October 1st, 2017 | 65 Entries

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65 Entries for “fading”

  1. If it weren’t for a fading memory, my summers with you would last forever.

    By Krys on 10.01.2017

  2. Time is fading fast. The leaves are fading. Old people are fading. Getting old is fading. The sky is fading. My jeans are fading. Fading is not considered a good thing but maybe it is. Time is fading.

    By Cyndy URL on 10.01.2017

  3. He was fading. As his last few breaths were slowly seeping out of his body he whispered his last few words: “I’ll be okay”.

    By Theresa on 10.01.2017

  4. The memory was fading, fading, fading. Raisa realized one day with a horrible tug in her stomach that she couldn’t quite call to mind her mother’s face.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.01.2017

  5. I’m fading into blackness, like the night sky. It’s just days after the Apocalypse and I’m not prepared for another night alone. I found a gun with two rounds and some end-of-the-world, packaged food in an abandoned camp down down by the river.

    By Shawnee Randolph URL on 10.01.2017

  6. I have a fading memory
    of a face
    of a smile
    no a grin

    The fading memory feels like an old flashlight
    dark and growing even more dim

    By Siddhartha URL on 10.01.2017

  7. her tears started fading when the morning light filtered through her tattered curtains.
    she blinked one eye open and blearily shifted her gaze to the scratches on her chest.
    they had healed quickly, leaving only faint white ghosts of their former selves.
    ghosts of what they used to be.
    the bruises on her thighs were now putrid greens and bloody blues.
    the gash on her arm had swelled up but seemed to be getting better.
    she rolled over in twisting floral sheets to grab for a bottle of wine she knew to be on the nightstand.
    uncorked it and took one sip to wake up, the next for good luck.
    finally forced her legs onto the dusty hardwood floor and commanded them to walk her to the bathroom.
    the faucet turned on with a blink.
    a new day.

    By esmé URL on 10.01.2017

  8. The light is fading. The day is dwindling down. What can we do to keep our spirits from flagging too? The clouds are fading into dusk and evening soon night. Fading is a blending, a transition,
    I can embrace the color change.

    By Robin on 10.01.2017

  9. The horizon, distant as I walk, never quite moves. Mist shrouds the tops of mountains.

    By Levi on 10.01.2017

  10. The spirit separates from the physical shell, the soul gradually losing its vibrancy.
    Fading, the transition from night to day. Sometimes dusks falls fast and other times it stretches onto eternity.

    By C URL on 10.01.2017

  11. Fading. Everything she had ever known was fading. Her home, her friends, her family were fading before her eyes. She knew this moment had been coming for a long time, but she didn’t expect it to come so soon.

    By M.L on 10.01.2017

  12. I saw her reflection in the glass, fading quickly away. I reached out for her hand, but it was nothing but particles of dust collected in the air. As I hovered around the mirror, I felt the warmth of the morning on my back again; soft, sensitive rivulets of light tiptoed their way into the room, leaving their fingerprints and paintings along the carpet. I felt my knees sink into the red plush, and softly, I began to weep.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.01.2017

  13. The photograph of Evelyn Rothschild was fading slowly but surely. Sophia clutched it in her hands, looking sadly down at the beautiful girl. They had been the best of friends for seventeen years until, one hot and hazy summer, Evelyn was brutally murdered.

    By Annie URL on 10.01.2017

  14. The sun fading into the ocean, leaving traces of its existence in the sky. The sky fades to soft pinks and oranges and yellows, before the absence of light leaves the sky an empty near black. It leaves behind pieces of its being, stars twinkling in the absence of the sun’s light.

    By adria on 10.01.2017

  15. A whisper, barely audible,
    Memories dimmed, nothing more than this
    Remains, never buried, just eroded from the
    Grounded, sure things they once were,
    Not lies,
    But lines,
    A page in an epic,
    Edges worn from touch now collect dust
    And once out of sight, it grows out of mind,
    I had a great story to tell,
    Once upon a time,
    But books burn and
    Emotional climaxes choke and disappear
    Like smoke

    By Ai URL on 10.01.2017

  16. The memories between us are fading, I wish the scars would, too. You promised to never hurt me, but that’s all you did. Your words were as sweet as honey, but your lips stung like a bee. Your heart was full of good intentions, so why’d you always lie to me?

    By ciena loren URL on 10.01.2017

  17. fading
    my star which once shown so bright
    disappearing into the the blackness of the night
    my voice once loud and strong
    nothing more than a whisper lost amongst the throng
    dimming, waning…..
    once you looked upon me with wonder
    i was your true north, your guide
    i spoke words to build you, comfort, and cheer
    then, gradually, you stopped looking to me
    no longer anticipated my voice
    too many distractions, too many other flashing lights
    you wanted to chase them all
    now, though still here, i have become invisible

    By alasthepoetwarrior on 10.01.2017

  18. There I was, at the brink of death, moving my way obstacle after obstacle. I knew it was the end. I was going to fade away, with nothing left but my name on a tombstone. I needed to change this fate. This couldn’t happen. It won’t happen.

    By Noah on 10.02.2017

  19. It was the middle of the day but than the sun started fading away, and it after a while of fading the sun completely was completely gone, so everyone on the street panicked.

    By Samsad on 10.02.2017

  20. sitting in hospital
    wasting my time
    what if the days
    weren’t mine
    all those words remaining
    nothing fading
    times i’ve hurt before you stayed
    all the things i said
    times i’ve learned much more, i laid
    with all that’s left unsaid
    i wonder if you can’t remain
    times you showed unsure
    you want to stay
    times you wished
    you swore away

    By matt m. on 10.02.2017

  21. Fading light, pretty through stained glass, shooting colored rays along the walls, across the floors — Fading jeans, entering a sacred realm, The Favorites, power clothing, that sees your ego to the moon, makes anything possible; they’re the “S” on your shirt, the bat ears on your head; they’re the ones that kill you when you need them and they’re unclean – Fading light, pretty through the eyes of one who has lived life well

    By Hope on 10.02.2017

  22. Her form flickered, and in that split second, he had a sudden thought that he must have dreamed her up.

    A blink, and she reappeared, brushing the ridges and alcoves of the cave in her scarlet-tinged glow and casting light shadows behind his seated figure.

    By ethel URL on 10.02.2017

  23. my colors are fading i feel this pain in my side from the man who stabbed me but i forgive him and hope he will grow to know the lord.

    By gage on 10.02.2017

  24. The sun was fading behind the snow capped mountains after a long and fruitless day of non-stop activity. Although the rescue team had spent hours searching, and slogging their way through thigh deep snow, they were no closer to finding the passengers or crew from the small plane.

    By Georgia Annie on 10.02.2017

  25. The paint was fading and peeling on the side of Jeff’s house. So, he and his family re-painted their house. Now it looks brand new.

    By zachary on 10.02.2017

  26. The world is fading and there is nothing I can do about it. Unless there is a kind of machine to help me. The De fading

    By Riley on 10.02.2017

  27. Some friends fade.
    It happens through out life until our little old heads are grayed.
    They act like it’s a game that being played.
    But, you know what I say ?
    Just go to the beach and lay on the bay.
    Forget about the fading friends.
    And have a good Day !

    By Mya on 10.02.2017

  28. my body fades away and my soul stays here to stay. you use to harm and bash me for my physical form, but now my glowing soul is all you can see. you are in awe of the wings of imperfections you have given me. all those things you use to judge me for, they are my superpowers. i stand tall like a sunflower. i hold my head high like a lion. but i still have kindness in my heart, like a lamb.

    By Ashleigh Siegel on 10.02.2017

  29. The sunlight was fading on the open porch. The girl felt a peace watching the night spill into the world, but the pastel colors of the sunset were only the prelude. She awaited the stars, and the stories they would whisper in her ear.

    By Breahna URL on 10.02.2017

  30. The girl was fading out of existence. Messing with time prevented her from being born.

    By Crystal on 10.02.2017

  31. The water slowly started to fade down the drain. The last thing i saw was my ring. WAIT my ring my ring it went down the drain. what i am i going to do that was my ring that just went down the drain. I have to get that ring because it was my promise ring. My dad gave that to me.

    By Mikkala on 10.02.2017

  32. The water slowly started to fade down the drain. The last thing i saw was my ring. WAIT my ring my ring it went down the drain. what i am i going to do that was my ring that just went down the drain. I have to get that ring because it was my promise ring. My dad gave that to me!

    By Mikkala on 10.02.2017

  33. If we don’t use our brain, our brain will fading, instead of that, if we use a lot, our mind will be smarter and smarter.

    By Jerry Chen on 10.02.2017

  34. I can’t understand this word. I’m already translate this word in my own language its hard

    By javier on 10.02.2017

  35. The blue sky fades to gray
    The green leaves fade to an orange, red or yellow
    The colorful Summer fades to a dark Winter
    The summer fun fades to classwork and school

    By Jazlyn Rosario on 10.02.2017

  36. Fading what is fading what is it about how to you do it when do you do do you even do so what is fading

    By Oliver URL on 10.02.2017

  37. The light is fading through the wall. The light is blinding me, and I cannot see anything. It is to bright help please.

    By Jonah on 10.02.2017

  38. He was fading. There was nothing he could do about it, and he knew that. He didn’t care. He had lived a good life. He still loved his wife, and longed to be with her again. He only hoped his children knew that he was happy.

    By DraconianWriting URL on 10.02.2017

  39. She felt her eyes, heavy with sleep, closing. She was fading fast. She needed a break.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.02.2017