June 23rd, 2011 | 568 Entries

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568 Entries for “history”

  1. something to learn and it has the keys to the past this is a good way to find yourselfdont be bored with it there are many kinds of history dont dwell to much on the past history or you will lose the future

    By Alicia on 06.24.2011

  2. History is everything that’s ever happened. It’s the things that happened long, long ago before the first humans were even around, and it’s also those things that happened five minutes ago. Every action ever taken and every person in existence has been apart of history, and has made the world into the place we know it today.

    By Kristen on 06.24.2011

  3. I love history. Seeing what our forefathers and mothers did before I was born…how they lived. where they lived. what food they ate. where they worked. It is all fascinating to me! I wish I could go back in history and live for one week!

    By Carol on 06.24.2011

  4. i love to learn about american history. I believe it is important to think about what happened in our country that shaped the way we live today. American history is very interesting in ways like how secrets were spread during the revolution.

    By Molly on 06.24.2011

  5. Then there was history. What happened and how it shaped what happened next. The product of ideas, passion, mistakes and interactions, as well as the product of forces and constraints.

    By Michael Owens on 06.24.2011

  6. history is where we begin. it repeats itself. we learn from it. we evolve. we grow. most importantly, we move on. history is behind us. but, history is always with us. it’s our past, and it becomes our present. history will be our future. we are history in the making.

    By Katie on 06.24.2011

  7. we have an history togheter
    you and i
    it’s filled with black shadows
    and shards of glass
    our ways keep crossing
    and our gazes keep straying
    searching for each other

    By hiver URL on 06.24.2011

  8. history is what happened before our lives began. it is what got us where we are today. everyone has their own, but also, the entire world has history. we are different…but all the same. this is because of history. it’s not just something you learn at school, you can make it what you want it to be. it’s up to you, and those who live at the same time as you…

    By sarah clark on 06.24.2011