June 24th, 2011 | 428 Entries

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428 Entries for “failed”

  1. She falled. She fell all the way down. Down, down, down. Down the hole. Phew. Down. Yay. She tripped. She fell. She laughed. She got up. She fell back down again. Down, down, down. And she’s done. When she fell, she was done. Phew. Done. Yay. She fell, and was done.

    By Grace on 06.25.2011

  2. Did you ever failed ? When I was young I used to fail my exams. Oh, really ?

    By Carl on 06.25.2011

  3. i failed as a friend i failed as a lover but im not failing as a person. Not anymore. I will not fail. I will be happy. I will succeed. Failed will not be in the dictionary of my mind. Failed will be a memory.

    By Kelsey on 06.25.2011

  4. A failed attempt. You did not reach me. Every quiet gesture, every awkward, overwrought action. All your efforts, all the attempts you’ve made. You did not reach me. Is it so hard to unlock another person’s heart?

    By catachan URL on 06.25.2011

  5. try again, fail better? i believe that. change f to s and you have sailed…

    By Natalie URL on 06.25.2011

  6. I failed a lot of things in life. I think. I failed admission to Grammar School. Twice. It was a big failure. But maybe it was my fate you know.

    By Dania Shah Khan on 06.25.2011

  7. I wasn’t prepared to ace the test, just get by. Once again…I proved that I can not even live up to my lowest expectations. Once again, I know I’ve failed.
    What does it take to be successful on this blue planet if not hard work and tremendous effort?

    By linda carlson URL on 06.25.2011

  8. Amanda pissed herself last night….

    By Nikole on 06.25.2011

  9. I used to believe that failure is a negative thing, yet to have failed implicitly means also that you also tried. To have tried and failed is far greater than to have never tried at all.

    By Lucy on 06.25.2011

  10. This is the 4th time i’ve gotten this word. It doesn’t seem to be saving my writing. But that’s alright, I can just use this time to ramble I guess? I really don’t wanna re-write about this word for a 5th time.
    Cha know?

    By MadelineKyn URL on 06.25.2011

  11. Failure is a hard thing to deal with. Saying i failed makes situations so much worse. but without failure there is no improvement. Failing is what makes you stronger.

    By tsedenia skitch on 06.25.2011

  12. Marraiges is what this was going to turn into but it seems my ability to spell is what has ultimately failed this morning. My digits have yet to awaken along with my mind. Abilities to spell have failed me my entire life. Words like Wendnesday and beleive always threw a kink into this writing machine.

    By Spencer Campbell on 06.25.2011

  13. I can’t believe I failed. Now they are sending someone else on the mission, hoping they’ll succeed. But I knew what I was doing! I was under cover! They shouldn’t have known I was there! Unless– There’s a spy among us! What if it’s— No! They can’t send him! He’s the spy! Shit! How am I going to stop everything now!?

    By Rain on 06.25.2011

  14. I have failed many times in my life. I can either learn from these failures or I can move forward. It’s important to learn from the mistakes made to cause failures. Also failures can sometimes be disguised as failures but in reality are not.

    By Christina URL on 06.25.2011

  15. sad
    new start
    new begining
    you have to fail to succeded
    if you succeded you have failed at failing
    something good always comes out of failing

    By Jacqui on 06.25.2011

  16. didn’t pass, didn’t make myself known
    didn’t make it to the bus stop to see you off
    I failed you
    I failed that whole damn bus

    By Princess Tasya URL on 06.25.2011

  17. i wish i hadn’t failed the way that i have now… with all this time, all these resources on my hands, why have I ended up the way that i have? if i could restart, i don’t garuntee that i’ll have done any better, but i wish i could at least have the chance to die all over again

    By Michelle on 06.25.2011

  18. I feel like I have failed at everything, though my friends think I’m succesful. They dont know what I know….. or maybe I’m the one that is miss-informed? Either way I am dissapointed

    By Tam on 06.25.2011

  19. I failed life. My life sucks. I’m not where I want to be. I want to be happy. I want to be in love. I want to be popular and pretty. I want everyone to like me. I want to feel like I haven’t failed. Because I know I have.

    By heather on 06.25.2011

  20. failed a spanish test, my grade impossibly low, almost in the single digits, and the first time I took this test I handily aced it, along with my best friend, sitting beside me, a native spanish speaker.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.25.2011

  21. Failure was always my thing. I failed at everything in life and never succeeded. I failed at having friends, a home, a family, and a life. Failure. The one thing I am good at.

    By briana on 06.25.2011

  22. i have failed to understand what it is that is happening to me right now. i am obviously in the middle of some sort of transition. something big has happened, something bigger is happening. i just wish it would happen already. this transitional unknown wasteland of craziness is driving me insane. truly.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 06.25.2011

  23. many things have failed in life, in love. but i dont think it is ever time to give up yet. never. just keep fighting on and everything will be okay. because today, and every day, is a new beginning.

    By lyrical rose URL on 06.25.2011

  24. I failed. Who hasn’t? Failure is something that teaches, but to have failed hurts. It means that you weren’t good enough, your actions weren’t good enough and that is that. You can retry, but if you failed, that cannot be erased.

    By Emilie URL on 06.25.2011

  25. I failed myself, I failed my lover, I failed my parents, I failed my siblings, I failed my friends but they’ve all failed me too so we can all work from this and get past it to succeed.

    By Órla on 06.25.2011

  26. It’s okay.
    You can dust yourself off.
    You can try again.
    If not, there’s other fish in the sea.
    There’s other things ahead of you.
    i can see them: the great things, the wondrous things that you will do.
    You’ve got potential, kiddo.
    But only, only if you manage to stand up again.
    It’s okay.
    It’ll be okay.

    By Stephanie URL on 06.25.2011

  27. I have always been afraid of failure. Of letting people down. Of letting myself down. I have been raised to always try my hardest and get good grades and look towards the future, but its hard. Sometimes i just want to have fun and go out and do something but I always have the eyes of my parents looking over me with a stern eye, and I dont want to let them down. But I want to escape. I want to go somewhere and just forget about how burnt out i am with life and to just not have to worry about everything for once, but I don’t think I’ll ever get that chance. My thoughts and feelings are like a shadow on my soul. They will never leave me alone for even one second.

    By Melissa URL on 06.25.2011

  28. I hate to fail, but then again it is a liberating experience because at least it’s over, and after I fail then I can start again. I can become better the next time. I can succeed, and then I can be happy. It turns out then, I guess, that I haven’t really failed at all.

    By Amber Smith on 06.25.2011