden rafters. the girl marvelled upwards in awe.

    “what are they made from?” she asked the man, not realizing he had slipped behind her.

    “they are made from the skin of pretty young ladies like you,” he replied, and the knife came down.

    By Sorelliena URL on 10.13.2015

  20. the fans hung upside-down from the ceiling. each of them bore beautiful ornate patterns painted onto their stretched surfaces. they made an undulating pattern under the wooden rafters, stretching on for what felt like miles. the girl marvelled upwards in awe.

    “what are they made from?” she asked the man. she hadn’t noticed that he had slipped behind her.

    “they are made from the skin of pretty young ladies like you,” he replied with a smile that she didn’t see.

    the knife came down. new fans were made.

    By Sorelliena URL on 10.13.2015

  21. What am I a fan of? I’m a fan of JK Rowling. I admire how she overcame the difficulties in her life by pursuing something that she loved doing and believed in, no matter how many times she was rejected by publishing companies.

    By Aarohi on 10.13.2015

  22. Everyone is a fan of something. Is it worth your time?

    By Misty on 10.13.2015

  23. the word fans had many meaning to Andy. The most important one was the fans as in the strong ventilators he had bought one summer with his pool cleaning money. They were invaluable; he’d turn on three of them after sex, loving the feeling of the constant gust of air on his sweaty skin and the bumps it raised on his girl’s belly.

    By thefrenchcrayon URL on 10.13.2015

  24. The crowd roared in my ears as I lined up to take my final free throw. Normally during games I blocked out the noise of the crowd, but right now it felt like I could hear every voice.

    By Emma URL on 10.13.2015

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    By me on 10.13.2015

  26. Every body has to be aware that they know someone that they particularly like. This could be a writer, an actor or actress, a particular character in a story, but there is someone that they particularly like. When this happens, they are in fact a fan of that person.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 10.13.2015

  27. These are the people who love me. who walk beside and around me with their arms raised. they are teh other mothers rushing around feeling worthless. they are the things held open palmed by geisha’s they are the football fanatics and teh ones you can put your whole hand through. they are everyone.

    By anahera on 10.13.2015

  28. The air flowed over his head faster than he could imagine. He would have thought that setting up 30 fans around him, tilted at a slightly 15 degrees would have cause much more extreme wind conditions; however the Skeleton King couldn’t feel the atmospheric difference, or anything for that matter, on account of no longer having nerve endings. It was a sad world.

    By Rover URL on 10.13.2015

  29. You may not have a million fans all fighting for front row seats at every show, but I hope you know that I’ll always be you’re number one, I loved before you were cool. I’ll be backstage at every show ready to hug you tighter than the time before and hand you a towel to dab the sweat from your brow, because that’s what true fans do.

    By Madison on 10.13.2015

  30. The fans are blowing as I lay awake and think and think and think. I can’t sleep. So I may as well study for this history exam. But seriously.. who needs it this cold and windy to sleep??? It isn’t even winter yet. But I want to turn the heat on. Instead I have coffee.

    By Kira URL on 10.13.2015

  31. we are currently experiencing a heat wave so the met department says,. in a place where air conditions is not common all i can hear and see everywhere are fans. electrical ones, hands held ones just fans fans fans.

    By Rutendo on 10.13.2015

  32. there are so many fans of popular peope and celebrities around the world. these fans would always admire and appreciate their hero or the beloved celebrity. this is what gives fans inner satisfaction and happiness.

    By Arslan on 10.13.2015

  33. The fans were everywhere…watching, sweating, fanning themselves to cool off. It was the hottest summer since 1837 and everyone knew it. This however would not stop them from attending. Nothing would. They had been waiting for this pretty much since 1838. The dancers made their way to the front of the crowd and got ready. “Fannnntastic” – came the screams.

    By v on 10.14.2015

  34. what? I should write about fans? Which type of fans? Is it fans of artists or does it concern fans which blow air? Fans which blow air are great, especially in summer.

    By dooom vr on 10.14.2015

  35. What is it about fans that has the ability to relax a person?

    By kimmi on 10.14.2015

  36. why is this fans again ? i did fans yesterday. maybe if i wait a little bit it will change ? or maybe i did it too late yesterday. i will try again. i am not a fan of fans.

    By Pei Pei on 10.14.2015

  37. I wish they would stop repeating words. Don’t they have anything new to put here? I don’t know what else to write. Neither do they, I suppose! I don’t know what else to write. I don’t know what else to write. I don’t know what else to write.

    By Amber on 10.14.2015

  38. fans are something that blow air to cool someone off, when its extremely hot outside.

    By brittany on 10.14.2015


    Honestly. Some days she wanted to tear her own face off for having been so monumentally daft. It must have been so transparent, the string of deliberate coincidences that had her crossing his path from one side of the country to the other. And the letter. God forbid, the idiotic, love sick letter. Why oh why did she write that letter? Worse still, what madness allowed her to send it? She couldn’t bare to think of the look on his face as he read it. She couldn’t bare to be the moron who still loved him. The moron who was still waiting for a reply and waiting for him to stop loving his wife.

    By bb333 URL on 10.14.2015

  40. who is my biggest fan? my kids. my mother. is tony? hard to know. who am I a fan of? my kids. tony? not all the time. we have forgotten to be each other’s biggest fans. that’s sad. I know he is a fan of the cubs and the bears. he spends a lot time reading about them and thinking about them and talking about them. wish he spent the same amount of time on me.

    By lhs624 on 10.14.2015