January 21st, 2010 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “export”

  1. um exporting is something people do with products and stuff. the word export means to put out or to send elsewhere. ummmmmm….. uhh… my name is emily…. ok um its

    By emily on 01.22.2010

  2. Export A. Sure to kill him, but maybe not. And when it does, he can say he’s been exported. The cause of death? Export A. Export, export, export.

    Sure, he could say that there are loads of other things he’s done that contribute to this dying, but it’s the export–Export A.

    By Aero on 01.22.2010

  3. The act of givening items to other countries.

    By Anonymous on 01.22.2010

  4. smexy mexy texy wide range of possibilities gives a lot of opportunities business worldwide nations transactions and what else is there to talk about it is a way of living out of from marketing point of view

    By XoX323 on 01.22.2010

  5. China exported more than it imported, called trade imbalance. I got a B in geography, and I still know this shit. Hot damn.

    By cheyenne on 01.22.2010

  6. What is an export, really? Sure we all know what it means in the international economy, but what is it as a word, made up of letters? An export. What if it was written as ex-port, similar to the well known ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Does that mean that it WAS a port, but is no longer? That the ocean in its almighty power dislodged what was once a place for boats to dock? The world may never know.

    By LauraJFranks@gmail.com on 01.22.2010

  7. shipping one thing to another country is exporting.the oposet is inpoting

    By sara on 01.22.2010

  8. Exporting is a big thing China does. They ship items out of there country to others(:

    By sara on 01.22.2010

  9. trade,
    and the wind cries mary.
    who’s in charge here?

    By lola on 01.22.2010

  10. the packages on the outside never come in the right way
    they just sit on my front porch and hope they’ll get to see the color of my foyer walls
    and the rain soaks them and the snow chills them
    and the sun dries them out again
    and they will never move if i can help it.

    By meagan on 01.22.2010

  11. the way to make money

    By Anonymous on 01.22.2010

  12. Export me, I am ready to go anywhere you send me. As long as it is a beautiful place with lots of sun.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.22.2010

  13. export me to a place far away from her where I csnt be found and where no one can find me Export means to make me disappearso i wont be here any more and I can just leave everything behind. I can get kicked out I can get fired what ever it takes to make me leave this place and go start over in another place. All I want to do is start over and forget everything I knew. I want a fresh startm I wa

    By Anonymous on 01.22.2010

  14. ship, package, send off, say goodbye, remember. say hello! meet greet.

    By shawn on 01.22.2010

  15. To export something is to send it to your country’s ports and send the goods to another region of the world to support the needs of another place where that good or product is unavailable due to development issues or habitat differences.

    By Nick on 01.22.2010

  16. i have no idea.

    By Anonymous on 01.22.2010

  17. you say goodbye. i say hello.

    By shawn on 01.22.2010

  18. I’d like to export my heart; just send it over seas. I don’t want it to be for sale; I just want it somewhere else. I don’t want it to nag at me or make me hurt.

    By bean on 01.22.2010

  19. I exported materials to china. Just kidding. They exported materials to US. Thats why everything says “made in china”. My boots are “made in romania”. I found that odd. Romania reminds me of Macedonia. I’m Macedonian. Oh export? Yes, that.

    By Leigh on 01.22.2010

  20. import. the world is full of opposites. why is it that our brains can only function in binaries? black and white. good and bad. happy and sad. me and you. there’s a whole spectrum between the two that would should learn to acknowledge and appreciate.

    By Leah on 01.22.2010

  21. to leave something; what you do with all of the madame miller’s dvd footage. It takes forever, even if you have a Mac. Reminds me if immigrants, like immigrants and emigrants. If you’re one, you’re the other. It’s all about perspective.

    By not a writer on 01.22.2010