January 20th, 2010 | 411 Entries

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411 Entries for “options”

  1. There were so many options to choose from. I wasnt sure which one I wanted to pick. So I picked from the top pile. The biggest. I chose a black book. One that stood out from the others, and would definitely have a place on my shelf.

    By Anonymous on 01.21.2010

  2. With so many options, how could I decide!?

    By Anonymous on 01.21.2010

  3. Options. How many options do I have? Do I stay or go? Do I laugh or cry? How could this happen to me? So many questions, so many “why’s”. I fade like a flower…tired, petals falling to the ground. Time for morphine. I am tired, so tired of options.

    By AmandaO on 01.21.2010

  4. I could clam up. I could crawl back into this hole of self-denial. I could listen to the voices of doubt and “reason” and stick it out. “Most people don’t do something they really want until they’re much older.” What is that bullshit?

    I’m sorry. But I believe that I have more options than waiting until middle age to be happy.

    By Tina on 01.21.2010

  5. There are no other options when it comes to living. There are just two: live or die. I have no idea what that means I just couldn’t think of another sentence at that exact moment and now it is too late for me to go back and write something else because I’ve already wasted too much time.

    By jb on 01.21.2010

  6. options. there wernt many. it was clear to her. it was like right and left. black and white. It was so simple. Then wh ycouldnt she choose?? right left black white. it was like her life hinged on this little choice of options. and what did she choose? she went straight…. she chose grey….

    By Evan Gelder on 01.21.2010

  7. He had choices. He had other choices that would have been better than this choice. This choice was just terrible. It get him killed, and her too. Oh god, why did there have to be so much blood when they died?! It was terrible. And all he could think about was how he could have not bought the three pound bag of dog food.

    By Adam on 01.21.2010

  8. i have so many options because i am young but ive screwed them up because i thought i was invincible. im not. im human i bleed red not silver or blue or green or any other magical color. I will die and i will leave a very small legacy. probably only relevant to my family or friends. i am mortal. I have options

    By Caiti G on 01.21.2010

  9. options are a good thing and some people are rude about other peoples opinions but i think opinions are good to know and think of but when you think of your options it is a good thing to check them over very wisely and if you don’t things might happen

    By OLIVIA on 01.21.2010

  10. choices many open to question discovering different voices controller select your preferences ctrl alt delete erase your freedom to have a choice your decision a different way to select your desire

    By SURJ on 01.21.2010

  11. There were no choices left.

    By bella on 01.21.2010