September 26th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “evidence”

  1. He couldn’t hide what he had done. The proof was right there embedded in her skin. His marks left behind and he can’t ever hope to erase it now. She’s sick because of him. She’s in misery because his choice. He touches her and hopes somewhere it eases the pain he has caused.

    By Cassie URL on 09.26.2011

  2. It seems there is always some evidence in every case, both legal and in everyday life. Is anonymity dead? If so, there must be some evidence.
    more time. Not needed. Evidenced by my period at the end of this sentence.

    By Arnie URL on 09.26.2011

  3. evidently, the word “evidence” inflicted my brain to write a sentence as evidently ridiculous as this is.

    By james on 09.26.2011

  4. The evidence was right there on the table yet the jury, out of pity, let the man go. The family of the woman hurt could not but feel so horrible because their daughter was cheated out of justice.

    By Erin on 09.26.2011

  5. Evidence is something that shows you part of what is right and wrong. Evidence helps solve the puzzles of life that are lurking in places we would least look for them. Places that may sometime be so obvious to us but we wouldn’t think to ever look there.

    By Holly on 09.26.2011

  6. You have no evidence. What is this? A fucking episode of CSI? Evidently you have no evidence.

    By Esme URL on 09.26.2011

  7. The jacket tumbled out of her bag. Before she could stop the avalanche of things, the small black book fell out. It was slim and filled almost to the brim with inked entries.
    Natalie looked sheepish, trying to gather it up nonchalantly but her brother was done with her lies. He snatched up the book to read most of the night, the only evidence of her evil ways.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.26.2011

  8. There was no real evidence that my students are responsible for me having less hair. There are pictures from year to year, but who would want to go into those pictures to count how much hair I have on my head. It could be a tedious task.

    By bvandervort URL on 09.26.2011

  9. Ecidence is a scientific research tool that is used in crimes scenes across america. Many people under appreciate evidence because they assume that it is just a tool only police men can use. But they are wrong, anyone can use evidence to help them in everyday places across america. For example, if someone stole someones shoes or money they could think back and use evidence to help find the perp

    By Chelsea on 09.26.2011

  10. Evidence is important. Evidence proves everything. Evidence proves that you love someone with all of your heart. It proves that there are good people in this world. You just need the evidence to prove it.

    By Elizabeth Bryant on 09.26.2011

  11. There was nothing on my but some white and some white bitches and probably some shards of glass, and the match she’d just tossed on my stomach when she was finished with it, apparently. I woke up still-dazed and barely coherent, and I uttered the words

    “I am guilty of the crime which has been committed here

    By Dovikles URL on 09.26.2011

  12. when you lose something you can’t replace, when you love someone and it goes to waste.

    lights will guide you home.

    i will try to fix you.

    By snape URL on 09.26.2011

  13. I found the evidence. It was on the table. I don’t know why it was laid out so perfectly, like it wanted to be found. Maybe there was a reason. Maybe there wasn’t. But I was there. And it was there. Instead of taking it though, I stared at it. I doubted the fact that anyone would believe me without it. But instead, I left it there. I walked away. But not before I dropped it on the floor… accidentally… kicking it under the table.

    By Kotothejay on 09.26.2011

  14. A glance at the evidence. What could it mean? I chance at the truth, another way to the lies. A jungle of smiles. Whispers and thoughts not to mention unlawful desires. But that’s just what the evidence shows, isn’t it? Or does it even mean a thing at all?

    By Loren on 09.26.2011

  15. evidence is something that backs up a thought or a statement. it helps finding out the truth sometimes but other times it can be misleading too. I would never trust evidence 100%, I also would count my intuition in.

    By sakshika on 09.26.2011

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    By ERROR on 09.26.2011

  17. There is a mystery and I think that the evidence will solve the crime. It will help the little one discover what became of her other sibling. The traces that were left at the house indicated the long past of alcohol abuse.

    By Matthew Geddes on 09.26.2011

  18. The evidence before their eyes, they had no doubt the husband killed his wife. The cops had walked in on the husband still holding the knife as he knelt at his wife’s dead body. Still, they had to do a proper investigation or risk letting him go free on a technicality.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.26.2011

  19. She threw the envelope down on the table, his finger prints were all over. She had checked. He was leaving her, the letter inside told her so.
    She fought tears and put her head on her hands. What would she do now? She was sure she could do it without leaving any evidence.

    By Kim on 09.26.2011

  20. This was the evidence. Incomplete as ever. Incomplete as any fact given at any point in time. The thing about evidence is that it neither supports nor denies, yet somehow does both. It’s a manipulation. One that is naught but a subtle dance between truth and lies.

    By Loren URL on 09.26.2011

  21. I found the evidence in a brown envelope, as if it had been waiting for me. Strange, I thought vaguely, that the one person who wanted the evidence disposed of the most would make it ready for someone to find. I looked inside the envelope, saw literally nothing and gasped. Sometimes the thing you want most isn’t the thing you want most until its gone.

    By Jennifer on 09.26.2011

  22. Give me evidence.
    Concrete. Solid.
    Tangible. Touchable.
    Something with substance.
    Something believable.

    Enough with these lies,
    these cleverly weaved fibs.

    Look me in the eye.
    Tell me the truth.
    Show me proof.
    Prove that you love me.

    By zoe URL on 09.26.2011

  23. Evidence is something you need when you want to prove something or a point. It is very important in life because with out it we wouldn’t know between right and wrong and everything in the world wouldn’t work out. in court you need evidence and in a lot more situations. there are a lot of different types of evidence: written, people, papers, documents. Human beings need Evidence. Once you have evidence your’e most likely to know the truth.

    By zviya URL on 09.26.2011

  24. Fudgy.
    That’s the word I thought of when I thought of his hands.
    His dirty, fudgy hands.

    I could feel him all over me, as if he left prints everyone could see.

    “I’ll kill your sister if you tell anyone.”
    I scrubbed it all away, ignoring that I knew I would never again feel clean.
    The evidence.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 09.26.2011

  25. is there evidence of love only when someone shows it. if its not shown does that men its not there?
    it is there.

    By zoefrey on 09.26.2011

  26. é evidente que não posso escrever-te sobre as evidências porque é a elas que persistentemente fechas a porta e recusas escutar. pois se as escutasses verias quão evidente é a urgência do nosso amor e a necessidade de o sabermos amar.

    By sara nascimento on 09.26.2011

  27. “There’s no evidence,” said the bearded man, almost spitting his disdain for the entire judicial process in the face of the DA. “Furthermore, there’s no motive or cause. There isn’t even really a crime. Why are you wasting my time and yours?”

    “You don’t see the evidence, but it’s there,” was the caged, cloaked reply. This only served to frustrate the judge more. He picked up the brief that had been presented to him and stamped it. “This had better pan out, or you’ll be paying a fine, counselor.”

    By Dom on 09.26.2011

  28. There was enough evidence to lead me to the basement of the broken down house, after seeing the shovels outside. My hands gripped the stair railings so tightly that I almost ripped them out of the way, and I groped for a light switch as I entered the space. The smells of dust and memories came before the sights. And then I exhaled.

    “Good God.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.26.2011

  29. Evidence must be refuted and questioned in order for us to defer from being gullible and naive. Think of it as a kind of natural selection wherein only the ones who are able to consider the evidence`s validity as the fittest, able to survive.

    By Camille on 09.26.2011

  30. There was no evidence left from my affair with Mark. No text messages, no email cards, no facebook “likes”, nothing. All gone thanks to a virus….

    By anastasia on 09.26.2011

  31. I picked up the final bullet casing, to use as evidence in the lab and for court, from the cold wet pavement in the alley, the girl laying near the dumpster was aged no more than twenty-five or so and her pale blank face would haunt me forever.

    By Alicia Rose URL on 09.26.2011

  32. There was a time when people demanded satisfaction deeming that a case without proof was inadequate. Where good people is the evidence?! She must have left it on top of her briefcase back when she had that one night stand with a guy from work… What on earth would she do now?

    By Atari on 09.26.2011

  33. The evidence in the case was inconclusive. She had worked hard, long hours on this case, but many of the leads had turned up to be irrellivent, misleading, or just plain wrong. Still, pulling all her strings, and blowing most of her credibility she had managed to find this one vaugely glimmingering piece of mirror in a sea of grey sand.

    By Naranll on 09.26.2011

  34. é evidente. chega a ser estúpido que esta palavra exista se quer. se é tão óbvio e visualmente perceptível em gestos que se empurram dentro de mim tornando evidente tudo. eu, eu exibicionista. expansivo e excessivo eu. estúpido eu. cala-te, meu eu.

    By sara nascimento on 09.26.2011

  35. I need proof for everything. Except part A of my math massignment, for that bit, they’ll just accept the answers. I gave my boyfriend evidence of how much I loved him, so if he was ever curious while I was away, he could read the little tea bags I made and remember everything happy about us.

    By Virginia on 09.26.2011

  36. evidence

    There was no evidence. It was her word against theirs. And the handful of people she’d told, hadn’t believed her. That was the part she would never understand. That when faced with the choice of believing her, *her*, or them, everyone chose them. She whose praises everyone had sung. She who’d helped most of them through troubles of their own, saved their lives, found them work, built them up and led them from lonely worlds to a new lives… she whom everyone had trusted… None of that mattered.

    What was it about the outer glow that some people had, that shone so brightly to some, it protected them like a forcefield. While others, whose glow came from within, would never have any protection at all.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.26.2011

  37. There is no evidence that the man is who he says he is. He keeps his life a secret from me. All I have is a first name…and, well, what I found out on-line. He doesn’t know that I know those things about him.

    By Tosia McCormick URL on 09.26.2011

  38. Clues. Masterminds. Schemes. Detectives. Murders. You know, the fun stuff. Evidence is what always wrapped everything together.

    By Powers URL on 09.26.2011

  39. The evidence was clearly tossed around in a haze of blood and rose petals. D’artagnon stood gaping at the all too familiar scene knowing the CSI would not find a shred of it tucked so carefully beneath the set up. The killer was pristine, carefully, methodical- and really pissing D’artagnon off right about now. It had gone from too personal to mockery. He would not stand for the blatant slap in the face. D’artagnon would find him.

    By Shnlynne URL on 09.26.2011

  40. I found that the evidence was quite unique, it was a shoelace. Just one lace but I saw a story behind it, felt that this shoelace had been places. Silly because it could be anyone’s shoelace, I was in a show store after all but it was abandoned..

    By Courtney URL on 09.26.2011