October 1st, 2017 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “fading”

  1. I always told myself that I’ll never forget but the images of you is begin to fade. Surprisingly i hate that the good memories are the ones that are still sticking because I would rather remember you as someone that hurt me so that I don’t catch myself missing you. But I too am fading and I cant help but say I miss the memories that we shared but nothing last forever. Things will eventually fade away..

    By Zoe Rountree URL on 10.02.2017

  2. “I’m fading!” I thought, because before my very eyes, i was growing paler and paler, until I would finally just become transparent.

    By Secretcommander on 10.02.2017

  3. My hope for America is fading today as I think about the dozens and dozens of people and families and mothers and sister and aunts and uncles and brothers and fathers and friends that will suffer because an idiot who got guns decided to have a field day with the most basic human rights of all: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think about the phone calls that were frantically made and fatefully answered and the tears that are flowing with greater force and fierce sorrow than any force of nature could wreak on us. We have brought this on ourselves; we watch violence, play violence, speak violence, rattle our swords at one another, promise to destroy other country’s with a blatant disregard for who is listening and who will want to be the first to fire. That this man murdered people who were enjoying one of God’s greatest gifts, the lifting spiritual power of music, makes it all the more horrific. If there is a hell, I hope he is there. And if we do nothing to stop others like him, we will surely follow him there.

    By sher on 10.02.2017

  4. There I am…. One moment there, then all at once, a dim shadow of what used to be. I’m reaching, grasping, clawing…. at what, I don’t know… All I know is that I’m missing. I can feel the very essence slipping through my fingers, the pain and frustration bubbling forth.

    By Chris V on 10.02.2017

  5. 1fading=Frequent At Diminishing Iteratively Now Gradiates

    By Garz on 10.02.2017

  6. He looked at her and knew that… when she was gone, the smile, the color of her eyes, her smell and everything she was to him, would be forgotten… With time, she would be fading from his world.

    By Lina on 10.02.2017

  7. He looked at her and knew that… when she was gone, the smile, the color of her eyes, her smell and everything she was to him, would be forgotten… With time, she would be fading from his world.

    He was hurt, fuck, she betrayed his trust. But he also loved her, he wanted to forgive her and have her back. But now she was goint to live and he couldn’t do a thing about it.

    By Linanin on 10.02.2017

  8. I was fading into the sky. Every time I look up and I see the sun hiding behind a cloud, illuminating the sky and darkening the cloud, I feel at one with who I am and where I came from. I look up and I see the moon and the stars and I fade into light with them as the sun rises.

    By Lisa Marie Nettleton on 10.02.2017

  9. The light flickered slightly and the room dimmed for the 7th time in just as many minutes. Alone in the fading light Caroline trembled, whimpering as she feared the final plunge into darkness. She prayed in vain that help would come, that someone would find her, that she would wake up in her bed, safe and sound. But no. There was no salvation.

    By Wendy on 10.02.2017

  10. Standing in the dying light, Marco could only hope that it would last just a little bit longer. Little by little everything was fading away. Who he had been, who he was now, who he would become in the future. Soon nothing would be left but an empty shell. He sighed, resigning himself to his fate. This was it. This was the end.

    By Wendillon on 10.02.2017

  11. our relationship was fading before my eyes. we were sitting there in the beautiful spring light and we had our coffees because coffee was part of the culture. but it felt like i was breaking up with her. the disappointment in her face. the surrealness. but it couldn’t keep going because life is about change and sometimes you have to be resilient and face the change.

    By Ellaandlara on 10.02.2017

  12. I was walking around while the streets were fading, and everything was fading away. And I was the only thing in the whole world. The whole world was empty but me.

    By Samsad on 10.03.2017

  13. Have I as you been now as one with who can be on time, if no time can be , so we are aware of something fading just as clear as it can really feel to me.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.03.2017

  14. I feel like my consciousness is fading. This cold unconscious rejection, it fucks with me even when it’s latent.. I don’t know what I’m talking about any more. I’m very tired/sleepy actually. Watching some nonsense geriatric show on TV Land or some shit.

    By Lee on 10.03.2017

  15. im fading away into the darkness of the abyss where i always knew id end up because im a hopeless soul who hasn’t accomplished much in this life.

    By douglas on 10.03.2017

  16. my life is fading as its also going through many experiences and life lessons. my memory is fading but then I want some of my memories to just fade away.

    By shilpashree on 10.03.2017

  17. One of my favorite T-shirts was faded and it made me sad because I wore it everywhere!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.03.2017

  18. The vision of Him was fading away.
    How could it be possible?

    I waited my entire life for this moment
    and the moment was just fading away.
    NO WAY!!!

    By Elise Dune on 10.03.2017

  19. fading is like someone is going bye bye to god

    By emonie URL on 10.03.2017

  20. The fading pool of water is cool to think abut all you do is watch the water disapear in thin air. wow the water is fading this is called vaporization maybe.

    By Mikkala on 10.03.2017

  21. fading am i fading are you fading i don’t really know is the earth fading that might be so but no matter how much i fade i will always be here.

    By gage on 10.03.2017

  22. my feeling gonna fading
    my mind think about you
    I’m don’t deserve it

    By javier on 10.03.2017

  23. My Jeans are fading ,and they do not look very good. I am worried that they are going to strech out.

    By Jonah on 10.03.2017

  24. She looks at me for the last time. When she turns away, I begin it. There is something in my being that pulls me towards her but she is gone. She is not turning back, she is not feeling sorry for what she has done. She turns back to say something, but it’s too late. I’m leaving. I’m turning. I’m changing, and I’m accepting that we have grown apart. We’re fading.

    By john! on 10.03.2017

  25. fading away into the darkness i go.
    no person is looking for me.
    while i am forgotten i think why.
    why me?

    By jazwaz28 on 10.03.2017