October 11th, 2015 | 51 Entries

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51 Entries for “reserve”

  1. I reserve a seat at the diner with my beautiful date she then pulls a machete out and puts it through a waiters neck we all start to run and hide and call 911.

    By kaden boward on 10.12.2015

  2. reserve means to save something or somewhere for certain people or things.

    By fayth langston on 10.12.2015

  3. When we went into the restaurant I told the waiter we had reserved a table for a few days, but he was being a jerk and saying that we didn’t.

    By tf3262 on 10.12.2015

  4. “Did you make reservations?” I called from the kitchen.


    “Reservations, David. Did you make reservations.”

    I heard him swear under his breath and turn the TV off.

    By Laura on 10.12.2015

  5. stores of serotonin
    purified by pure
    lovely words
    strung in symmetrical
    earfuls of artistic
    rhythms beating in
    broken blocks
    of shotgun houses
    love lingering languidly
    looking longingly
    at who he once was
    or seemed to be

    By katiekieran URL on 10.12.2015

  6. like I reserved that seat. Or this is reserved for me. It just means like that seat is saved for me, or that is saved for me.

    By dayna on 10.12.2015

  7. There is a sofa in our apartment that faces the balcony. I lie on it often, and wait, watching out at the leaves rustling and the cars driving past.

    By Anna Meursault on 10.12.2015

  8. He remained reserved as he walked up to the podium, even though he was secretly quaking in his boots. He looked into the stern eyes of his physics teacher, then was handed the certificate.

    By weuhge on 10.12.2015

  9. Reserve — that little bit of courage that I keep in me for the hard days. I reserve space for myself. I reserve the right to breathe. I reserve my peace. To reserve: to hold a space that is sacred for myself; to find that small place of strength tucked away for when you need it most.

    By Angel Gage on 10.12.2015

  10. I usually reserve judgments, but today when I saw you standing there at the cafe, with your snooty hat and cigar held out the corner of your mouth, I knew my judgements were right. You didn’t act reserved around me at all. I wish you’d refrain from some of your bad habits. But I just watched you standing there, imposing your presence upon me.

    By Emily on 10.12.2015

  11. Save, save me. Call it close, but you cannot know how close to my heart it really was. From my dreams I never thought.

    By Ashley on 10.12.2015