October 14th, 2015 | 55 Entries

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55 Entries for “castles”

  1. I will guard the castle until the next day and I will kill all who try to trespass and I will rule the world.

    By kaden boward on 10.15.2015

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    By pmpfxnql URL on 10.15.2015

  3. I remember playing in the sand, digging trenches and holes, looking for clams. Didn’t make many castles, I was always too upset when they disintegrated, disappointed that I couldn’t somehow preserve my creation.

    By BeccaJean on 10.15.2015

  4. Castles are beautiful, majestic, and appealing in the sense that they invoke mystery. There are stories of the past that lie behind the walls of each castle. I think the unknown history is what makes them so appealing in addition to the architecture. What little girl doesn’t want to live in a castle her whole life?

    By Fishstix on 10.15.2015

  5. If a movie dose not have a cast to do the movie.

    By jack wickiser URL on 10.15.2015

  6. Melvin breathed a sigh of relief. After all the work, and all the saving, and all the stress, he was finally a homeowner. It wasn’t much, sure, but it was all his. No more Mediocre Melvin. He’d made it. A smile slid onto his face as he stood facing his new, single-story home from the edge of the highway “King of the World,” he thought to himself.

    By Brandon Steward on 10.15.2015

  7. We ran along the beach, racing one another. At the time we had been the closest of friends, closer than the Sisters Grimm, or the Twisted Sisters. We were racing, and as we came to a stop near the sand castles built by our parents, we grinned as we each tried to regain our breath.

    By Meg on 10.15.2015

  8. I like castles i like to live in them i like to look at all of the princes in them too they are cute like super cute

    By kgd on 10.15.2015

  9. building castles in the air. sometimes i do not know what i’m actually thinking or where my thoughts will bring me. it may be majestic like the castles in fairy tales. it may be as haunted as a century old castle in some nowhere land.

    By b on 10.15.2015

  10. you can’t keep on building castles.
    you can’t keep on hiding behind stone
    with small chinks to throw missiles from
    you can’t just build a moat
    bring up the drawbridge
    and hunker down
    eventually you’ll run out of food
    eventually you’ll have to open the gates
    and withered, starved, broken
    step inch
    across the moat that you built
    to beg for help
    from the enemies
    that just wanted to say hello

    By Benjie on 10.15.2015

  11. Cobblestones and castles. We ditched our lipstick and high heels for sneakers and cigarettes. Climbed higher and higher. Stuck our lips out and pouted until they prickled red and plumped by the frost in the air. We laughed. Cackled down the valley. Screamed in happiness and denial. Imagined we were royalty. Then died laughing at the hilarity of it all.

    By XcC on 10.15.2015

  12. She’s lived in a castle all her life.

    She’s always wanted to see the world outside her royal life.

    She was tired of seeing golden walls and red carpets.

    But she never thought she’d see eyes clearer than the bluest sea.

    His eyes.

    By A Paper Flower on 10.15.2015

  13. In a land far away there are many castles that were built by civilizations long past. Some of these are said to be haunted, and many who have investigated have never come back. Those that have lost their minds and remain drooling in the corner. Now the innkeepers have to take care of them.

    By Seth on 10.15.2015

  14. We all dream of being in a castle someday. Very few of us in this world actually get to a see an actual castle, but little do people know is that they can build their own castle. Castles are such an abstract idea.

    By Zurama URL on 10.15.2015

  15. A long stretch of vibrant green shrubbery surrounded the castles of Berkshire, various hues of orange and yellow bouncing off the two-tone bricks as the sun rose in the wee hours of the morning.

    By Ethereal Angel on 10.15.2015