January 22nd, 2010 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “pills”

  1. pills, they can be used for good an bad. Someused to cure pains and aches and then others become addictive and dangerous. One can be a pill and a pain in the ass. lets avoid this though. Pills for good not bad!

    By andrea on 01.23.2010

  2. Pills come in many shapes and sizes. While the name brand pills are often extremely expensive, you can often get off brand versions for a lot less. This seems to me to be a bit of a scam.

    By Anonymous on 01.23.2010

  3. devastator what a devastator, all these pills lying on the floor.. she shouldnt have took them she shouldnt have tried.. but now i guess i’ll say goodbye.

    By Dawn on 01.23.2010

  4. whote

    By Anonymous on 01.23.2010

  5. pills make you spect something from them
    they make you want more
    make you addicted
    feel like they are you favorite drug
    pills come and go

    By estefania on 01.23.2010

  6. I hate taking pills….3 to 4 of them each day and Im still sick

    By Anonymous on 01.23.2010

  7. My mom is considered addicted to prescription pills according to the rest of my family. I know she isn’t because she doesn’t need them. I hate that my family has made my mother think that our relationship is ruined because of drugs. I love her regardless of her mistakes, always.

    By Sydney on 01.23.2010

  8. pills

    By david on 01.23.2010

  9. Drip drop. Pish posh. POP. Down down. Shake shake. Take. Spin spin. Fall fall. Withdrawals. Rush rush. Touch touch. Forever hushed.

    By Meredith on 01.23.2010